The Power of a Hug


Little attentions count. A gentle embrace. A sincere smile. A few words of encouragement or gratitude go such a long way.

Here's a touching, true story about the healing power of sibling love:

Kyrie and Brielle Jackson each weighed all of two pounds at birth. Though Kyrie was putting on a bit of weight in the days following her arrival, Brielle was not doing as well. She cried a great deal, leaving her gasping and blue-faced.

Brielle was having a particularly bad day. Her nurse tried everything to calm her. Nothing worked. Finally, she put Brielle in the incubator with her sister, Kyrie. Almost immediately, Brielle snuggled up to Kyrie and Kyrie threw an arm over her in an endearing embrace. Brielle’s blood-oxygen saturation levels, which had been frighteningly low, soared. She began to breathe more easily. The frantic crying stopped and her normal pinkish color quickly returned. Over the next weeks, her health improved steadily.

The babies survived their rocky beginning and in time went home with their parents. When last heard from, Brielle and Kyrie were healthy preschoolers.

Jesus preached powerful sermons and performed awesome miracles, but the greater part of His ministry was giving those little attentions. He touched people—little children, lepers, blind people, a feverish woman, his own disciples, and even the coffin of a dead man. His heart embraced the people in His life—and His words and actions showed it.

We all need these little attentions, and we need to give them, too. That’s an integral part of walking with God. Let’s not forget to embrace those whom God places in our “incubator”.

Sending you a big hug!
Jim and Sally

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