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   July, 2010

JULY 6 - 12, 2010!




When God began to Open the Doors for us to go to Pakistan to conduct Healing Meetings (as HE has been Opening in many Nations); It was the "most Unlikely" place one would want to travel to; Primarily, as you may know, due to serious Security concerns & even the U.S. Dept. Of State warning U.S. Citizens of the serious Risks in traveling to Pakistan & even discouraging it - lest such Visitor becomes an easy target for the 'anti-American' forces there. Also, in Listening to the News Media, almost every week (leading to the time of this trip) there were reports of Suicide Bombers linked to the Taliban & the Al Qaeda Terrorist groups killing Tens of people in Lahore, Pakistan. In the natural, No one or (foreigner) would want to travel to such a place, because that could simply mean their Death! ...And talking of Death, I also had to seriously consider what that would mean for my Wife & Family?! Again, such a trip for me, (also being a U.S. Army Reserve Officer) I guessed, could also mean being under some kind of "Surveillance" for some time to come.  

However, despite these prevailing circumstances, when the "Macedonian Call"/ Invitation came for us to come & Minister & bring the Saving, Healing & Delivering Power of Jesus to the people of Pakistan - knowing it's a very rear Ministry Opportunity, considering the fact that this was an Islamic nation - the more I Prayed about it, the more I had a strong Prompting & "Green Light" from The Lord to honor the Invitation - The Lord took care of some of my 'Concerns' & some key Bible passages were strongly impressed upon my heart, included: "...he who wants to save his life, will loss it; & he who losses his life for my sake, shall Save it..." I decided to Walk by FAITH & TRUST God! Thus, after much Prayers & considerations - against all the odds; the Choice was made to OBEY GOD & GO to Lahore, Pakistan!

The first step of Faith was to apply for a Pakistan Visa (sincerely speaking, it was the "last/least" Visa I wanted or expected to apply for or to have in my American Passport!) - But again, God's Ways are Not our ways! The initial Visa Application was denied! I thought this was a "good escape route"; so I said, "well God, it's not my fault! They wouldn't give me Visa, so that is it!" Then I felt The Lord challenge me that; If I had Faith to Believe Him for Miracles & Healing when I Preach; why not for a Visa? So I contacted my host & requested that he supply me the additional documents they requested for. Once I had it & reapplied; the Visa was issued- Praise God! 

By God's Miraculous Provisions, and by Faith, All Expenses for the Meetings & the Trip were Provided & Paid for! Glory to God! Thus, on July 4, 2010 (America's Independence Holiday) leaving through JFK Airport, New York; for Lahore, Pakistan en route Dubai, UAE; We had a smooth flight aboard Emirate Airline! After some minor delays in Dubai, we finally arrived in Lahore, Pakistan at about or so, on July 6, 2010! After clearing the luggage & being through Immigrations; our Hosts were on hand to Receive & Welcome their Special Guest (Dr. Paul Vincent) to the City of Lahore Pakistan - with lots of Flowers, Flowers, & Love!

*July 7, 2010 - Lahore City:

This Healing Meeting was the main event in our series of planned Healing Meetings! The event had about 15,000 people in attendance! I also understand that even Muslims attended this event! Wednesday Meetings are being weekly organized by Pastor Anwar, & The Lord had been doing great things there! On this night, as I was being Specially Welcomed, I was literally 'Immersed' in Flowers, Flowers & more Flowers of the Love & Appreciation that the people/ Believers of Lahore showed me! I tell you, these people are really loving & hospitable people! It was awesome!!

After the singing ministrations, I was Invited to bring The Word of The Lord to God's people! The Spirit of God was Powerfully Present as I Preached a message titled: "Everything Is Ready!" God really moved as His Word was Preached & there were hundreds of Salvation, Healing & even Deliverance Miracles! Curses upon the people's lives & destinies were Broken & Removed, as God's Blessings were Released upon them! Many people later testified of having received Healing & Miracles from God! We give God Glory for the Mighty outpouring of His Spirit during the Ministrations! Praise God!

               Pictures of the Lahore Pakistan Healing Crusade:
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Watch The Video of The Lahore Healing Crusade Message:
Titled: "Every Thing Is Ready!"
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July 6, 2010 - Youhanabad, Lahore; 
A 1-Day Open-Air Healing Meeting had been organized in this part of Lahore City & the venue was packed full! A Local Church in the area helped put the Meeting together. The Loving Welcome & Reception by the Church was quite touching! Lots of Flowers of Love! When it was Time for the Message, the Spirit of God Moved! Preaching on a message titled: "The Word of The Lord" Many were Saved & Healed that night! God Glorified His Name & the people testified of how greatly Blessed they were by the Message & Miracles! 
Pictures of the Youhanabad, Lahore Healing Crusade:


Watch The Video of Youhanabad, Lahore Healing Crusade:
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July 8, 2010 - Jallo, Lahore:
A 1-Day Open-Air Healing Meeting was also organized in this part of the City & there were many hundreds of people that came to Hear The Word of God Preached! The Welcome/ Reception by the local organizers was also touching & there were lots of Flowers as usual! They were really Happy to have us come to bring them The Word of God. The Message on 'The Power of The Blood of Jesus' came Powerfully! There were many Salvation, Healing & Deliverance Miracles! God was Glorified!

Pictures of  Jallo, Lahore Healing Crusade:
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July 9, 2010 (AM) - Lahore City:  
This Friday Morning Prayer Service was held in the Church Auditorium of Snr. Pastor Anwar, and about 2,000 attended the Prayer service & Listened intently to the Preaching of the Word on: "The Power of Praying In The Name of Jesus!" Again, The Lord Moved Mightily & Met His people at their points of Needs as they were Prayed for after the Powerful Message that held them spellbound! Many were Saved, Healed & Ministered to Individually after the service by the laying on of hands! Praise God!

Pictures of Lahore City Friday Morning Prayer Service:
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Watch The Video of the Prayer Service Ministrations:
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  July 9, 2010 (PM) - Model Town, Lahore:
A 1-Day Open-Air Healing Meeting was also organized here & there were many hundreds who attended the Meeting! There was also a nice Reception/Welcome by the local host Church - & lots of Flowers & Flowers! The message was on "The Power of Faith" & how we can Receive anything from God - by the Power of Faith! The people's Faith were stirred up as the Word was powerfully Preached! Many were Saved & many more received Healing Miracles & Testified of the Miracles they received! Praise God!

Pictures of Model Town Lahore Healing Crusade:
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Watch The Video of the Model Town, Lahore Healing Crusade:
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  July 10, 2010 - Sahiwal City:
By this date (Saturday) we traveled some 3 hours out of Lahore to Sahiwal City, where another 1-Day Healing Meeting/ Crusade was planned! Also, many hundreds of people came to Hear the Word of God! The devil by this time had gotten real mad at the loss he was recording; so he really tried to disrupt the Meeting; & as a result the Meeting started so late & due to power failures, I had to Preach without the Mic & lights, except for few hand held lights. Hence we couldn't capture both the Video & Pictures of the Meeting. But God still Moved (inspite the devil) & the Message on "The Light of God's Word" shone into the people's lives as many hundreds of them surrendered their Lives to Christ after the Message & many also Received Healing Miracles! After the meeting ended, we later drove back to Lahore, & by the time I got to my Hotel room, it was about! (Didn't get to sleep until about 5am! But God protected us all the way & still enabled me to Preach during the Sunday Morning service! Praise God!  

(**It was interesting to Note that both in Jallo & here in Sahiwal where Posters of the Meetings were printed & pasted/ distributed, when I saw the Posters, the only thing I could recognize was my picture - I couldn't read even one word on the poster because it was all printed in the local language! - But the people saw/read it & came to the Meetings - even the Muslims came!) Praise God!

*July 11, 2010 - Lahore City:
Finally, it was Sunday & the Sunday Morning Service was held at Pastor Anwar's Eternal Life Ministries! We had over 2,500 or there about filling the auditorium & the Church overflow outside! The Church celebrated with Pastor Anwar & his wife on their 5th Wedding Anniversary! Then I was also specially Welcomed by the Church! We really had a 'Flower overflow' on this Sunday service! Later the Pastor Invited me to bring the Word of God! I preached on "The Lord Is My Shepherd" The people were amazed & testified at the revelation of God's Word through the messages they've heard & have been Blessed by! At the end of the message, many committed their lives to Christ as they made Him Their Shepherd! God also Healed many in the service! A Prophetic Word was give about the Church, the City & the nation of Pakistan as the message was concluded! Thus, the "Intensive" 6-Day Missions Trip to Lahore Pakistan was concluded and God was Glorified!

Pictures of Sunday Service @ Lahore:
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After some time of "After Service Fellowship" at the pastor's home, to Celebrate their wedding anniversary; I was returned to my hotel room; had some rest; & prepared for my Trip back to New York; & at about 12am; I was taken to the Lahore Int'l. Airport! At 3.30am our Emirates Airline flight took off to Dubai (during which time I put together this report, while still on-board!) After about 2 hours in Dubai, our connecting flight continued onto New York's JFK! We arrived safely about the evening of July 12, 2010! Praise God I had Obeyed God in Going to Pakistan & the Devil's back was broken over the lives of thousands of people! We Give God All the Glory! Amen! 

  • Although there is so much Report about the nation of Pakistan & the City of Lahore (its 2nd largest City) in the News media; Most of the Report focus more on the Terrorist activities, Militant Islam, Suicide Bombings/ killings, Security concerns, etc going on in the nation - (& many times rightly so); However, I believe there is even a much more Greater Pakistan!! There is a Hunger & Thirst for God's Word & for His Spirit! I Sensed in my Spirit that the Spiritual Atmosphere of that nation is being Changed! In many of our Meetings, many Muslims came out to Hear the Gospel & many Surrendered their Lives to
  • NEWS about this Islamic nation of Pakistan that is Not being Reported at all - especially by the same News media - & I don't expect them to! But from what I've Observed, the Greatest News about Pakistan is the MOVE of GOD in that Islamic Nation! There is an Outpouring of the Holy Spirit in
Jesus Christ! Also, I saw that the people are Loving, Hospitable & Beautiful people! God Loves Pakistan & I Believe that now is Pakistan's Time of Harvest of Souls! We've been Invited again to come for a City-wide Healing Crusade! I Pray & Hope to be back there in the near future for this major City-Wide Healing Crusade that'll Turn the Nation around for God & to God's Glory! May God Bless Pakistan!

God's ways are most amazing & even awesome! In His Sovereignty, He literally "swept" this entire family! The Fazal family has had a long line of Ministers called by God; starting from their Grandfather, to their father; & Now this family of 8; (six brothers & two sisters) are All called by God & each in Ministry! The most senior, Pastor Anwar, Snr. Pastor of Eternal Life Ministries of Pakistan is doing a great work for The Lord in Pakistan; & he co-hosted me; while his youngest brother, Pastor Rizwan, of Faith Gospel Ministries of Pakistan, Invited & also co-hosted me. (He has developed a relationship with me as a Son in ministry!) The other brothers & sister also shared in our ministry & I got to Preach for their sister, Pastor Esther & her husband in their ministry/Church.

While we Appreciate God for what He has done; It cost us a Lot (Thousands of $$$$$) to under take this Missions Trip! Many more Doors are also Opened & we have other Healing Crusades being Planned in Nations of the world in the near future, in: India, Kenya, Rwanda, Philippines, Ghana, Nigeria, London, Amsterdam, New York, Etc! But We Need Your Financial Support to be able to Go to the Nations to Preach The Gospel! Please consider Sowing a Seed Today! You can DONATE ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE! You may also Write us a Check & Make it Payable to: Vincent Paul Ministries Int'l. (Please also indicate "Missions" or "Crusades" when You Sow Your Seed!) May The LORD Bless You as You Partner with Us & Support The Preaching of The Gospel worldwide!

For making this Missions Trip a Great Success! Also, Special Thanks to everyone who helped us Pray for the Success of this event & for my Safety! Again, Special Thanks to Pastors Anwar & his wife Nida, Pastor Rizwan, & All their Ministry Team - for providing me with Maximum Security & Security Guards - who were also fully armed - Not leaving anything to Chances! Special Thanks to the Holiday Inn Lahore, for their wonderful service as my host Hotel! Special Thanks also to my Wife (Edith) for releasing me to Go on this Trip - even when the price could have been very costly! Love You! May God Bless You All! 

Now, Special Thanks To You too! - For taking the Time to Read through this Missions Report & for Viewing the Pictures & Videos! Please let's hear from You & feel free to Email us Your Comments, Observations, Requests, Etc. God Bless!

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