July 2008 Vol 1, Issue 2

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headshotAhhh summer has arrived in Vancouver!  A fabulous time to reflect on your "new beginnings" while sitting on your deck with the smell of barbq's wafting and a cold one in your hand!  But how on earth can you stay motivated when mother nature is conspiring to distract you? The irony of writing an article about self-motivation is that quite frankly, I just am not feeling very motivated right now...the sun is out and I should be at the beach...not huddled over a keyboard in a tortuously hot home office!  Guess it's time to dig deep and use one of my top ten self-motivation tips!
And NEW this month - email me your coaching "issue"  or "question" to jan@creativecoachinggroup.com  and I will answer it in this ezine...  It's our new "Ask A Coach" section.   All completely confidential of course.
Have a fabulous July!
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Jan Carley ACC
Certified Executive Coach and CEO of Creative Coaching Group
604 873-1763     e: jan@creativecoachinggroup.com
FEATURE ARTICLE :   THE MORNING AFTER...How to stay motivated
So I was all jazzed last issue about my "new beginning" of starting my coaching business. Ha!  Then I found myself on day 5 , still in my sweats and housecoat at 4 pm , neither showered or buffed,  and I suddenly realized that starting my own business truly was all about me! And the ME had to Motivate ME... Hmm this starting a new business thing might be a little more difficult than I thought!
The beginnings of anything (a new job, a new career, a new relationship, a diet program) are heady and full of excitement (okay...maybe not the diet program). But what do you do when reality sets in and the glitter begins to fade?   How do you keep from giving up when its hard to even get up? 
Knowing that it takes approximately 30 days to change a behaviour pattern, to really get you in the groove so that a new behaviour becomes a habit, what can you do to keep on "keepin' on" ?  
First of all, I do want you to CELEBRATE the fact you stopped talking about and even started it at all (that's more than many people do).  And hopefully one of my top ten tips will motivate you!
My Top Ten Ways to Stay Motivated
  1. Hire a Coach: (well of course that had to be # 1, and of course I recommend you hire me!) But if not me, at least be sure to get an International Coach Federation Credentialed Coach. For a list of  ICF Vancouver Coaches, go to www.icfvancouver.org
  2. Share your Dream: Tell your Friends and Family. Talk about what you are trying to do to everyone you meet. Get them on board with you to share your journey. You are far more likely to stay excited and motivated when people are asking you about your dream on a regular basis.
  3. Have a finely crafted Reward System in place : and I do mean one that is consistent and immediate.  Rewards may just be a sticker put on your calendar, or it may be an ice cold gelato or an hour break on the beach.  You decide.
  4. Post it notes : Never underestimate the power of visual reminders to keep you upbeat and on track. My office is a colourful neon collage of motivational quotes and post it reminders about my vision and ability to achieve it.  
  5. Take a Beauty Walk : No, not a power walk...and No, no ipods allowed.  Just let yourself out in nature, and let your mind go.  I guarantee you will return to your desk refreshed and rejuvenated with some regained perspective.
  6. Have an Accountability Partner : Next best thing to having a coach, and even better to have both!  Create specific times either daily or weekly to check in with your accountability partner re: your progress and your challenges.
  7. Surround yourself with others committed to your goal : Who are you spending time with? Yes, this is the time to be selfish. Be sure to surround yourself (especially during the critical first 30 day period) with folk who actively support your goal.
  8. Market to Yourself: This is a mindset that you can create. Try the MOTIVATION METER. Put the pros on the Motivation Meter - What are the advantages of keeping going?  Sell your project or your next action to yourself!
  9. Remember Mr. Lube: Yup, you don't have to do everything. Is there something that you have put up as a barrier that is stopping you from moving forward that someone else is much better suited to do...and actually likes to do?  You will never see me underneath my car changing my oil when I know that for a few bucks and a few minutes, those friendly folk down at Mr. Lube will do it for me while I wait (and throw in a newspaper too!) Getting rid of those pesky items on your "to do" list will give you some space to get on with doing what you really want to!
  10. Did I mention Hire a Coach? 
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"Motivation is what gets you started.
 Habit is what keeps you going." 
 -Jim Rohn, Motivational speaker and author
The response to last months complimentary coaching session offer was so great that I have decided to extend the offer through to August 31.  (and yes, that means that those of you who missed out last month cuz you called too late to get in will have another chance!)  What a great way to get motivated!
ELECTRA HEALTH FLOOR is a centre of over 18 independent health and wellness professionals located in the heart of the downtown core at 970 Burrard St. (at Nelson). 
I joined ELECTRA HEALTH FLOOR in May in order to create a "storefront" presence to make business and personal coaching more accessible and affordable.
Book your ONE HOUR COMPLIMENTARY COACHING SESSION with Certified Business and Personal Coach, Jan Carley, today!  Call 604 685-4325 or book online at www.electrahealthfloor.com 
marker topsDear Jan,
I am feeling stuck. I am 36, have been in the same job for 8 years and although it pays well, I am not at all interested in the work I am doing and I end up feeling exhausted most of the time.  I am thinking about a new career, but I don't know what in...and is it crazy to go back to school at this age?  Shouldn't I know what I want to do by this point? -- R.G.
Dear R.G,
Feeling stuck, having no interest in your work, and feeling exhausted is a pretty bleak way to live your life.  It is completely understandable to have some fear around making a change but I need to ask you "What is the cost to you of staying where you are"?  Check out last months article "The Thrill of a New Beginning" and do the "Possibility Meter" exercise. (you will find it in the Articles section of www.creativecoachinggroup.com ).  I am certain it will become clear that the time to act is now.  Pop down to Electra for a complimentary coaching session with me to get you on your way!  Good Luck!   - Jan
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