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Jan CarleyAn Australian client told me that September 1st marks the first day of their spring and is, therefore, an excellent time for her to be making a "new beginning." Even though, in North America, the warm days of summer are moving into the crisp days of autumn, September also signals a new beginning in my brain. 
When I was growing up, the Tuesday following Labor Day always meant the beginning of the school year.  Being a lover of stationery supplies, the feel of a brand new "scribbler", the smell of a brand new eraser and the beauty of a new set of Laurentian pencil crayons always created great joy and promise of new things in my life.
September still feels to me like a brand new, clean Hilroy notebook and a freshly sharpened HB pencil; a time of renewal and new beginnings.
How are you renewing yourself this fall?  I would love to hear from you!  Comment on my blog
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Jan Carley,
Certified Executive Coach and CEO of Creative Coaching Group
FEATURE ARTICLE: Your 3 "R" Personal Fall Renewal
The crisp, pristine pages of an unsullied Hilroy notebook...the fall morning crispness in the air...the start of a new school year...September always signaled a new beginning for me.  Even now, I feel a renewed sense of vigor and direction as September rolls around.

As the kids get into their 3 R's  - 'reading, 'riting, 'rithmetic - you, too, can begin the 3 R's of your personal Fall Renewal: Reflect, Reveal, Re-energize.  Our lives are a series of cycles of new beginnings, endings and renewals. A new cycle can begin by simply adopting a new way of thinking about yourself, your life or about your possibilities. 
How will you renew and recommit this fall?  I took a look back at my New Years theme for this year ..."Relentless Self-Care" .. to see how I was doing with my January 1 commitment. It turns out I sort of forgot myself in the busyness of the first 3/4 of this year, so I figure the fall is a perfect time for me to make a new beginning and give a renewed focus on my theme of "relentless self-care."  What will that mean for me?  Besides eating properly and exercising regularly - it will mean giving myself a break; a mental break...stepping into the world with both feet and always believing in myself.  (...and, oh yes, occasionally, treating myself to some new stationery supplies!) 
How will you renew yourself this fall?
3 steps to your 3 "R" Fall Renewal:
REFLECT:  What would make the most difference to your life for the next 4 months?  What shift, or tweak, or change of focus would increase your joy, peace and happiness?  What do you need less of?  More of?  Less stress?  More thinking time?  A better social life?  New Experiences?  More self-confidence?  Stimulating work?  Learning how to relax?  Increased focus?
As Brian Tracy referred to it, write yourself a  "LONG LIST" of possibilities. Let the thoughts flow, and don't edit those thoughts...just write 'em all down. 
REVEAL:  Look at your Long List and see what feels most important to you for the final quarter of 2009.  I am not necessarily talking about accomplishing a specific goal; I am talking about a theme or an overall belief or thought.  Are there several things that connect to a similar theme?  For instance, on my Long List I put: more down-time, ride my bike more, give myself 15 minutes a day in quiet meditation, shut off the computer for at least one day per week.   All of those link into my theme of "relentless self-care" for the final quarter of 2009. One of my clients is committing to "stepping into her brilliance" for the final quarter of 2009; and eliminating the self-doubts and negative thoughts that have been holding her back. Another client is going to pick up on last month's theme of "BEING, Not DOING" and making that a priority for the fall. 
RE-ENERGIZE:  What could you realistically do to recommit to that new (or renewed) theme? Who could support you in your quest?  As you go forth with any new plan for yourself you need to have people in your camp rooting for you, reminding you, encouraging you.
Embrace the growth, and the possibilities that might happen in this new space. What do you need to do to make room for and to give yourself the energy to renew your thinking?
...and...celebrate often - you deserve it! 
Enjoy your fall renewal!   
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"What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from."
- T.S. Eliot  - American poet and playwright 1888-1965
Soul Series at the Spa Returns - First workshop Oct. 14
Wine and Chocolate

Wednesday, October 14     7 pm - 9:30 pm
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Is your focus on "What you have and what you want" OR is it on "What you don't have and don't want"?  Learn how making a simple shift in where you focus dramatically increases your fun and happiness quotient. 

In this workshop you will:
*learn how taking an appreciative approach opens up possibilities and gets you "unstuck"
*identify the areas in your life you are caught in scarcity-thinking and learn how to immediately shift your focus to joy and abundance
*learn 7 strategies for instantly positivizing your life and how to maintain your positivity in the face of the constant barrage of negative messaging

The evening begins with a wine and chocolate reception and is followed by the workshop led by Internationally accredited business and personal coach, Jan Carley. WHERE'S YOUR FOCUS is the first workshop in the popular 2009/2010 SOUL SERIES AT THE SPA - a workshop series for women that takes place in the intimate surroundings of Le Petit Spa in Vancouver, B.C.

Wednesday, October 14  7 - 9:30 pm
Wine and chocolate reception 7:00 -7:30 pm
Workshop  7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Price: $37 (includes workshop and wine and chocolate reception) 

Location: Le Petit Spa,  Broadway and Alma Sts., Vancouver, BC
(Note: Space is limited, so register now to ensure you have a spot!)
Harmony from the Inside Out  - On sale soon!
 Harmony from the Inside Out
I am thrilled to say that my first book, Harmony from the Inside Out - Creating and Living your Performance Potential, will be on sale in early October.  
With chapters such as: Pollyanna Lives- The Power of Positive Thinking; Brain Gain - The Power of the Mind; Getting in Tune - Clearing your Inner Static, Harmony from the Inside Out will inspire you to create the life you want from the "inside out." 
"Jan is Canada's Ben Zander (The Art of Possibility). She has taken sound coaching principles, tested them on hundreds of women singers in competitive a cappella choruses and created easily-applied principles so that anyone can begin to maximize their potential. Read this book - your life will thank you!" -Carollyne Conlinn, 2009 Canadian Coach of the Year
Watch your in-box for notice of October On Sale date! 
3 "R" Fall Renewal Coaching Intensive
A perfect time, as the kids head back to school, for you to embark on your personal Fall Renewal. As the kids get into their 3 R's - reading, 'riting, 'rithmetic - you can get into your 3 R's with this special Three Session Fall Coaching Intensive with Internationally credentialed business and personal coach, Jan Carley.
The 3 "R"s  -  Reflect, Reveal, Re-energize:
Week One:     Reflect:    Where are you now? Where have you been?
Week Two:     Reveal:      Where do you want to go?
Week Three:   Re-energize: How will you get there? What steps can you put in place?
* Special for readers of this ezine*
Three consecutive weeks of one hour coaching sessions in September or October 
$397.00 plus gst

Limited number of 3 "R" coaching spots available!    email: to book

Brian Tracy
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