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Jan CarleyWe recently had a work party up at the community garden, of which I am a part, on a hot, sunny August morn. The first three of us to arrive looked with dismay at the huge 4 yard pile of mulch that we had to shovel and then move into the beds 200 feet away. (4 yards is a lot of mulch!)
The task seemed insurmountable at first glance and it was easy to feel like giving up. It didn't seem like the pile was going down at all but as the sweat poured down our face we kept plugging away.. shovelful by shovelful.  Miraculously, the pile started getting smaller, and 2 hours and a few blisters later we had it all moved.  
What do you do when a task in front of you is seemingly insurmountable?  Do you get inspired or discouraged or do you, like many of us, experience O.P. (Overwhelm Paralysis)? This is the time of year when a lot of new pressures are upon us and it is easy to get overwhelmed and ultimately paralyzed.  Read the article below for some easy tips to make your life manageable.
I encourage you to take time in the waning days of this glorious summer season to bask in the sunshine and marvel at the changing colours of the trees. 
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Jan Carley,
Certified Executive Coach and CEO of Creative Coaching Group
Feature Article: How to overcome O.P. (Overwhelm Paralysis)
Q/How do you eat an elephant? A/ One bite at a time!
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You know the feeling. The task in front of you is huge...the deadline looms...the potential fallout of non-completion is massive....yet you spend the evening rooted to your chair, watching another reality TV show, unable to get started. You have fallen victim to O.P.  (Overwhelm Paralysis).
We have all experienced O.P. - in fact, some of us live in that state!  It has become a common theme of late with my high-achieving clients to be immobilized by the sheer enormity of their to-do lists.  Yet they still persist in accepting new work, in offering a helping hand to a friend, in taking on yet another volunteer task. Last week I said three times in one day to separate clients  "if you never say NO, then what is your YES worth? " Clearly this O.P. insanity is rampant, and has to gbe gotten under control!
5 steps to overcoming O.P. (Overwhelm Paralysis)
1/ Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing  
At the beginning of each day, choose what area and what action is most important to you and then make a plan. What one thing would make the most difference today? What one thing, if achieved that day, would make you go "Woo hoo"!
2/ Set Time Limits 
How long could you comfortably commit to spending on your insurmountable project per day?  I recommend starting with 15 minutes. Set a timer or alarm clock. Commit to work on that project for 15 minutes only. When the timer goes off, pledge to STOP and do another 15 minutes tomorrow. Each 15 minute piece moves you forward. Each 15 minute piece is a piece that wasn't done yesterday.
3/ Do what you can, and can what you can't
That is one of my mom's favorite expressions that I just love. Do what is realistic, and turf or defer what you can't. Sorry, high-achievers...we really cannot do it all, all the time, and that is perfectly okay! As you look at any project, or any to do list, or at the beginning of any mountain climb, simply think about the simple phrase - What can I do? You will always be able to move step at a time...the power of incremental improvement.
4/ Set Yourself up for Success
Create the best environment for your success. Choose the time of day that best fits for the work you need to do. Make sure you have the materials you need on hand. Make sure your equipment is working. Create a distraction-free zone. What can you pre-plan and systemize to free you up to do your work unencumbered?  What do you need to be successful today?  

5/ Reward yourself    One of the most important ways to overcome O.P. is positive reinforcement when you do get up and actually take a bite of the elephant.  A finely tuned reward system is critical. Celebrating and acknowledging your own efforts will keep you going. I like motivational stickers...or chocolate seems to work for most!

Lightbulb of the Month
 blue bulb                       "The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one." - Mark Twain, Writer (1835 - 1910) 
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