Arctic Experience Gallery Newsletter
Issue 1, edition 1 September, 2007
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Cape Dorset in Spring
E. Robert Ross
Noah Kelly
Jean Hanson
Cape Dorset 
We are honoured and delighted to be representing the estate of Burlington artist Jean Hanson.  Her evocative watercolours are compelling, and decorative.
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Cape Dorset
Trip to Cape Dorset

 In April, Marvin and Janet travelled to Cape Dorset.  We estimated that this may have been Marvin's 50th visit, and Janet's first.  We have wonderful new works on our website, as well as photos of the trip.
E. Robert Ross
Cape Dorset
If you have been through the lobby of St. Joseph's Hospital recently, you will have noticed a new feature; a large painting in progress.  Measuring 11 x 22 feet, the stunning image of Sherman Falls will be permanently installed in situe. 
Despite his busy schedule, Robert has managed to fit in some painting time for the gallery, and recently finished this wonderful image of the Dundas Valley, the view from Dundas Peak. 
Be sure to stop by and say hello to Robert as he works in the hospital lobby.  And follow up with a visit to the gallery to see his latest works for sale.
Noah Kelly Sculpture
Noah Kelly
One image that continues to fascinate artists and collectors, is that of the majestic Polar Bear.  This piece, by Noah Kelly, was one of the wonderful works we brought back from our recent Cape Dorset trip.  This shows the artist's skill in using the colours and shape of the stone to the best advantage.  
We look forward to your visit to the gallery.  And remember, our online "gallery" is open 24 hours a day - an excellent overview of works is posted regularly on the gallery website. 

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