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TSA of TX:  Helping Children and Changing Lives 

Tourette's syndrome (TS) is a chronic neurobehavioral movement disorder that begins in childhood.  Those affected make motor movements and vocalizations they cannot control.  Additionally, many are plagued by obsessive compulsive disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dysgraphia and behavioral issues.  Today's estimates indicate up to 3 percent (1 in 33) of all children may have Tourette's syndrome.  In spite of its high incidence, TS continues to be greatly misunderstood.  Although medication may help control the symptoms, as of yet there is no cure.  TSA of Texas, one of the largest Chapters in the country, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We directly assist Texas area families and children in crisis, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Don't Miss "A Night of Magic" 

 Gala Logo 2012

We invite you to attend our 2012 Gala fundraiser "A Night of Magic: Making Tourette's Syndrome Disappear."


"A Night of Magic" will be held on Thursday, January 26, 2012 at the Houston Country Club. Guests will be treated to a festive evening of reception, a roving magician, musical entertainment, dinner and both silent and live auctions. Live auction items will include a fabulous wine cellar; an Italian getaway in Chianti, Italy; a signed Jim O'Leary Waterford 50th Anniversary centerpiece; and a miniature Australian Shepherd male puppy.  Silent auction items include trips, fine dining, sports memorabilia and more.


Our annual gala is our primary fundraiser for the entire state. Your support is essential for us to continue our mission and it is also very much appreciated.


Click here for ticket and table pricing.  Even if you cannot attend, please consider making a donation.  Gifts of all sizes are very much appreciated and will make a huge difference to a family dealing with Tourette's syndrome. To donate an item or gift certificate for auction, please download the donor form here.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

 Houston Country Club, 7:00 pm

Dr. Brian and Renee Miles



Robert "Robin" Morse, J.D.
Evalyn Shea

Amber Stocco, M.D. 





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Don't Miss "A Night of Magic"
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Targets for Tourettes Clay Shoot
Expect the Unexpected
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Texas Hotlines

Houston:  281-238-8096

Toll Free:  866-894-8686
Emergency Pager: 281-932-0632

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Support Groups

All support groups are FREE of charge and have supervised fun for kids with TS and their siblings while adults meet separately.  TSA of Texas has support groups in:

A support group will be starting in Tyler very soon.  To be placed on our list for updates, please email


To start a support group in your area, please contact us toll free at 866-894-8686. 

Save the Date

  • January 18 - Corpus Christi Support Group Meeting at 6:00 pm. We will have a speaker on sensory integration. Click here for more information.
  • January 26 - TSA of Texas GALA Fundraising Event! This year's theme is A Night of Magic: Making Tourette's Syndrome Disappear. See article above for more information.
  • February 7 - Austin Support Group Meeting at 6:30 pm. We will have a speaker on neurofeedback. Click here for more information.
  • February 7 - San Antonio Support Group Meeting at 6:30 pm. The topics will be Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics and Camp du Ballon Rouge. Click here for more information.
  • February 9 - North Houston/The Woodlands Support Group Meeting at 7:00 pm. Click here for more information.
  • February 11 - Dallas/North Texas Support Group Meeting at 10:00 am. Click here for more information.
  • February 12 - Texas State Aquarium family event in Corpus Christi at noon. There is no cost to attend, but you must RSVP to with your name, phone number, the number adults attending and the number of children attending (with ages).
  • February 12 - "Family Day at the Science Spectrum" in Lubbock at 2:00 pm. There is no cost to attend, but you must RSVP to or (806) 438-6601 with your name, phone number, the number of adults attending and the number of children attending (with ages).
  • February 19- Tristan Perez, age 10, will be participating in the Livestrong Half Marathon in Austin to raise money for the TSA of Texas Corpus Christi Support Group. To assist Tristan in his fundraising goals, contact Every donation helps!
  • February 22 - Fort Worth Support Group Meeting at 5:30 pm. Click here for more information.
  • February 22 - Gulf Coast Area Support Group Meeting at 6:30 pm. Click here for more information.
  • March 23 - First Annual Targets for Tourette's Clay Shoot.  This amazing fundraiser will include a sporting clay shoot, dinner, and dancing under the stars to a live band.  More details coming soon!
  • March 23 - 25 - Our annual children's camping weekend, du Ballon Rouge. See article below for more information.
  • April 19 - 22 - National TSA Conference at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, VA. Click here for more information or contact Valerie at or (718) 224-2999 ext. 258.
Register Now for 2012 Camp du Ballon Rouge
fun at campSending your wish, by red balloon, into a clear, blue Texas sky with hopes that it will come true - anything is possible at du Ballon Rouge!


Camp Du Ballon Rouge is designed for children between the ages of 6 and 18 whose primary diagnosis is TS.  Our mission is to enrich the lives of these children through a unique outdoor experience that offers acceptance, provides hope, promotes discovery, and creates the opportunity to establish relationships with others afflicted by TS.  Weekend activities include fishing, horseback riding, canoeing, arts and crafts, a ropes challenge course, swimming, team sports and much, much more.  The environment is fun, safe, and positive.  Currently, thanks to the support of our wonderful donors, there is no cost for campers to attend du Ballon Rouge.  Click here for more information.  

Our 10th annual camping weekend will be held March 23 - 25, 2012 at Camp for All in Burton, Texas.  Click here
 to download the 2012 application. 
All campers, including returning campers, must complete a new application each year. New campers are accepted on a first come - first served basis. All required forms must be received and approved by our medical staff before an invitation is made.  NOTE:  please send in your application as soon as possible, even if the medical forms are not completed, to hold your child's place at camp.  Mail, fax (281-238-0468) or scan and email to
Sponsor a Child at du Ballon Rouge

Du Ballon Rouge is the only program of its kind in the country where Texas children with TS can attend at no cost to the family.  This is possible only through the incredible generosity and support of our donors.  Your tax deductible contribution can help send a happy child to camp.  Please help us continue the magic!  Just click here for more information and to download a donation form.  Thank you!

Red Balloon

Save the Date:  First Annual Targets for Tourettes Clay Shoot
Clay Shoot LogoMarch 23, 2012
Targets for Tourettes Clay Shoot
TSA of Texas 
Keith & Jyl Calcote, Chairs
This amazing fundraiser will include a sporting clay shoot,
dinner, and dancing under the stars with a live band. 
More details coming soon!
To be placed on the invitation list, please email your name and address to
Expect the Unexpected

Volunteers at BMX Fundraiserby Carol Ann Brady, Ph. D.  


As a clinical psychologist it is often my privilege to work with youngsters who have been diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome. Because of diverse, and an often unpredictable range of symptoms and their involuntary origin, my approach must necessarily be different. I must often train myself never to go by the book and, most importantly, to expect the unexpected. Tourette's syndrome is a complex neurobehavioral movement disorder characterized by involuntary movements and sounds called tics. The onset of symptoms must occur between the ages of two and 21, they must wax and wane, and they must be present throughout a period of more than one year. Additionally, most children will exhibit co-existing behavioral problems including obsessive/compulsive disorder, attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity, and aggressive and oppositional behaviors. They may also be learning disabled. Although the clinician may expect vocal tics and motor movements to some degree, what often is more subtle and interwoven are the psychological and behavioral problems that co-exist with Tourette's syndrome. These vary by individuals, but again will often include attentional problems, lack of impulse control, irritability, oppositionalism, obsessiveness, and compulsiveness. Also included may be more classic signs of anxiety and depression or over-involvement with sexual content, with all the above leading to not winning friends and influencing people, particularly during the teenage years.


On a day-to-day basis, a Tourette's child is often besieged by a myriad of demands saying to him, "control yourself'. So many have despondently retorted, "I cannot". Oftentimes school and parents

misunderstand that the associated symptoms are part and parcel of the syndrome. The significance

of this is to expect that the child may be able to control or behave as youngsters can in all other areas with the exception of the motor and vocal tics. As I have come to understand from the youngsters who have trained me so well in their disorder, it is all intrinsically interwoven and part of the same syndrome. Interestingly enough, unlike the child who clearly suffers from an emotional problem, the Tourette's youngster may be horrified or otherwise upset that there is absolutely no control. While he or she may have a well-developed conscience, there may be occasions of seeming oblivious to any type of punishment. In essence, these children simply do not react in the usual way to traditional techniques.  Click here to read more of "Expect the Unexpected."


Carol Ann Brady, Ph.D. has been on the Tourette Syndrome Association of Texas Medical Advisory Board for over twenty years. She was named one of the "10 Best Child Psychologists in the Country" by Town and Country Magazine and is a staff writer for ADDitute Magazine.

November & December 2011 Photo Gallery   


---- 2011 TSA of Texas Holiday Tree ----

The tree was displayed in the main lobby of the Houston Museum of Natural Science

last month to help raise awareness of Tourette's syndrome.


2011 Museum Tree      


---- November Museum Day ----

2011 Museum Day          2011 Museum Day
2011 Museum Day           


---- Holiday Parties ----







---- Speaker ----

Jamie Blassingame, a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology for the Pearland Independent School District, spoke at the November meeting of the Lubbock Support Group. 


Help Find the Genes for TS
The Tourette Syndrome Association International Consortium for Genetics (TSAICG) has identified several chromosomes that may contain genes for TS. The TSAICG is collaborating with the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke (NINDS) and TSA to continue genetic studies and confirm these findings. But to do so,

We need to enroll 3,000 people who have TS.

Taking part in the study involves answering questions about your tics and related symptoms. Or, if you are the parent of a youth with TS who is 6 to 17 years old, answering questions about your child's symptoms. If your answers to these questions qualify you for the second part of the study, you will be asked to donate a sample of blood for genetic analyses.

To learn more about this research, please visit   
Brain Imaging Research Studies
We are currently conducting two brain imaging studies to learn more about the roles of two brain chemicals (dopamine and serotonin) in Tourette's syndrome and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

People with Tourette's syndrome (TS), people with TS and OCD, people with OCD, and healthy people without OCD and without TS, ages 18 to 70 years are needed to participate in brain
imaging research studies performed at The Johns Hopkins University and supported by the National Institutes of Health.

Participants will be asked to take part in:
1) comprehensive physical, psychological, psychiatric, and neurological examinations,
2) positron emission tomography (PET) scans, and
3) a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan.

Participants will receive compensation for their time. Travel expenses to Baltimore, MD and accommodations will be covered.

To learn more and have your questions answered, contact: Dr. James Brasic at 410-955-8354, Dr. Vanessa Raymont at 410-955-0255 or Mr. Stephen Condouris at 410-955-8501
Note: By contacting the investigators, you are in no way obligated to participate.

Principal Investigator: Dean F. Wong, M.D., Ph.D.
JHM IRB Protocols #s: 98-11-29-04 and 94-06-21--05


Physician Referral List

TSA of Texas maintains a list of Texas physicians who are experienced with TS.  To receive a PRL for your area, please email with your city location.  We are also seeking to expand our list, particularly in smaller cities, so if you have a physician who does a great job dealing with TS, please email us his or her contact information.  PHYSICIANS:  if you are interested in learning more about TS or being considered for our PRL, please contact Sheryl Kadmon, Executive Director, at 281-238-8096 or 866-896-8484.

How Can TSA of Texas Help You?

TSA of Texas is here to assist families dealing with TS throughout the state.  We offer:

  • EDUCATIONAL PRESENTATIONS for physicians, school districts, students, parents and the community.   
  • INFORMATION DISSEMINATION via packets, brochures and telephone conversations.  
  • LIBRARY of DVDs, videotapes and books. 
  • REFERRAL to physicians, therapists, community services, and state and county agencies.  
  • ADVOCACY through assistance with ARDs, IEP, 504 or OHI classification.  
  • SUPPORT GROUPS throughout the state.  
  • CHILDREN'S WEEKEND camping program "du Ballon Rouge."
  • FAMILY ACTIVITIES such as baseball games, museum visits, swim parties, and more. 
  • SPECIAL FUNDING sources such as the Kenneth H. Davis Family Assistance Fund and Fund A Need. 
  • ...and much, much MORE! 

Call TSA of Texas at 281-238-8096 (toll-free 1-866-894-8686) or email for more information.  If you have needs other than those listed above, please let us know and we will do our best to help. 

How Can You Help TSA of Texas? 

TSA of Texas funds its services through private donations, fundraising events and grant support.  We receive no state or federal funding.  You can help TSA of Texas and support Texas families dealing with TS by:

  • ATTENDING our fundraising events (e.g., our major Gala held each January and our Tee-Off for Tourette in October),
  • DONATING items or gift certificates for Silent Auction at Gala or Tee-Off,
  • ORDERING a tribute card sent in honor of someone's special event,  
  • CONTRIBUTING via cash, check or credit card to our general fund or a support group of your choice,
  • DESIGNATING TSA of Texas to receive 10-100% of your final sale price the next time you list something on EBAY.  Or look for listings that support TSA of Texas when you shop at the TSA of Texas eBay Giving Works page.
  • LINKING your Randall's or Tom Thumb Remarkable Card to charity #2493, or 
  • REQUESTING a Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor bar code to link to your Kroger Share card.

All donations are totally tax deductible.  Learn More>>  

Bonne Nouvelle is published quarterly by TSA of Texas.  It is edited by Shelley Matcha and Cindy Sacks.