December 2008 Vol 1, Issue 6

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           Seasons Greetings!
There is nothing like putting on a Santa hat to make one feel festive!  That and the non-stop schedule of holiday singing that my quartet FANDANGO is doing around Vancouver is making me feel ...well...very much in the holiday spirit!    
It's this time of year that I get all sentimental and remember what is important to me - my family, my friends and you. I am most grateful for your ongoing support and encouragement of my coaching work and yes, even your critical feedback!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
At the recent International Coach Federation conference, Matthieu Ricard, the Buddhist monk known as the "happiest man in the world" said "What is not given is lost". In this time of giving I encourage all of you to give the most valuable gift of all. To give of yourselves and from your hearts - to give generously, and give often.
And from the bottom of my heart, I wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.
Cheers!            blue bulb 
 Jan Carley ACC
 Certified Executive Coach                                                     
                              and CEO of Creative Coaching Group 604 873-1763    
FEATURE ARTICLE : Tony the Tiger says...      Develop Your Grrr-Attitude!
Tony the TigerRemember Tony the Tiger?  He wasn't afraid to let us know that Frosted Flakes were "Grrreat!".  
What could happen if we approached our lives like Tony approached his bowl of Frosted Flakes? Gratitude is an attitude. Gratitude is a choice. AND...Gratitude can become a habit. Like Tony would do...lets turn "Gratitude" into GRR-ATTITUDE!
Science has now confirmed that gratitude is good for your health.  A practice of gratitude changes our neural pathways establishing a "neural groove" that actually makes us feel better! Gratitude is a high vibrational energy.  Being "in appreciation" means you have no resistance - you are allowing life in fully and are aligned with what is happening. 
Remember the fabulous song from 1978 - "Thank you for being a Friend" by Andrew Gold (later the theme song of the Golden Girls)?   Simple yet emphatic -he had Grrr-attitude!   
No wonder it felt so great to belt that song out with our buddies after a few glasses of "crackling baby duck" ... (ah those were the days!)
Three ways Grrr-Attitude will change your life
1/ you will find that Grrr-Attitude expands. The more gratitude you have, the more you have to be grateful for!
2/ Grrr-Attitude "positive-izes" your focus. Grrr-Attitude instantly changes your thinking from a place of "scarcity" to a place of "plenty"
3/ Grrr-Attitude helps you slow down and enjoy life which reduces stress and improves your relationships
Three easy ways to develop your feelings of "Grrr-Attitude"
1/ Make a Grrr- Attitude List
I invite you to create an ongoing list of the things in your life you are grateful for.  Have some fun with this!  Get a big poster board and have your entire family contribute.  My personal goal: to have 2009 things on my list by the end of 2009!   
Here are my first 10: my family, my friends, neon post it notes, the incredible undefinable blue colour of the sky at dusk, freedom, the biking trails in Pacific Spirit Park, my mom's creamy-style macaroni and cheese, barbershop harmony, hard-cover books, soft misting rains.
2/ Take part in a daily "Grrr-Attitude"challenge
Here's the challenge - make a conscious effort to acknowledge and appreciate at least three people per day.  Express your gratitude.  Go public with your thoughts.   I guarantee you will make someone's day.  Try to go even one step further than "Thank you". eg/ when speaking to the Safeway cashier "Wow you are really busy. I am impressed that you keep your cool and are pleasant when you are under so much pressure. Thank you"  
3/ Take part in a nightly "Grrr-Attitude" sign-off
Spend 5 minutes just before you fall asleep writing down what happened or what you noticed that day that you are grateful for.  You will find that you will begin to be more aware of and thankful for the small things (the little girl next door that smiled at you), small victories (like getting the Christmas tree lights untangled) as well as the bigger things (I am grateful that I am warm in my bed with a roof over my head in this Vancouver monsoon).  You will go to sleep with positive thoughts and Grrr-Attitude rather than thoughts of worry and stress.  
"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more.
It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity...It turns problems into gifts, failures into success, the unexpected into perfect timing and mistakes into important events. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow" - Melodie Beattie
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My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?" ~ Bob Hope
SOUL SERIES AT THE SPA - a workshop series for women
wine and chocolate   
WORKSHOP # 3   Wed. January 21  7 - 9:30 pm
Start 2009 with a new sense of empowerment around money and your personal "wealth health" and learn to approach your thinking around wealth in a whole different way.   Certified Executive Coach, Jan Carley has teamed up with Women and Wealth Expert, Tracy Theemes to bring you this unique workshop that will forever change your relationship to money.   
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Registration Fee: $47
(includes wine and chocolate reception and workshop)
Jan's Holiday Gift Suggestions
blue bulbNot sure what to get for that hard-to-buy-for friend of yours?  Look below for my easy gift ideas!
  • "I'm starting my New Year in February" Goal Setting Package  Treat a friend or treat yourself to a guilt-free way to start 2009. Set yourself up for success by doing goal setting and planning in January (not on New Year's Eve!) and launching your year in February with the support of your coach, Jan Carley   click here for details on this unique coaching intensive
  • Do you know anyone with Parkinson's Disease?  SURVIVING ADVERSITY - Living with Parkinson's disease is a fabulously inspiring collection of stories from people with Parkinsons and how they are living their best lives.  Written by my youngest brother Gord, order online and 50% of the proceeds will go to Parkinson's research. Parkinson's patient Muhammad Ali said "This is a must read"
  • Singing Holly-Grams - Are you far away from family or friends this Christmas?  Remember them with a Singing Holly-Gram.  Fandango Quartet will telephone anywhere in the world with your greeting and a holiday song in 4 part harmony...for only $20!  click here for ordering details Ordering deadline:  Dec. 18
  • For the women in your life that need pampering - purchase a gift certificate from LE PETIT SPA (voted one of Vancouver's best day spas 3 years running!  click here to purchase
  • Organize your Life!  A fabulous woman I know, Tara McDougall, has launched her new business as a "Professional Organizer".  Her company's work CLOCKWORK ORGANIZING  can affordably transform your home from chaos to charm without doing renos!  Mention you read about her in this ezine and receive a 10% discount!


Canadian Coach of the Year announced
Carollyne ConlinnCongratulations to Carollyne Conlinn who was announced "Canadian Coach of the Year" at the recent International Coach Federation conference. Carollyne is a great woman, a brilliant coach and was the one who inspired me to pursue coaching as a career for which I will always be grateful!   In accepting the award Carollyne said: "Canadian coaches have a unique role to play in the global dialogue for leadership in today's trying times.  They are key contributors to the critical conversations of hope that are needed for personal, business, and political resilience." 
                          Contact Carollyne at her company Full Spectrum Coaching.