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August is a great month for pondering the big questions in life. July always seems to me to be an over-enthusiastic summer month. August feels so much mellower. I cherish the warm days, enjoy the crispness that comes with the cooler evenings, and acknowledge those twinges of anticipation of the new beginnings that will come in fall (while still being firmly rooted in the summer mode of sun and fun )Yes, I love August!


August is the perfect month to regroup and set up our fall and fall is the perfect time of year to reassess, get on track and make changes. Usually, it's not so much change that is needed as simple refocusing and reprioritization. And guess what (surprise, surprise) this process starts with YOU. And that means using the BEST parts of you. (Click here to read last months article on the necessity and ease of building from your strengths) My feature this month is all about getting back in touch with our priorities, so that our lives will consistently feel balanced.


For those interested, please make sure you read below about the 2 events I am running - a one day "Reboot" workshop Aug 27 for women in the Vancouver area and a return of my popular 4 week TeleBOOT camp in September in which you can participate online from anywhere in the world. I urge you to consider these opportunities to kickstart your fall.


Happy August everyone!

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Feature Article: There is No Such Thing as Work/Life Balance

balancing rocksI was walking around Vancouver's gorgeous Stanley Park seawall the other day and came across the very popular balancing rocks area. Local artist Kent Avery has been placing rocks atop one another every weekend for the past 10 years and creating simple sculptural masterpieces that are an ongoing source of fascination for passersby. If you have ever tried to do this yourself, you will have discovered how amazing it is that such seemingly impossibly shaped rocks can balance on each other. It got me thinking about the concept of balance, and what balance really means for our lives.


ScalesWhen we think of "balance", most of us visualize an image of a scale with two weights. Someone, somewhere (and I am gonna hunt them down) coined the kooky phrase "work-life balance" suggesting that one side of that scale is work, one side is life. Oh, it makes me crazy to even to write that.  Really - you mean there is WORK and then there is LIFE? Separate from work? Considering that for most of us 1/2 of our waking hours are spent working, that is a very sad concept. 


Joan Gurvis, co-author of FINDING YOUR BALANCE (Center for Creative Leadership wrote "Balance is not a matter of managing your time or giving equal effort to two opposing sides; it is about aligning your behaviour with what you believe is really important to you. When our lives don't reflect our values, we feel that inconsistency as a measure of imbalance."


In a nutshell, instead of balance being a measure of work/life, it is really about getting clear about what matters to you and then making the conscious choice to align your actions and activities with those priorities. Imbalance happens when you are not aligned. Simple eh?


Over-focusing in one area of your life is not an issue if it is aligned with your values and what you want for your life. The stress, incongruence and unhappiness come if that imbalance tilts you into a place that is not connected to your core essence. For example - my priority right now is in getting my coaching business flourishing - yes, I work 7 days a week, several hours per day. An outsider might look at this in our old balance paradigm and say I am out of balance. However, since I am absolutely doing what I believe is most important to me right now in my life, I do not in any way have the disquieting feeling that comes from being out of balance.


Finding your perfect rock-balancing place will be an ever-changing journey that you will shift with and constantly reevaluate. Throw away the old limiting concept of the balancing scales with work on one side and life on the other. Instead, look at your entire life in the context of what is important to you, what fits with your values and what connects with your core essence.


Grab a piece of paper and pen and continue.


Your 3 step Triple-AAA approach to achieving Balance

Assessment - Ask yourself : "What do I want in my life? What is most important to me?" (use your heart, not what you think you "should" feel is important)

Awareness - Then ask yourself : "Where am I placing my energies and attention right now?" Create a detailed time log for a week or two. Track the time you spend on every activity in your day.

Alignment - Analyze your log and see how aligned your activity and actions are with what you want to do in your life. Release the self-judgment, simply notice.  Then ask yourself: "What do I want that daily activity log to look like?" Remember - you have the exact amount of time in the day that everyone else does. Put your actions in line with your priorities. Challenge yourself and ask "how do I get there?" Put tools in place and get the support you need to spend your time on what you value. 


Like the balancing rock sculptures, each piece of your life is built on and connected to each other. At the core, there needs to be a solid foundation of your values and life purpose. To keep those rocks standing, you must keep changing and revising, adding and taking away, all the while keeping the strong foundation that reflects your values and purpose.

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Lightbulb of the Month

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              "Core values go beyond our behaviors and our wants. Without being intentional about our values, we live backwards. We often let our behaviors define our values. Values should define our behaviors. " - John G. Blumb


 Yes, it's time to invest in yourself! Aug. 27, 2011 is the day!


Jumping with delightFABULOUS FALL REBOOT -



Saturday, August 27 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada


Join Professional Certified Coach, Jan Carley, for a rockin' one day workshop intensive that will build on your personal strengths and brilliance to reboot your life and set you up for a fall that is consciously working FOR you.   

In just one day you will:

-create new concrete possibilities for your life with an action plan for the fall that is sustainable

-reduce time wastage by clearly seeing where you are and identifying where you want to be

-get rid of the feeling of overwhelm by learning how to apply the simple approach that will instantly unblock any situation

-learn how playing small minimizes your contribution and instead, shift into a life of ease by recognizing, accepting and celebrating your unique brilliance

-learn techniques to get rid of the 7 scarcity mindsets that might be holding you back

-shut up the chatter in your head by turning your nagging Inner Critic into your Inner Coach


This workshop is for you if:
*your life is really quite good, but it kind of freaks you out that you can barely remember the first 2/3 of the year 'cuz it flew by so fast

*you fee like you are misdirecting your energies and need to clarify your priorities
*you want to re-focus yourself in ways that are achievable and sustainable  

*you have a lot of ideas and dreams, but it seems too easy to talk yourself out of taking action to pursue them

*you feel tired just thinking about all of this!  


 *Workshop numbers are limited so please make sure you register early!


Location: Canadian Centre for Peace, 1826 West 16th Ave.,(at Burrard St.), Vancouver, B.C.,Canada

Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm  Registration  $149 


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for the Fabulous Fall Reboot!


Harmony from the Inside Out Tele-Boot Camp:  Starts Sept 15th

boot camp

"It was (and still is) the best investment I've made in myself. I've got better focus on my goals and dreams and how to reach them." - Lynette Pope


"Jan Carley's Boot Camp helped me reassess the important things in my life, view them with a new perspective, and point me toward new goals in my future. Well worth the trip!" - Nancy Bergman


Thursday Nights Sept. 15, 22, 29, Oct.6  

 8 pm EDT/5 pm PDT


4 weeks of content-rich group transformational principles delivered by your coach, Jan Carley, via telephone, web, or skype in a group setting with women around the world. Participate in the Tele-Boot Camp in the way that works for you - either LIVE or on your own with class recordings and materials.


Register before August 31 and save $30!

"I highly recommend! A great way to get a new perspective on yourself!" - Betsy Long  


Harmony from the Inside Out Tele-Boot Camp  

 For details and registration click here 

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