August 12, 2011

What I am about to share with you is not what we came to the mountains for, it is not what we are about. Regrettably, I must confess my failure and ask each and every one of you for forgiveness. Over many years I grew very close with an individual that I came to know and work with, although there was no sexual intercourse there was inappropriate physical interactions. I humbly ask and hope you can find it in your hearts to please forgive me for discrediting the message that I preach and the hurt that this must cause to so many.


I have gone to my God, the one that I came here to find and I have asked Him for His forgiveness and His empowering grace to make me anew. He is taking me through true repentance and deep remorse and a brokenness I have never known before. Consequences have befallen me. I have withdrawn myself from ministry that I may spend the time needed in reflection, realistic self-evaluation, and getting direction from God and His Word.


I have gone to my lovely but broken-hearted wife, Sally and have asked for her forgiveness. What a woman! Strong by my side, still very much in love with me, and the most forgiving human being I have ever met in my life. I have asked forgiveness from my sons and their wives, for the disgrace that this brings upon a beautiful work, life, and our precious family.


My love for my God, my zeal for His Son, my seeking of His Holy Spirit, and my dedication to His Word is undaunted. Mistakes can break us in several ways. But this mistake is allowing God to take the axe to the very root of my fall and put an end to it. Praise God!


I know I am not deserving but I covet your prayers for me as I go through this burning of my dross that my gold may once again honor my God. Forgive me for having let you down, for having hurt those that needed to be lifted, for having marred my Heavenly Father's name and His message. Forgive me for giving His enemies cause for rejoicing, and for all those whose lives this message has touched. May my life once again give glory back to my Father.


Yours in the Christian Hope,