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 Jan with the Liberty BellI apologize for the lateness of this month's e-newsletter. February has been a whirlwind of travel for me - to Philadelphia (yes, that's me posing with the historic Liberty Bell), Baltimore, Ontario and Victoria. 

As I drove down the Pennsylvania Turnpike one night at 3 a.m.with an old friend, I got immersed in a deeply philosophical conversation about life and death. It struck me that I rarely take the time for that kind of uninterrupted, focused thinking and discussion. For those of you who have driven the Turnpike,  you will know that the Turnpike at 3 a.m. is stripped of all distraction - no traffic, no sights, no people, no life. Just miles of highway leading to somewhere else.

That Turnpike experience released a lot of angst I had been feeling about having too much to do, and as a result of my being away from my home office, too little time in which to do it.  I had been feeling the effects of "Overextended Paralysis" (see feature article below) and the space created by a long drive on a desolate highway provided me with much needed perspective.

I wonder - have you too become too busy being busy? Is it time for you to take a drive down your "Turnpike"?

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Jan Carley,
Certified Executive Coach and CEO of Creative Coaching Group

Feature Article: The Cure for Overextended Paralysis

 slow DownIn my manic touring of airports in North America I have had the opportunity to observe a lot of people and it struck me how single-tasking has gone the way of the dodo bird. We feel compulsed to be plugged in to many different things at the same time and we rarely allow ourselves to have a single focus. This constant busyness really interferes with our ability to be present in this world.  And we are super busy to what end? As author and coach, Robert Holden,  wrote in his wonderful book Success Intelligence, "Psychologists have never found any positive correlation between permanent busyness and peak performance. Nor is there any evidence that permanent busyness supports inspired work or contributes to sustained success."


In fact, being over-busy leads to that stressful feeling of being overextended, which ultimately, in its crisis form, evidences itself as a kind of paralysis. What can we do if we are experiencing Overextended Paralysis and how can we avoid that state together?          


Three ways to prevent Overextended Paralysis:

1/ Eliminate the language of absolutes 

When all around you the world screams  " You must do...", "You should do...", "You are supposed to......", "Why haven't you done..." , you can make the choice to eliminate that kind of language from your vocabulary. Switch from language that is constrictive or implies absolutes. Switch to empowering language that gives you a choice.  "I choose to..." , "I might...", "I want to...", "I will...". Change your "To Do" list to a "Get To Do" list.

2/ Simplify

We live in a culture of  "more". Buck the trend. Avoid unnecessary effort and excess busyness.  Schedule some "non-scheduled" time.  If you are too busy, you leave no room for anything else and that "anything else" may well be something that you will like even better than what you are doing now.   Declutter. Less is more. Create some space for you.

3/ Connect with your Purpose

Let your personal life purpose (your North Star) create your priorities and guide your day.  Robert Holden said "to have time for what is valuable, you have to stop giving time to what isn't."  Let your North Star be your filter - if an opportunity doesn't connect with your life purpose, say no.  Take inspired action rather than just "action".  Make decisions aligned with your higher good.



Three Steps to getting through Overextended Paralysis:


Face it, when you get to the state of paralysis, you need to take drastic action. I recommend that you stop, sit still for 10 minutes, close your eyes and breathe. As you breathe count to yourself:  In breath - 1, Out breath 1, In breath - 2, Out Breath - 2, until you get up to ten. If you lose your place, start over.  Allow yourself to find the place of  stillness and quiet that lies underneath the 50,000 thoughts on average that you have daily. 

2/Adopt a Single Focus

Think about what is most important to you right now. What one thing would make the most difference if you focused all your energy on it right now? When you are in a state of  overextended paralysis, the thousands of things you feel you have to do create an overwhelm that prevents you from knowing even where to begin. Keep the main thing the main thing. Focus all of your energy on that "main thing" to release you from the paralysis.

3/Stage a hit of massive action

Leadership expert, Kevin Eikenberry (www.kevineikenberry.com) believes we must sometimes stage sessions of "massive action" in order to create momentum and make big progress.  To get you out of your paralyzed state, plan for a radical hit of "massive action" on your "main thing". That may mean clearing your calendar for one entire day to solely work at your "main thing". Turn off your phone and electronic peripherals for a designated period of time to allow for uninterrupted focus on your "main thing". Once you make some headway on your "main thing", you will begin to feel the release of that paralytic burden.

Lightbulb of the Month

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   "Often he who does too much, does too little." - Italian Proverb

TeleBoot Camp a hit!  Next one to be scheduled in June 

From January 10 - 31, 2011, women from Australia, 5 US states and 3 Canadian provinces gathered on the phone for my Harmony from the Inside Out Tele-Boot Camp. Over the 4 weeks of participating in phone calls, completing written "action guides" and with a ton of group support, these women created their personal visions, learned how to identify and eliminated the mindsets and behaviors that held them back, and cleared the way to launch themselves into a year of possibility. 


"Jan Carley's Boot Camp helped me reassess the important things in my life, view them with a new perspective, and pointed me toward new goals in my future.

Well worth the trip!" - Nancy Bergman


"The Boot Camp brought me to the realization that I must learn to value myself higher and that by failing to do so, I do myself a great disservice. And quite possibly, others." 

 -Garda Rowe


"...it was especially exciting to be "online" with women from around the globe, realizing that I have so much in common with so many people."  - Sherry Feller



When did you last take the time to read a book?

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Harmony from the Inside Out - Creating and Living your Performance Potential  by Jan Carley 

This book is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to learn practical ways to create a year of positivity and possibility and maximize their personal peak potential. 


See the complete table of contents and purchase Harmony from the Inside Out online at www.harmonyfromtheinsideout.com

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Jan Carley is a leader, speaker, author and certified executive coach credentialed with the International Coach Federation. Her com­pany, Creative Coaching Group, specializes in working with highly motivated individuals and high-achieving teams to expand their possibilities and focus their energies to achieve a leading edge of excellence. Jan lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, and is available for individual and team coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements worldwide. 

If you are seriously ready to embrace your most exceptional life, contact Jan for a complimentary 30 minute coaching consultation session.

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