Neal Auction Results, David Amram - Rockmore Film & Upcoming July 5th eBay
Lot 873 Jim Robinson
1964 Jim Robinson at Neal Auction - Sold for $1476 on July 1st
85 Photo Shirley & Noel - ERH - together
Rockmore & Shirley looking at work circa 1985


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5 Chris David Tee Rich
Chris Davis - David Amram - Tee & Rich

We had a GREAT week as Shirley Marvin arrived for her 90th Birthday and the Summer of 2012 Rockmore Adventure. We went to her favorite Chinese Restaurant in Falmouth, MA and were joined by her younger brother, Alan Green, and his kids as well as our family.


The Rockmore Summer Adventure began with this short David Amram - Rockmore Film Trailer by Tee Marvin and now you are the first to view the HD complete David Amram - Noel Rockmore 90 minute Film. This 2011 documentary is the story of the lifelong friendship between Musician David Amram and Artist Noel Rockmore. David tells a bit of his own amazing story as he recalls his friendship with Noel and the paths that they shared throughout their lifetime. This film gives us an intimate look into the lives of Rockmore's famous parents Gladys Rockmore Davis and Floyd Macmillan Davis. Amram speaks from the loving perspective of childhood playmate, school friend, and adult professional artist. Special guest, Noel's son Chris Davis, also talks with Amram about his father, Rockmore, the genius artist!


1 90th Bday
Shirley celebrates her 90th at the Peking Palace in Falmouth, MA with her brother & family

This coming Thursday July 5th at 9PM ET on eBay, the 10 works below from the Shirley Marvin Collection below will be auctioned. Shirley Marvin actually selected the 10 works in person this week which was an exciting new part of the process. We also will now accept non PayPal payment due to the request of several regulars!


Have a GREAT 4th of July,


Rich & Tee & Shirley Marvin   


The Noel Rockmore Project Team 


 eBay Auction from the Shirley Marvin Collection

this THURSDAY July 5th at 9PM Eastern Time!

Click on the images to read more about the Rockmore work!

1 68.426 Beautiful Flowers in a Vase-SGM2
#426 Beautiful Flowers in a Vase- LARGE 19 x14 Framed
1 71.724-Mice on Fingers-SGM2
#724 Mice on Fingers - Scrapbook FRAMED


1 81.1357 The Dream Palace 58-66 - SGM
#1357 The Dream Palace 58-66 RARE Print etching
1 In the Kasbah at Night-SGM2
#289 In the Kasbah at Night- 1966 Morocco



1 71.4.716-Central Park Woman Feeding Birds -SGM2
#716 Central Park Woman Feeding Birds
1 69.500 The Bird Watcher-SGM2
#500 The Bird Watcher


1 58.36 Cat on My Porch-SGM2 & Gypsy-SGM2
1958 Coney #36 Cat on My Porch & #41 Gypsy - Noel Davis Rockmore
1 68.388 Millie-McGlades-SGM2
#388 Millie-McGlades Bar in NYC


1 54.1031 Coney Island Photographer Stand - SGM2
1954 #1031 Coney Island Photographer Stand
 - resigned 91 with note "notice way pre-pop"
1 66.7.198-French Quarter Couple with Kids -SGM2
1966 #198 French Quarter Couple with Kids

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