Figuring It Out
"For all is vanity and grasping for the wind." Ecclesiastes 2: 17

       Solomon figured it out at the end of his life! Billy Graham figured it out at the end of his life! What about you and me? Are we going to "Figure it Out?" Can we learn from our past and our present? Will we learn from those who have gone before us? Christianity Today conducted an interview with Billy Graham in his 90s. In this interview he emphatically stated he would have changed his priorities. He would not have given so much time to the ministry nor the White House. He would instead have given much more time to quiet reflection, his wife and children.


       What is it you think God would have you change today? Especially in light of Solomon's statement that, "All is Vanity." In the bottom of your heart, in the recesses of your conscience, in the common sense of your mind, I believe you know you need to reorder your priorities. I know I do! Certainly we can, "Figure it Out," before the end of our lives, Can't we??? If we don't... what then?


       Figuring it Out,


         Jim and Sally


                                               Jim & Sally prof. 

Sally Hohnberger
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