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Jan CarleyI got an email saying to expect a frost tonight and advising me to 
immediately pick all of the tomatoes from the vines in my community garden plot at Vancouver City Hall.  I felt very much in the harvesting spirit as I went through my garden picking hundreds of cherry tomatoes. 
FEATURE ARTICLE: 4 Key Steps to Successful Harvesting
The harvest signals the end of a growing season for a particular crop and is the focus of huge celebratory festivals.  Our life flow is similar to the growing season and although I don't consciously think about a cycle of seeding, growing and harvesting with my life activities and projects, there is definitely a similar pattern. 
As I thought further about the key steps to successful harvesting, I realized that I have been seriously neglecting two of the most critical phases: the Celebration phase and the Resting phase. No sooner is one project complete then I am running headlong into the next, barely giving my soil a second to breathe.  Considering all 4 key steps below might well be the  thing I need to take my life and business to the next level.  
Timing, as they say, is everything. Harvesting something too early may be a safer course, but ultimately the yield may be diminished.  Harvesting too late is riskier, but generally gives a better yield. And of course, the crop is ready when it is ready. Forcing the issue may be disastrous.  Think about the critical role that timing plays in the success of your projects and activities. 
What is ready in your life to harvest now? How will you know when it is ready? What needs more time to grow?
The harvest always involves a completion of something and ensuring that we celebrate that completion gives us the mental space we need to get ready to welcome the new.  The acknowledgement of a completed cycle, and the gratitude for its completion will attract more goodness into our lives.  How do you celebrate your completions?
Step 3    REST 
After the harvesting and the celebration, it is important to have a "mandatory rest period" (as they say on my favorite TV Show, The AMAZING RACE). Sometimes the rest period is just what we need to be able to grow our next crop.  The rest period can involve much needed mental reflection, emotional re-charging and physical energy rejuvenation.
Is there any down time for you in your personal "crop cycle"?   How do you rest and rejuvenate? 
Step 4   RE-SEED 
After the harvest, the celebration and the mandatory rest period, you will be ready to consider re-seeding.  To think about the new ideas, the things that you might want to grow this winter. Don't forget the critical phase of readying the soil.  Make sure that you have the foundation in place to re-seed for most success.  How do you ready your soil for the next crop, the next idea, the next task, and the next project? 
Remember, without reseeding, there will be nothing to harvest next year!

What did you plant this year? What is ready for harvesting this fall? I would love to hear from you!   (click here to comment on my blog)
 blue bulb                       
 "You must sow the seed before you can reap the harvest"
                                                         -Scott Reed, author
 Harmony from the Inside Out
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