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Jan Carley ACC
Certified Executive Coach and CEO of Creative Coaching Group
604 873-1763     e: jan@creativecoachinggroup.com
Think of the feeling you get standing on the First Tee of a golf course ready to hit your first drive of the day.  In that pivotal moment - you feel the thrill of what could happen...you visualize your drive leaving the tee with a crack and with a low rise beautifully sailing straight down the fairway so far that you finally lose sight of it. Yes, this really could be the day you finally break 90! 
Or, for the non golfers reading this - How about that expectant feeling of putting your hand in the bag to reach for your tiles in a scrabble game. These could be the tiles to give you a 7-letter word. For that brief moment, the world is filled with exciting possibility
When I decided at this mid stage of my life (no, I am not going to be specific with what "mid stage" means!) to completely change my career,  I was overwhelmingly met with remarks like "Wow that takes a lot of courage", "a ballsy move", "Very brave", "Bold", "I wish I had the strength of character and vigour of spirit to take such a step".  In fact the references to courage and bravery were so numerous that it started to get me nervous. And make me wonder. I mean I didn't feel brave, or courageous. I just knew that I had to contribute something else in this world. It wasn't that my life was bad, it was quite good really, and with a decent paying job in an industry I loved with creative and fun people.  But inside me there was a burning fire.  A desire for a new beginning. 
I am not for a moment suggesting that we all change careers midlife. But new beginnings at any stage of your life CAN refresh... put a spring in your step, a smile on your face and add a renewed sense of possibility to your life. That is,  if you notice and allow yourself to experience them and the fire that is fueling them deep in your gut. 
Where in your life would you like to make a new beginning?  What would it take for you to consider a new possibility?  

Here are 3 easy steps to get you started:  
1/ The Possibility Meter:  Take one of your ideas for a new beginning (big or small) in any area of your life. Write a pros and cons list about pursuing this new possibility. This is usually a really good barometer of where your passions lie. Notice how you feel about the list.  If you are worried that the CON side seems to be longer than the PRO side and you want it to be the other way around, then you have given yourself a great big indicator of your next action. If that is the case, under PRO write in big letters "this is what I want to do".  CASE CLOSED.

2/ Ask for support : Ask a friend, a lover, your coach to support you as you think about and plan your new beginning.   No man is an Island!  And believe me, even those of us who are independent to a fault need that support to have the strength to venture forth into new territory.

3/ Celebrate:  Remind yourself that any step, no matter how small, is movement forward.  Celebrate each of those steps with gusto!
Your new beginning might not pan out. Oh and yes, you might fail.   And to that I say - heed the words of British Beekeeper Michael Hunt, age 62, who continues his hobby despite having a severe allergy to bee stings. He gets about 6 bee stings a year.  "There's a danger in everything" he said.  "If you didn't take risks you'd never achieve anything. "
And if it turns out that your scrabble tiles are all vowels and your first tee shot had a wicked hook that ends up landing your ball in the woods. Well, there is always the next game. Another first tee shot.   Another new beginning.  Another breathtaking moment of possibility.
 blue bulb                       "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. "   -Mark Twain  
CREATIVE COACHING GROUP is thrilled to announce that Certified Business and Personal Coach,  JAN CARLEY, has joined ELECTRA HEALTH FLOOR, downtown at 970 Burrard St., creating a "storefront" presence to make business and personal coaching more accessible and affordable.
Coaching is now the biggest rage in the corporate world, but is still somewhat of a mystery to the regular person on the street.  Since launching her coaching business, Jan has been frequented with questions like " How do I find a coach", "I heard coaching is really expensive" and even  "So what exactly is coaching anyway? " 
Taking business and personal coaching into a wellness centre atmosphere with accessible and affordable coaching packages seemed like a no-brainer to Jan.  Says Jan "Coaching works - plain and simple. I am passionate about its value.  To make coaching less of a mystery, less "exclusive" and not just relegated to the corporate CEOS, I have created a "Coaching Menu" with has several short-term options for maximum flexibility for those individuals who want to experience coaching but perhaps are unable to make a long-term commitment. People can choose from quickie half-hour laser coaching sessions to help them focus and get clarity on a certain issue, 90-minute transition strategy sessions, or one-hour individual coaching sessions around any business or personal area of their life." 
Um, but what exactly is coaching anyway?   Coaching is a collaborative partnership that works from the client's agenda and connects with their goals and vision to help them clarify, focus and move forward. The coaching process is not past -based and it does not "fix" people. It's a positive, motivational and action-based process that provides the support and accountability needed to build on strengths and maximize personal and professional potential.
ELECTRA HEALTH FLOOR is a centre of over 18 independently owned and operated health and wellness professionals located in the heart of the downtown core at 970 Burrard St. (at Nelson).   604 685-4325
Unbelievable, but true!  I am so committed to the value of the coaching process that I am giving you an opportunity to try it out...with absolutely no obligation!
Book a June appointment at Electra Health Floor and and you can get a taste of what this coaching thing is all about!   No risk, no obligation - what are you waiting for?   
Call 604 685-4325 to make your appointment with Jan Carley, Business and Personal Coach or book online at www.electrahealthfloor.com
HURRY!  Offer Expires: June 30, 2008
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