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Jan feeling festive!
I thought it fitting, as I get deeper into my usual hectic December schedule, or "Grid" as I call it, to stop for a moment and reflect. Could it be possible for me to adapt my "Grid" and still get everything done? Were there ways that I could incorporate "being" into my "daily grid"? (See article below)
At this special time of year, I am filled with gratitude for the incredible people and gifts I have in my life.  That includes you, my readers, for supporting me and my work in the past year.  As I continue to build my coaching business, I realize, more than ever, not only how critical your support is to my business success, but also to me personally.  Thank you all.
I encourage you to join me and take a moment each day to give your "grid" a pause and simply reflect, give thanks, and "be". 
My best wishes to you and yours for a love, laughter and music-filled holiday season.
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Jan Carley,
Certified Executive Coach and CEO of Creative Coaching Group
Feature Article:  5 Strategies for "BEING" while on the GRID  
Every December I put myself on what I call the "GRID".  The GRID is a technique I have developed for coping with an intense period of activity with a multitude of conflicting time demands that seem, on the surface, impossible to achieve. The GRID has been a very successful time-management technique and perhaps one day I will lead a course in "how to do more than humanly possible in less time". The basic principle of being on The GRID is simple - if something is not on the grid, you cannot spend time doing it as it will bump imperative things off your GRID.  

For instance, last December as I was mid-month on the GRID, my friend Cindy called me on the telephone. As she was happily (and leisurely) chatting about this and that, I had to cut her off mid-stream and say "Cindy, I am sorry, I can't talk right now,  this conversation is not on the GRID.  We will have to catch up at our scheduled social time 2 days hence.  And then I hung up the phone. I felt a bit mean, but the GRID is the GRID.  I had to do it.
As you can see, being on the GRID does have a downside.  Although you can get a superhuman amount of things accomplished while on the GRID, all spontaneity is eliminated and the concept of sitting and relaxing is non-existent. I feel pretty certain some choice moments are missed because of that.
So this year I vowed I would figure out a way to both "be on the GRID" and actually have some time to "BE" while on the GRID (I hope you catch the slight distinction!). I have outlined my 5 most successful strategies below.  
Five Strategies for BEING while on the GRID:
1/ Schedule time for BE - Sounds simple doesn't it?  Why didn't I think of that before? Schedule some "Being" time into your GRID and keep it as sacrosanct as your other non-negotiable obligations. I recommend scheduling one free night per week on your GRID. Call it a "BE NITE".
2/ Do it a new way - Do you always end up writing your Christmas cards at 3 am on the 21st and making a mad dash to the post office to get them delivered on time? Why not send out New Years cards instead? What a wonderful way to open the year - with your good wishes landing in someones mailbox in January. Creatively rethinking tasks that we jam into our December grid will free up more "being" time.
3/ Defer the Social: Create your January social calendar now. Who said that we have to get together for a Christmas drink with every single person we know? Make a list of everyone you would rather visit with in January when you both have more time and energy. Then, actually go ahead and schedule  time in January with that person. I guarantee they will be relieved as well - to have one less thing on their December GRID and the added bonus of a social engagement to look forward to in January.

4/ Stop, Look and Listen:  The GRID is a time to think carefully before taking on a new task or accepting another social invitation.  Before you say YES , 
STOP... your GRID and see how backed up you are
and LISTEN to your heart (do you really want to do that?)
5/ Give the perfectionist in you a holiday:  The GRID is no time to be mired in perfectionism. The GRID is about completion and coping with an extraordinary volume of activity. Every extra moment you spend re-arranging the Christmas dinner centrepiece so it looks just right, is time you take away from tobogganing with the kids, or watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special, or just sitting in your favourite armchair listening to holiday music.  The GRID does not allow for do-overs. Just getting it done is SUCCESS while on the GRID.  Once done, it is done. Time then to BE.
I hope you enjoy your extra "BEING" time...and you can look forward to receiving my Christmas Card in January!
Lightbulb of the Month
 blue bulb                       Overheard at the 2009 Evergreen District Men's Barbershop Competition:
A chorus begins singing "You are my Sunshine, my Only Sunshine".
A quite elderly gentleman sitting in front of me in the audience leans to his wife beside him, takes her hand and whispers to her "they are singing to you."  She smiles and squeezes his hand.
Harmony under the Christmas Tree - Jan's Gift Ideas
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