Walk with God!


Christianity is not your church, your knowledge, your outreach, your lifestyle, or your doctrines. Christianity is Christ in you, your only hope of glory!

Have you found a daily living experience in Jesus? Is He truly your Savior and Lord? Can the lightest whisper of Jesus reach through the busyness of your day, the self-talk going on in your head, and the bias of what you say and do?

Being born again means you daily enter into “let this mind be in you which also was in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:5). God’s mind and will always found access in Jesus’ mind and will.

As Jesus was so we are to be. Do you allow His mind and will to guide your every thought, word, and deed? He initiates, we respond. Thus we give a living testimony that a new power is in charge of our lives - the Power of the indwelling Christ.

Do others see Jesus in you? Go ahead ask your spouse, ask your siblings, ask those who know you best. All else is vanity. Lay down all other replacements and find the essence of life: Christ in you!

Empowered by Christ,

Jim & Sally

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