Rose Red
"My God, In Him I Will Trust"
Psalms 91:2
February 2012

     If you've lost a loved one... if your child has gone astray... if you're dealing with the dilemma of divorce... if you have a terminal illness... if you've lost your business or are unemployed... if you've been wrongly treated or misunderstood... if you've been sold out by friends or family... if you've been shunned by church members... or if you just don't understand what's happening in your life and you can't figure it all out. You must learn to TRUST GOD and get through it with Him!


     If there is something in your life that you just haven't been able to get beyond-God wants you to know-He's in control. He is able to get you through every situation. He needs you to TRUST HIM with all of it. I'm found that's not always easy!


     When I'm perplexed, confused or frustrated I almost always look back at the life of David and Joseph. David was anointed to be the next king of Israel, yet for years he was hunted like a wild animal. Forced to live in seclusion and secrecy. Yet David TRUSTED God. He didn't understand but he TRUSTED. Not only did he trust but also he persevered through the situation and stabilized everything he could. Look at Joseph. Sold into slavery by his brothers, a faithful servant to Potiphar, sold out by Potiphar's wife, now a prisoner in jail and yet he TRUSTED God. Not only did he trust God, he still lived God's plan of life for him in spite of the dilemma he found himself in. Joseph did his best at what ever lied nearest. He still committed all his ways to God and always watched for the indications of His providence. These are principles that ensure safe guidance through all our troublous times, regardless of the dilemma we find ourselves in.


     Oh how we each need to put God in the place where he belongs-as THE SOVEREIGN over all that enters our lives. Nothing, absolutely nothing can touch our lives without God's final permission. Even if it's the LION'S DEN or a FIRERY FURNANCE we need to TRUST God like never before. God never wastes pain. He always uses it for our best welfare, If we let Him.


     If you are anything like me, you will find that you grow the most through trial, hard times and unfair circumstances. Seldom do any of us mature in our spiritual lives under sunshine and silver slippers. Because of who God is, He can use our own mistakes and failures, the Devils attacks, the harsh treatment of others or worldly unfairness to bring us into a deeper TRUST in Him. We may not like the circumstances we are in right now, but we can TRUST God to bring us successfully through, just like He did with David and Joseph.


     Consider Job if you will. He stuck it out with God and God blessed him. Job, in my opinion, was a man who had a reasonable complaint! He went through terrible times. He lost his family, his fortune, and his cattle and got painfully sick. That doesn't sound fair, does it? But it's not about fairness. It's about TRUSTING God in the darkness. It's about developing character, regardless of the circumstances. It's about learning to wait upon God, no matter how long or hard. It's about learning to rest in God, entirely and completely. It's about learning to live above discouragement and disappointment. Why? Because these are necessary growth steps, that if faithfully journeyed through, build a deep abiding TRUST in our God!


     Yes Job went through a terrible crisis in his life that nobody could understand, just as you may be struggling with yourself. However, his ordeal caused him to get to KNOW GOD in a way that was astounding and our crosses can do the same for us. I've heard it called, the baptism of suffering. I must admit, I don't like that terminology when it applies to my life, how about you?


     So every time the, "Why Lord?" comes up in your mind, stop yourself and say, "Never mind God. You don't have to give me an explanation. You didn't explain it to David, Joseph or Job; neither do You have to explain it to me. Yes I'm hurting right now, but I know You're GOOD. I want to understand but if You choose not to explain it all to me, I'm putting all my TRUST in You anyways." We really don't have to understand everything. We would like to! But, His ways are past finding out, Job 9:10. His thoughts are not our thoughts. His ways are above our ways, Isaiah 55:8, 9.


     So let our TRUST in God help us navigate the confusing seas in all of our lives. How?


     First, we must ultimately and completely TRUST God and surrender all to him, following only in his footsteps and demonstrating His character by His grace. Never giving back the evil or the unfairness we are receiving, thus showing we depend fully upon His divine providence to see us through.


     Second, we must realize that God is going to be right there with us, looking over our shoulder and whispering the right thing to each of us. We must exercise faith; a faith that God is with us, to help us make the right decisions every step of the way. This is being like Jesus in the trial, not when we are out of the trial.


     Third, we must persevere through every situation and stabilize everything we can according to His Biblical principles.


     Fourth, we must live out God's plan of life for us, in spite of the dilemma we find ourselves in. We must do the best at what ever lies nearest in each day of our lives. We must commit all our ways to God. Every thought, every word and every action is to be under his governing suggestion. Then like David, Joseph and Job, with anticipation, we are to steadfastly expect and watch for His salvation from or through our circumstances.


     So every time you start to wonder why? Why? WHY? Every time you start to say unfair, Unfair, UNFAIR. Every time you start to say, poor me, Poor me, POOR me. Every time you start to say, I don't understand, I Don't understand, I DON'T understand. Just stop and say, "Never mind, God- "I TRUST YOU ENTIRELY!"


Trusting in Him,


Jim & Sally


Sally Hohnberger
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