Emotional Upheavals

"Casting down imaginations ... that exalt itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought
to the obedience of Christ."
2 Corinthians 10:5

     Tragedy strikes - it maybe a disease, family or personal relationships, marriage problems, business problems, financial problems. For those of us going through such trials, it often feels like we're in a furnace. Things are heating up, and were struggling so much we don't know what to do. Our imagination and emotions are robbing us of our inner life.

      Fear is usually the first emotion to hit us. Fear has no equal in messing up our life. Why? Because fear has the power to torment - especially when you get multiple bad reports - it can be terrifying.

      Dread can also torment you and rob you of your joy. You start wondering about what will happen tomorrow, next week, next month. Dread steals your thoughts and your today's. The more you dread about tomorrow, the more you lose today.

      I've also encountered Despair. When this one creeps in, you know the devil is really on your case. He tells you God is punishing you for something. You're too big of a sinner for His enabling grace. Things will never get better. There is no hope for tomorrow. He has forsaken you.

      We all struggle with these thoughts and emotions at different times in our life. James 4:7 says, "Submit to God. Resist the devil (in His strength) and he will flee from you." In other words, we must change channels. We must take our eyes off our circumstances and place them on God's view point. He is bigger than it all. He can keep us through it all. The fire need only burn the dross from our character--it need not consume us. We simply must refuse to be influenced by any other voice, than God's. Psalms 62:5,6.


Keep Looking Up,


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