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Jan Carley
Woo hoo - it's summer!
Last summer was a bit of a blur for me as I spent most of it sweating it out through the Vancouver heat wave, cooped up in my home office with a south facing skylight, a tiny window and no fan(all of the stores in Vancouver were sold out of fans!), frantically trying to finish my book to meet its publication deadline. Picture me, furiously writing in my bikini with sweat pouring down my back, slugging back jug after jug of water. A lovely image indeed!
Not this summer!  This summer I am going to be smart and focus work-wise in a way that  leaves time for lots of R and R and R.  That's Rest, Relaxation and Renewal.  I plan to renew my soul and stimulate my creative spirit this summer by spending as much time as possible outdoors, with a brand new journal, hatching up new ideas and possibilities for the fall. How will you renew yourself this summer? I'd love to know! Comment on my blog.  
Since it is summer, I felt it only fitting to look to "beer" to provide the inspiration for my feature article below.  
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Jan Carley,
Certified Executive Coach and CEO of Creative Coaching Group
Feature Article: Summer Wisdom from the Microbrewery
                              "Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer 

Those days of soda and pretzels and beer"

 a pitcher of microbrewed beer
Yes, summertime and the livin' is easy. Oh, I could go on and on.  Who feels like doing any work when the sun is shining, the golf course and the beach are beckoning, and the summer outdoor music festival season is beginning?  Unfortunately, the phone still rings, the laptop still dings and the Blackberry still buzzes no matter what the season.

How can you relax , have a ton of summer fun and still keep your business thriving? In the spirit of the season, I looked to the burgeoning microbrewery industry to provide a few tips on how to focus our energy to leave us time to enjoy the summer sun. (with 50 spf of course)




1/ Focus on your vision

The microbrewing industry knows that producing hand-crafted beer that is unique and flavorful is what sets them apart from the mass production of the large national breweries.  That vision is never watered down. To succeed in a competitive market, they must keep that vision clearly focused and laser-like. 

What is most important for you this summer and how does it connect with your vision?

How can you keep your focus laser-like on the things that are really foundational for your life and business this summer?


2/ Produce small batches

Reduce your production this summer and focus on quality, not quantity. A microbrewery produces a limited amount of beer and holds quality as its ultimate goal. Examine your summer commitments and drill down to those that will make the most difference right now.  Trying to do it all will only burn you out and make you feel resentful, especially as you stay cooped up in your office on a bright summer day.  


3/ Introduce unique ingredients

A microbrewed beer is only as good as its ingredients. Brewmasters create unique taste sensations by experimenting with adding all kinds of ingredients such as wheat, raspberries, oranges, coriander, and lavender, to name a few.
Summer is a great time to experiment with adding some new ingredients to your life or business. There is something about summertime that makes us naturally more open to any possibility. What could you experiment with?  Be creative! Bring your most creative self to your small batch.  

4/ Keep the passion

Brewmasters are artisans, always with an eye to craftsmanship and keeping their passion front and center. Every beer reflects the unique qualities of each brew house and brewmaster
Although the volume of your summer work activity may be reduced, you can keep the passion burning inside by using the season to creatively think about, restore and affirm what and why you do what you do. Dream about it as you float on your air mattress, talk about your passion at the neighborhood BarBQ, and re-inspire yourself as you write in your journal while lounging on your chaise.
5/Add humor 
For some reason, most microbreweries have a healthy sense of humor (must be the hops!).  This sense of fun shows up in their beer crafting, and also in their creative naming of beers (how about the Bombshell Blonde Ale, the Faceplant Winter Ale, the Sasquatch Stout), and their beer slogans (like the Dead Frog Brewery's "Nothing goes down like a cold dead frog" or Buffalo Bill's Alimony Ale billed as "the bitterest beer in America"). My all time favorite has to be the Georgia Brown ale from Atlanta, whose hilarious label slogan is "Smoother than a Bill Clinton apology."
What could you do to add some humor and fun to your summertime work activity?
Where in your business have you become too darn serious?
Focus, Quality, Unique Ingredients, Passion and Humor - microbrewery wisdom we all can use!  Now, in the spirit of summertime fun, I am off to the deck with a "Revenge of the Pine" Pale Ale. 
Ahhhh summer!  


Get focused with Jan this summer

If you have been sitting on the fence, thinking, "well, I will get through the summer and then in September get going on my 'xyz'. ...well - why not get a jumpstart right now? Get focused and put a plan for the fall in place so you can really enjoy your summer.

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Lightbulb of the Month
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"Summer is the time when one sheds one's tensions with one's clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit. A few of those days and you can become drunk with the belief that all's right with the world."  - Ada Louise Huxtable, writer
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