ci team
The London Regionals are this weekend, so here are some reminders!

  • Many of us will be meeting in the lobby of the Holiday Inn Express at 5:30pm prior to driving to Kings College for Heather's stamping event.  Please meet there if you need to carpool, etc.

  • Print out and bring along your REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION off the Stampin' Up! website and bring it with you -- it will be handy if you need it when picking up your badge on Saturday morning.
  • SEATING:  I recommend that when the doors finally open, we all head to the far/front left of the room and grab tables there.  This will help us stay together as a group and share supplies.
  • Don't forget your camera!   There will be so many projects, display boards etc that you will want to have a good memory of.
  • PLEASE wear a REAL RED shirt if possible!  The last time we had a large "Canadians, INK!" presence at the Toronto Regionals, it made it so much easier to find each other as a group and we got a fabulous picture.
  • GROUP PICTURE - please find me at the end of the Regional on Saturday afternoon.. I would very much like to take a group picture.  It should not take more than 10 minutes :)
  • GUESTS (4):  Velarie, Gayle, Nancy & Josephine:  since you have registered to attend Regionals through me, I will have a spot saved at my table for you.  Don't worry!

If you have a friend or downline who is attending the Regional, please forward this information to them as well.