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FEVER! (Spring, that is)
My apologies to my eastern readers who are still experiencing winter going "out like a lion"...  Here on the West Coast the crocuses - our brave little ambassadors of spring - are blooming. There is a sudden lightness in the air, a jauntier feel to each of my steps and my reflections and planning over the last two months are ready to be put into action.  It's time to get rid of the stuff that is no longer growing in my life and make space for some new seeds!
What are you ready to get rid of?  What do you want to make sure you create space for to plant in your "life garden" this spring? Comment on my blog! 
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Jan Carley
Certified Executive Coach and CEO of Creative Coaching Group
FEATURE ARTICLE:  Turning over the Soil
As I looked out onto my deck to see some very sad brown spindly remnants of last year's blooming glory hanging over the sides of my deck planters I knew it was time to take action. It has been a HARD winter here on the West Coast. Yes...Easterners...we did have snow this year...and lots of it.  When I checked my neglected planters this morning I discovered that they were rock hard, totally root bound and all that was left on the surface was a bunch of old dead stems hanging forlornly over the sides.
How easy it was to relate that to my life! Somehow the grey and dormancy of January and February had affected my mind the same way it had my plants! However, the glorious sun was shining again and that meant it was time to start over, get a fresh new start;time to turn over the soil, find out what was growing underneath and get fertilizing and stimulating new growth and this year's possibilities.  
 first flowers of spring

1/ Rid the beds (and your head) of the dead : Create space
Spring is a great time to check out the soil in which you plant your future and see where your life has gotten "root-bound". It's time to get rid of the stuff that is no longer serving you and is standing in the way of you moving forward to create the life you want. It's time to eliminate the symbolic "deadwood" crowding your brain so that new thoughts can grow.

Some thoughts to consider as you get rid of your life's deadwood: 
(i) What thoughts am I thinking that are dragging me down and holding me back ?
(ii) How am I spending my time? Do I fill it with things I want to do - that nurture me physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, or are my days filled with things I feel I "should" do but don't want to do?
(iii) What damaging habits aren't working for me anymore? 
(iv)  What am I holding onto that is no longer serving me? (eg/ old emails from a work disagreement, old hurts from a long-ago personal disagreement, the pants you wore in high school that you think you might fit into again) 
2/ Turn over the soil: Unearth new possibilities
As you dig deep and turn over the soil in your "life garden", you may discover all sorts of seeds that have gone dormant: seeds of ideas, of stimulating friends you have lost touch with, of career dreams you once had, of a wonderful hobby you don't make time for any more.
You may also find that by loosening up the soil that you have more space to think...of new ideas and possibilities.

What might turn up or show up in your life it you gave it the time and air to breathe?
Was there something growing a long time ago that has been buried ?
What can you rip out of your garden to make space for something else?  
As you TURN OVER YOUR SOIL, use that new-found space to dream...about the possibilities for this spring. 
3/ Fertilize:  Nurture the ideas 
What  do you want your "life garden"  to look like this year?
What do you want to make sure you plant this year? What colours will you add to your garden this year? What ideas, paths, and seeds of possibility need to be fertilized and nurtured?
We need to feed and nurture our soil so that our "new life seeds" have the best chance to grow.  (However, it is advised that you use something a little less aromatic than Mushroom Manure as your "life" fertilizer!) How can you make sure your soil is rich with nutrients? 
Who can help you water and take care of your "life garden"?
Our lives are an uninterrupted season of planting, growing and harvesting or, as Peter Sellers said in his brilliant portrayal of Chance the Gardener in Jerzy Kosinski's Being There
"In the garden, growth has it seasons. First comes spring and summer, but then we have fall and winter. And then we get spring and summer again"
Happy Gardening!
 blue bulb                       
 "In a garden, growth has its long as the roots are not severed, all is well, and all will be well in the garden"    
                   -Chance the Gardener, "Being There" by Jerzy Kosinski
SOUL SERIES AT THE SPA - a workshop series for women
  CELEBRATE YOURSELF NIGHTJan Carley in action! 
 the final workshop in the Soul Series at Le Petit Spa
    Wed. March 18, 2009  7 - 9:30 pm
It's time to get rid of the Winter doldrums and celebrate yourself in this unique workshop - the final in the "SOUL SERIES AT LE PETIT SPA" - a workshop series for women committed to celebrating, nourishing and enhancing the whole individual.
Facilitated by Internationally credentialed business and personal coach, Jan Carley, this reprise of last year's sold-out workshop will feature learning, laughter, wine and chocolate, and meeting a bunch of fabulous women, all in the intimate atmosphere of Le Petit Spa in Vancouver.
You will leave this workshop with:
- an increased awareness and appreciation of your personal gifts
- an understanding of the value of self-acknowledgment
- a darn good feeling just for being the You that YOU ARE!
Last year's workshop participants raved: "This was good fun. Very open, welcoming, supportive environment created", "Good presentation. Very relaxing and self-reflecting.  A good e-burst!" "A very friendly, safe and open atmosphere that allowed us to open up to each other without fear". 

wine and chocolate                                                                               Registration Fee: $47
(includes wine and chocolate reception and workshop)
604 873-1763
Workshop held at Le Petit Spa, 3701 West Broadway St.,(at Alma)St)Vancouver, BC
Yes!'I knew I needed a change, but figuring out exactly where/how that change should happen felt like an overwhelming and daunting task.  Jan listened intently and pointed out common themes in what felt like very disconnected aspects of my life.  She was able to help me focus on what I was truly passionate about and give me a real sense of direction." - J.M.

Can you commit three hours to change your life?
For all of you high achievers! Focus and create real change in your life in just one coaching session with Internationally credentialed business and personal coach, Jan Carley.
These "quick shot" coaching intensives get deep quickly and will create significant change.  
In one coaching session you will gain clarity, direction and inspiration, and be ready to move forward to create the life or career change you want. 
Only for the seriously committed, these coaching intensives require advance homework.
When you book your session you will be emailed prep work.   
SPRING COACHING INTENSIVE COMPLETE:  One session - 3 hours      $299
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"Jan's coaching not only helped me on a very practical level with a career transition but the sessions also provided an hour of calm and clarity that sustained me through a time of great change and kept me moving forward.  Jan's support allowed me to embrace the chaos, celebrate the possibilities, realize my goal and accept the here and now "- A.H.