Fall 2008 Vol 2, Issue 3
  Bonne Nouvelle
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TSA of TX:  Helping Children and Changing Lives 

Tourette's syndrome is a neurobehavioral (brain-based) movement disorder characterized by motor and vocal tics.  Beginning in childhood, it causes those affected to make movements and noises they cannot control.  Additionally, many are plagued by OCD, ADHD, oppositional behavior and other disorders.  Although medication may help control the symptoms, as of yet there is no cure.  TSA of Texas, one of the largest chapters in the country, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We directly assist Texas area families and children in crisis, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

From the Desk of the President:  A Six Year Reflection 

Barbara & Daryl Brister by Daryl Brister
     It's hard to imagine my role as the President of TSA of Texas. Just six years ago, we rolled into Texas desperate to find help for our two boys at the Baylor College of Medicine Movement and Disorders Clinic. Both sons were greatly struggling with their TS at that time.  If I jump ahead six years from that first trip to Houston I would never have thought that our family would be where we are today. We knew no one here at the time and were unsure what tomorrow would bring; but, here we are looking back over this time in some ways with amazement.
     Our oldest son is living, independently, at Sam Houston State University, holding down a job, and attending classes. He still has some road left to travel, but he can see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. His tics are mild compared to what they used to be. He mainly deals with his OCD these days. Our youngest son is a senior in high school this year and is learning how to weld metal with tics. With his artistic side, he likes to create art from this new found skill. Who knows where this might lead him?
     Barbara and I are the co-leaders of the Katy Support Group. What a blessing that has been in our life. Just today, as we were working together in our home getting ready to decorate for the Christmas holidays, the phone rang. An hour later, Barbara informed me that the call was from a new mother whose daughter was just diagnosed with TS. She was scared and not sure what tomorrow would bring. Now she knows she has a network of people ready to help her and her daughter as they begin their journey down this road we're all traveling on.
     Here I am, now sitting as President of TSA of Texas, writing these words. Never in a million years would I have believed this would be part of my life if someone had told me. My world was getting from day to day with our boys six years ago. Now we have greater awareness across the state of Texas than ever before; and yet, there are many more miles left to go in making others aware of TS and those families that fight with this disorder each and every day. Six years ago, there were only support groups in Houston and Sugar Land. Currently, TSA of Texas has groups meeting in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Southeast Texas, North Houston, and Katy. We're not finished yet. Texas is a big state. We all know this, and therein is our challenge. The TSA of Texas organization is committed to helping so many families get connected and receive assistance across this great state of ours.
     Maybe you and your family are just now where we were six years ago.  Let me tell you --- there is hope and help. Tomorrow is not as bad as it may feel at this moment. There is a big network across our state and there are people who understand your situation. Those people have been there and are ready to lend a caring hand to you and your family. I hope you will be able to look back in six years and tell a similar story to mine. A mountain that seems impossible to climb, but... you finish the story and make sure to tell others!
     Daryl Brister - a father with TS - and 2 boys with TS - and President of TSA of Texas - who would have thought it?
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Hallmark Hall of Fame TV Movie on TS
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Is Bullying Affecting Your Family?
Homework Have You Ready to SNAP?
Book Review: Against Medical Advice
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New Workbook to Help Kids Cope
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"Bonne Nouvelle"
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How Can You Help TSA of Texas?
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Texas Hotlines
Houston:  281-238-8096
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Texas Support Groups
TSA of Texas has support groups in Austin, Channelview, Dallas, Fort Worth, Southeast Texas/Golden Triangle, Katy, North Houston and San AntonioLearn More>>To start a support group in your area, please contact Sheryl Kadmon, Executive Director of TSA of Texas, at 281-238-8096 or toll free at 866-894-8686.   

Save These Dates!

  • Museum TreeDecember 2, 2008 - January  4, 2009 - Come view the TSA of Texas annual holiday tree at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.                                      
  • December 7, 2008 - Hallmark Hall of Fame Presentation: "Front of the Class: How Tourette Syndrome Made Me the Teacher I Never Had."
  • January 22, 2009 - Unmasking the Face of Tourette's, the TSA of Texas annual gala fundraiser. 
  • March 20 - 22, 2009 - du Ballon Rouge children's weekend
  • June 12 - 13, 2009 - TSA 5th International Scientific Symposium in New York City.  Click here for more information.  
TSA of Texas Holiday Parties
     Join us for some holiday fun.  We are having parties all over Texas and there is no cost to you.  Just RSVP to your support group leader or tourettetexas@aol.com.  Check our our website for more details. 
  • Austin - December 4th from 6:30 - 8:00 at Pump It Up.  Pizza will be provided.
  • Dallas/North Texas - December 13th from 10:00 - noon at the usual meeting location.  Bring your favorite holiday "finger food" and drinks will be provided.
  • East & Southeast Texas- Watch the TSA website for a special January event.
  • Fort Worth - information will be posted soon on the Fort Worth Page of our website.
  • Katy - December 10th from 7:00 to 8:30 at the usual location.  Bring your favorite holiday finger food and make some holiday crafts.
  • North Houston - December 9th from 7:00 to 8:30 at Cici's Pizza.
  • San Antonio - December 2nd from 6:30 - 8:00 at the usual meeting location.  We will have a delicious meal and decorate gingerbread houses.
Please Remember  TSA of Texas During This Season of Giving 
     TSA of Texas, like all non-profits, relies upon gifts and donations to support our programs and everyday activities.  In this time of economic uncertainty, your donations to us are more valuable than ever.  Please consider a year-end, tax deductible gift to our TSA of Texas Annual Fund Drive.  Click here to view a copy of our Annual Fund Drive letter.  Click here to view the Annual Fund drive reply card you may include with your gift. 
      If you know others who might also consider a gift to TSA of Texas, please let us know.  We can send you copies of our Annual Fund drive letter and reply cards along with envelopes and stamps so you can mail them to your friends and family - even adding a personal handwritten note if you wish.  Or if you prefer, just send us a list of names and addresses along with your name and connection to TS and we'll do the writing and mailing for you!  Please contact Cindy with your request or to receive more information.
Hallmark Hall of Fame TV Movie on TS to Air This Sunday, 12/7
      "Front of the Class: How Tourette Syndrome Made Me the Teacher I Never Had", a best-selling and award-winning book from Brad Cohen, is being made into a "Hallmark Hall of Fame" movie to air on CBS, Sunday, December 7, 2008.  The film stars Treat Williams and Patricia Heaton as Brad's parents, and actor Jimmy Wolk as Brad.
     Front of the Class (published in September 2005) is an inspiring true story of incredible challenges and unwavering determination.  As a child with Tourette's syndrome, Brad was beaten, mocked and shunned. Some thought he was possessed by the devil.  Others, including members of his own family, refused to be seen with him in public. As an adult, Brad overcame all odds to become an award-winning teacher of the year for the state of Georgia.
     "This has been a very exciting time for me, my wife Nancy, my parents, my brother and of course all my friends and family who have supported me for so long," Brad said. "I'm very excited to celebrate these positive times in my life with so many people. It is my goal that the movie will make a difference in the lives of millions of TV viewers across the nation."  Click here to read more.
Register Now for du Ballon Rouge 2009
     Sending your wish, by red balloon, into a clear, blue Texas sky with hopes that it will come true - anything is possible at du Ballon Rouge!  Held annually in the hill country of Texas, dBR provides a setting for children with Tourette's syndrome to experience events and activities that can change the quality and outcome of their lives.  "To enrich the lives of children diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome, through a unique outdoor experience that offers acceptance, provides hope, promotes discovery, and creates the opportunity to establish relationships with others afflicted by TS" - that's our mission!
     The 6th Annual du Ballon Rouge Weekend is scheduled for the weekend of March 20-22, 2009.  The program, founded in 2003, is designed for children between the ages of 6 and 18 whose primary diagnosis is Tourette's syndrome. Currently, thanks to support from our wonderful donors, there is no cost for campers to attend.  Click here to download an application form.  Please note: new application forms, even for returning campers, must be filled out each year.    Learn more>>
2009 Fundraiser Gala:  Unmasking the Face of Tourette's
     Please join us on Thursday, January 22, 2009 at Unmasking the Face of Tourette's, the TSA of Texas annual gala fundraiser.  Proceeds from this evening of reception, dinner, awards and auction will directly benefit nearly one million children and families throughout Texas who are suffering from Tourette's syndrome.   
     Held at Houston Country Club, the gala evening is the MAJOR fundraiser for the entire state, funding every aspect of our organization from support group meetings to the du Ballon Rouge Children's Weekend to education, awareness and more.  Your support is essential to allow us to continue our work throughout the state.  Invitations will be mailed in December.  To add your name to the invitation list, or to receive more information, please click here.
     Can't attend?  Contributing items for the evening's silent auction is another great way you can help.  Of course, cash donations of any size are always appreciated.  Contact Cindy for auction solicitation forms and information. 
Please Send Us Your Art, Poems and Stories for the Gala Program
We are seeking your artistic and literary creations to showcase in our 2009 Gala Program.  Children and adults with TS as well as siblings, parents and other relatives are all invited to contribute.  Tell us your story, draw a picture, or compose a poem!  Our Gala theme is "Unmasking the Face of Tourette's" and your creations are welcome to complement this idea.  Don't forget to include your first name, city, and age (if child).  Handwritten and hand-drawn items are welcome and will be scanned for placement!  Mail originals to TSA of Texas, 3919 River Forest Drive, Richmond, TX 77469 or email to TouretteTexas@aol.com.
Is Bullying Affecting Your Family?   

     Up to one third of the nation's students will be bullied during this school year and each day more than 60 percent of students will witness bullying situations.  Whether your child is the bully or being bullied, the following websites may be able to offer some help:   

  • http://www.pacer.org/bullying/index.asp - PACER Center's Bullying Prevention Project is for all children, including children with disabilities, and promotes bullying awareness and teaches effective ways to respond to bullying. 
  • http://www.pacerkidsagainstbullying.org/ - This creative and informative resource educates students about bullying prevention and provides methods to respond to bullying situations. The site features an animated cast of characters, information, celebrity videos, Webisodes, games, animation, contests and other activities. Parents and professionals will find helpful tips, intervention strategies, and resources for use at home or school.
  • http://stopbullyingnow.hrsa.gov - This website uses a variety of cartoon animated cartoons, games, and informational pages to teach kids how to stand up to bullies, what to do when they witness bullies, and recognize bullying behavior in themselves.  
Does Homework Have You Ready to SNAP?

                                      by Kevin D. Dohmen, M.Ed.

     We live in a wonderfully information-rich environment. In every area of life our children can choose from a dazzling array of extra-curricular activities and academics. In athletics alone, for example, the options include soccer, lacrosse, football, baseball, softball, track, cross country, ice hockey, field hockey, tae kwon do, tai chi, swimming, basketball, dance, volleyball, weight training, agility training, gymnastics, aerobics, yoga, and so forth. And each activity has different possible levels of participation, including some sort of year-round version for the very committed. Now add orchestra, string ensemble, band, jazz band, marching band, symphonic band, drama, student government, key club, and, well, you get the idea.
     In addition to the long list of enticing extracurricular activities, our children must keep up with an ever more demanding academic load, certainly a much more rigorous course of studies than I had to contend with as a high school student in the early 1970's.  It wasn't until I was a senior in high school that I was assigned to write a single ten to twelve page research paper. Students now begin writing research papers in elementary school. And there are exams to study for; science fair experiments to design, conduct, and present; plays to rehearse, and a lot of daily homework to complete - all jammed into a weekly calendar that would leave anyone feeling dizzy.
     So, how do we help our students navigate the rush of modern life so that they can benefit from the wide range of enriching experiences and yet avoid being swallowed by the frantic pace of life? One way is to SNAP - Schedule, eNumerate, Assist, and Pack up.
     The SNAP method of arranging won't make homework effortless, but it will smooth the process considerably - and maybe keep your nerves from snapping.  Read More>> 
     Kevin D. Dohmen, a learning consultant in private practice in Northern Virginia since 1988,
specializes in developing teaching and learning methods to enable people to apply the knowledge of their own unique cognitive style to their academic studies, workplace, and personal lives.  Areas of focus include reading skills, writing composition, mathematics, and organizational skills. Among his clients are adults, adolescents, and children identified as having specific learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorder. Mr. Dohmen completed his Master's Degree and his doctoral coursework at the University of Virginia's Curry School of Education.  He consults with schools, corporations, parents, educators, and learners of all ages, both individually and in groups. He can be contacted by phone at (703) 683-9617 or by
email.  For more information, see Mr. Dohmen's website at www.kevindohmen.net.
Book Review:  Against Medical Advice

      James Patterson, who is best known for fast-paced suspense novels, tackles a true story in Against Medical Advice.
from Melanie Walthall, mother of 3 boys with TS:
     Cory Friedman was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome when he was 5 years old.  Soon afterward, his case became fairly severe, and the struggles that he and his family endured eventually took a big toll on everyone, especially himself.  This book, written by James Patterson and Cory's father Hal Friedman but told in Cory's voice, is a very real and compelling chronicle of how Tourette's syndrome played out in his life and how he rose above it. I felt that this story gave a true portrayal of the lack of understanding in the medical and mental health professions and the educational system, as well as the mental anguish suffered by Cory and his family.  It never seemed like the authors were trying to bash anyone, nor were they trying to make Cory out to be superhuman either. They simply wrote it the way it was.  While I don't think the book would be appropriate for younger children to read, I do think that it would be very inspirational for teenagers with or without TS, their parents, and well, everyone else. 
from Mary Harris, grandmother of 3 boys with TS:
     You probably know that James Patterson is a long-time best-selling author, having sold 140,000,000 copies of his novels worldwide. He has just written his first non-fiction book, Against Medical Advice, and last Sunday (11/16), this book was already #2 on the New York Times nonfiction best seller list. This is important to me because I think this book will make a huge difference in providing visibility and promoting understanding of Tourette's syndrome and compassion and acceptance for those who live with it. It answers the question "Isn't there something you can take for it?" better than I ever could. It explains why "at least it isn't cancer" is such an inappropriate response, and why it's just as important that we find a cure--or at least an effective treatment--for TS. I urge you to read this book, then share it with your friends and family.
Mental Health Parity Passes
     For far too long, the TSA has lobbied for the passage of the Mental Health Parity Act.  On October 3rd, The Parity legislation formally known as the Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 (HR 1424) successfully passed with a winning conclusive vote of 263-171 in the House, following the Senate's successful vote of 74 - 25 on October 1, 2008. The bill, signed by President Bush, is now law and will be enacted in early 2009-2010.
     The mental health legislation is a bipartisan bill that would make using one's mental health benefits no more restrictive than one's physical health benefits. Here are a few highlights: 
  • All financial requirements of coverage, including deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket expenses and all treatment limitations shall be the no more restrictive for mental health/substance use disorders as they are for medical/surgical benefits.
  • Mental health or substance abuse benefit coverage is not mandated, but if mental health coverage is offered, parity must be provided.
  • If the states have stronger parity laws than the federal, they are able to retain their own (state) parity laws.
  • It does not apply to employers with less than 50 employees are exempt from this Act, nor does it affect the individual insurance market.
  • The effective date for most plans is January 1, 2010 to allow for each plan renewal. 
National TSA Advocating for Social Security Disability:  Update
TSA submitted comments to the Social Security Administration and testified during the Commissioner's hearing on Compassionate Allowance for Rare Diseases, December 5, 2007. As a follow up to that hearing, using all the testimonies received from members, TSA submitted findings on the Social Security Benefits application process for those with Tourette Syndrome. In addition, TSA provided some suggestions on how to best process claims.  Click here to read more.  
New Workbook to Help Kids Cope
Book cover     Sandra Buffolano, a TSA of Texas member, has recently written "Coping with Tourette Syndrome: A Workbook for Kids with Tic Disorders."  Children with Tourette syndrome face a unique set of issues that are distinctive to this disorder.  Related disorders, such as OCD or ADHD, often present an additional challenge for these children.  The innovative solutions in this workbook will help kids cope with school, relate to friends, manage their behavior in public places, and strengthen their self-esteem.  Look for it on bookstore shelves or order from amazon.com.
      Sandra has over 25 years of experience in education as a teacher, a diagnostician, an in-home trainer, and as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology.  She has volunteered at the du Ballon Rouge (camping weekend for Texas children with TS) for 5 years and her dedication to children and adults with Tourette's syndrome is also reflected in her volunteer work with the Tourette Syndrome Association of Texas.  Sandra was recently recognized as a 2008 Bell Ringer Honoree by the Mental Health America of Fort Bend County in Texas.  Sandra received her Masters in Education and her Masters of Behavioral Science at the University of Houston. 
Recommended Resources from Our North Texas Support Group
from Emily Stark, North Texas Support Group Leader
For Parents or Educators:
Teaching the Tiger - handbook by Marilyn P. Dornbush, Ph.D. and Sheryl K. Pruitt, M.Ed.
Tourette's Syndrome - Finding Answers & Getting Help  - book by Mitzi Waltz
Front of the Class:  How Tourette Syndrome Made Me the Teacher I Never Had - book by Brad Cohen
For Young Children:
Hi, I'm Adam - book by Adam Buehrens
Adam and the Magic Marble - book by Adam & Carol Buehrens
Why Do You Do That? - book by Uttom Chowdhury and Mary Robertson

For Older Kids:

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - book by Mark Haddon
Erika's Little Secret - book by Candida B. Korman
Quit It - book by Marcia Byalick
A Test of Will - book by Diane Shader Smith
For Adults:
The Unwelcome Companion - book by Rick Fowler
Passing for Normal - book by Amy S. Wilensky
Don't Think About Monkeys - book by Adam Ward Seligman & John S. Hilkevich (a compilation of short stories written by people with TS)
Twitch and Shout - a book/dvd/study guide by Laurel Chiten and Lowell Handler
Any book by Oliver Sacks
For Anyone: 
A Teacher Looks at Tourette Syndrome - video by Susan Conners
I Have Tourette's But Tourette's Doesn't Have Me - Emmy winning HBO documentary
Life's A Twitch - documentary by Duncan McKinlay
The Tic Code - movie starring Gregory Hines and Polly Draper
Fall Outreach Events
Baylor Health FairOctober was a busy month for outreach throughout Texas.  On October 12th, Wendy Perez and Linda & Rick Hodgson attended the AccessAbility Fair at the Texan Cultures Grounds in San Antonio. This was the second year TSA of Texas had a booth to hand out information about TS.  We were one of about 25 agencies invited to attend.  Close to 100 people stopped by to pick up literature and learn about TS.  Trish Rubio handled a booth at the 1st Annual Fort Sam EFMP Resource Fair on Oct 24th in San Antonio, which provided information from about 30 different agencies to military families with children with special needs.  Cindy Sacks manned a TS information table on October 30th at the Baylor College of Medicine Health Fair, which was attended by approximately 1500 people. 
     On November 10th, Barbara Brister gave her bi-annual presentation about "Understanding Brenton Brister & TeamTS" to the University of Houston student teachers.  This event provides a wonderful opportunity to help new teachers understand how they can best reach and teach students with TS.      
     If you would like to participate in an outreach event in your area, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with needed materials.   
Tee-Off Golf Tournament Most Successful to Date
by Barbara Brister, Tee-Off for Tourette Co-Chair
 Brenton Brister & Team
     The weather and The Woodlands were a winning combination for our 14th Annual Tee-Off for Tourette Golf Tournament. TSA of Texas is deeply appreciative to Scott McMartin and Sequoia Golf for the opportunity to move this year's tournament to the beautiful Woodlands Arnold Palmer Signature Course.  
     Beginning with a lunch generously donated by Texas Roadhouse, our players enjoyed a full day of events.  Throughout the tournament day, various contests challenged the golfers: Putting Contest, Straightest Drive, Closest to the Hole, and Tiger Drive. The course was superb, and in keeping with the beautiful setting, deer were sometimes seen gracefully crossing by the tee boxes. As the teams arrived back at the clubhouse, appetizers and door prizes awaited them. A silent auction, slide show, awards presentation and a delicious dinner were the evening's closing festivities. Brenton Brister, a Sam Houston State University college student living with TS, shared a few thoughts and thanked the golfers for supporting TSA of Texas. Our thanks to all of our sponsors, donors and players -- and to the many volunteers who gave of their time and energy to help the day go smoothly.
     Final totals are not yet calculated, but we expect that the amount raised will surpass last year's goal of $30,000!  As always, we hope to increase our totals for next year's tournament; the more money we raise, the more people with TS we can help!  Watch the TSA website for the 2009 date.
TSA Families Across Texas Enjoy Museum Day
Texas Military Forces Museum     TSA families across Texas enjoyed a fabulous, free family outing to the museum on November 9, courtesy of TSA of Texas.  In Austin, families visited the Texas Military Forces Museum and witnessed a living history event.  In Dallas/North Texas families visited the Museum of Nature and Science and viewed the IMAX film "Journey into Amazing Caves."  Fort Worth families Brenton Brister & Teamvisited the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and the National Cowgirl Museum.  They also viewed the Omni IMAX showing of "Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs."  In Houston, families visited the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  Some members chose to also visit the gorgeous Cockrell Butterfly Exhibit while others enjoyed the IMAX showing of "Madagascar II."  Cookies and drinks were provided in a museum conference room.  San Antonio families visited the Witte Museum and enjoyed snacks on the beautiful grounds of the museum.  It was a fun day for all! 
Fish City Grill Benefit for TSA of Texas

      by Barbara Brister, Katy Support Group Co-Leader
     On November 18, 2008, Fish City Grill designated TSA of Texas as their First Tuesday Benefit recipient. Volunteers from the Katy TS Support Group took shifts during the day to promote awareness of TS and pass out information.  Each table also displayed information about our support groups.  The restaurant graciously donated fifteen percent of total sales from 11:00 AM until 10:00 PM to TSA of Texas. Fish City Grill is a neighborhood restaurant with great food, atmosphere, and service - and serves much more than just fish.   With many Fish City Grills throughout the state of Texas, we are hopeful that more benefits will take place. Watch for one in your area!
"Bonne Nouvelle"

Nickolas Bauer is going to attend Le Cordon Blue in Austin, Texas starting January 2009 to become a chef.  This has been a lifelong dream for him since he was a little boy!  Anthony Flores of San Antonio (age 13) made the A/B honor roll for the 1st and 2nd six weeks grading periods this school year.  He just made 2nd chair for bass clarinet in the regional band and will also play the Bari Sax in his school's jazz band.  In addition to being a musician, Anthony is also a successful soccer player.  Matthew Alexander Lee Guzman of Houston is now Private Guzman in the U.S. Army.  He graduated from Basic Training in Fort sill, Oklahoma on November 7th and is now at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama for his job training to become an Ammunition Specialist.  He is very happy to be serving our country and keeping up with the best of them.  Ricky Hodgson of San Antonio (age 19) has an A average in his first semester at community college.  Travis Michael Law of Victoria (age 7) received the highest score in his school's entire second grade on his fall benchmark exams.  His teacher commented she had never seen a second grader score so high!  Ryne Nardecchia of Spring (age 13) is an 8th grade honors student at Doerre Intermediate and an acting student at Applause Theatrical School and Theatre Company, where he's on the company.  He returns to the stage in December at the Texas Repertory Theatre in Houston where he will play the bully Scut Farkus in A Christmas Story.  His sister Grace will join him in the show as Helen.  Favorite credits include Godspell (Jesus), Sweeney Todd (Anthony), Once Upon a Mattress (Prince Dauntless) and The Secret Garden (Dickon).  Garrick Nichols of Austin (age 11) is attending a Math & Science Magnet School in Austin, Texas and his first report card was Brenton Brister & Teamoutstanding!  All A's with the exception of a B in math!  He also participated in his first band concert and has excelled in learning how to play the baritone!  James Nogarede of Austin (age 14 and pictured at left) recently shot an 8 point buck on a hunting trip with his dad.  Ryan O'Donnell is a straight A student in fourth grade, a fabulous dancer on a competitive team and just a happy person.  Christopher Posso of Houston (pictured at right) was accepted into the Houston Museum of Natural Science Moran Ecoteen program this past summer.  He worked 121 volunteer hours assisting Brenton Brister & TeamMuseum staff and teachers with the summer camp programs, and was elected "most dedicated Ecoteen volunteer" by the Ecoteen Coordinators.  He just started the 9th grade at Westchester Academy for International Studies and hopes to be accepted into the Moran Ecoteen program again next summer.  Congratulations to all of these hard working superstars!  

     Please send us your "Bonne Nouvelle!"  Has your child received straight A's?  Recently graduated from college?  Are you, as a person with TS, successfully juggling home and family?  We would love to hear about your "good news" for future issues.  Or --  is there a topic or story you would like to see us cover in the future?  A question you have for our Medical Advisory Board?  Send your question, story and/or pictures to TouretteTexas@aol.com.
Physician Referral List
TSA of Texas maintains a list of Texas physicians who are experienced with TS.  To receive a PRL for your area, please email TouretteTexas@aol.com with your city location.  We are also seeking to expand our list, particularly in smaller cities, so if you have a physician who does a great job dealing with TS, please email us his or her contact information.  PHYSICIANS:  if you are interested in learning more about TS or being considered for our PRL, please contact Sheryl Kadmon, Executive Director, at 281-238-8096 or 866-896-8484.
How Can TSA of Texas Help You?
TSA of Texas is here to assist families dealing with TS throughout the state.  We offer:
  • EDUCATIONAL PRESENTATIONS for physicians, school districts, students, parents and the community.   
  • INFORMATION DISSEMINATION via packets, brochures and telephone conversations.  
  • LIBRARY of DVDs, videotapes and books. 
  • REFERRAL to physicians, therapists, community services, and state and county agencies.  
  • ADVOCACY through assistance with ARDs, IEP, 504 or OHI classification.  
  • SUPPORT GROUPS throughout the state.  
  • CHILDREN'S WEEKEND camping program "du Ballon Rouge."
  • FAMILY ACTIVITIES such as baseball games, museum visits, swim parties, and more. 
  • SPECIAL FUNDING sources such as the Kenneth H. Davis Family Assistance Fund and Fund A Need. 
  • ...and much, much MORE! 

Call TSA of Texas at 281-238-8096 (toll-free 1-866-894-8686) or email TouretteTexas@aol.com for more information.  If you have needs other than those listed above, please let us know and we will do our best to help. 

How Can You Help TSA of Texas? 

TSA of Texas funds its services through private donations, fundraising events and grant support.  We receive no state or federal funding.  You can help TSA of Texas and support Texas families dealing with TS by:

  • ATTENDING our fundraising events (e.g., our major Gala on 1/29/2009 or Tee-Off on 10/20/2008),
  • DONATING an item or gift certificate for Silent Auction at Gala or Tee-Off 
  • ORDERING a tribute card sent in honor of someone's special event,  
  • CONTRIBUTING via cash, check or credit card to our general fund or a support group of your choice,
  • LINKING your Randall's Remarkable Card to charity #2493, or 
  • REQUESTING a Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor bar code to link to your Kroger Share card..

All donations are totally tax deductible.  Learn More>>  

Bonne Nouvelle is published quarterly by TSA of Texas.  It is edited by Shelley Matcha and Cindy Sacks.