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September 2011 | Issue 280

Miss & Master Pageant
Royal Court
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New England Sports
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Labor Day Weekend (3 Day Holiday Weekend)  - Summer is coming to end, but not until we play all weekend long.  Bring the family for this ultra fun weekend complete with one-pitch and volleyball tournaments.

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Massachusetts Weekend - Massachusetts campers will receive a special 25% discount on camping, RV supplies and gift merchandise.



Maine Weekend - Maine campers will receive a special 25% discount on camping,

RV supplies and gift merchandise.



Rhode Island Weekend - Rhode Island campers will receive a special 25% discount on camping, RV supplies and gift merchandise.

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September 30-October 2

Fall Weekend - Nothing says fall like beautiful New England foliage and a weekend of camping.



Columbus Day Weekend (3 Day Holiday Weekend) - Autumn in New England means apple cider and harvest fairs, brilliant foliage and crisp, sparkling air. Join us for this holiday weekend & see New England at its best. Lots of weekend activities make this a special treat!



Halloween Weekend #1 - Let us turn your terror into a treat. . . get into the 'spirit' of things with activities including costume and site decorating contests as well as a haunted house and hayride. Join us for the spookiest weekend you'll ever remember!



Halloween Weekend #2 - Let us turn your terror into a treat. . . get into the 'spirit' of things with activities including costume and site decorating contests as well as a haunted house and hayride. Join us for the spookiest weekend you'll ever remember!

Fall Planting Pointers


Compost the leaves.

Falling leaves are beautiful to look at but may seem like an inconvenience when planning your garden. Instead of bagging the leaves and leaving them out with the trash, consider collecting them and composting them to create nutrient-rich, organic soil that will be ready for use by the spring. Check out our tip on collecting leaves and how to compost them here.


Fertilize organically.  

When preparing your soil for next year, add organic, slow-release fertilizers that will help enhance your soil over time. These fertilizers are made of natural materials, contain vital nutrients to help your plants grow, and prevent plants from getting nitrogen. Most garden stores today carry a wide variety of organic fertilizers; many catalog companies also sell organic products.

Plant trees.

By the time autumn rolls around, summer heat waves are long past, rainfall is usually more plentiful, and new trees, bushes and flowers have a greater chance of surviving than they would if they were planted during a hotter season. Choose species native to your area as well as those that are drought and pest resistant and can grow in the kind of soil and amount of sunlight available on your property.

Other ideas.

If you have a vegetable or fruit garden that you want to maintain throughout the winter, consider planting root bulbs and leafcrops that will continue to produce despite the colder weather. This will work in many regions of the country, but some places might still be too cold. Building a greenhouse or a hot beds to cultivate your veggies could keep the fresh food coming throughout the winter!

Can't sustain your crops through the winter? Find local farms that do. There are Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs and farmer's markets in many cities and towns that allow farmers to sell their locally grown, fresh food all year long!


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Little Miss & Master Pageant

Congratulations to all the participants!

2011 Pageant Winners

Little Miss Winner: Shealyn Caffrey (no little master)

Junior Miss Winner Sofia Ledoux

Junior Master Winner Theodore Lucier


Royal Court

Congratulations to all the participants!



King & Queen Lou Mincelli & Anna Civatarese

Prince & Princess Dom & Cassie




Irene Update

Thank you for your patience during the recent storm. While we only lost a few trees, we lost power for several days. For those with camping reservations, we know how disappointing this was for you and your family.  We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.     


Pick Your Own Fruit
  • The Big Apple - apples, blueberries and raspberries. Wrentham, MA | 508- 384-3055
  • Tangerini's Spring Street Farm - blueberries, flowers, pumpkins, raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes, other vegetables. Millis, MA | 508-376-5024
  • Ward's Berry Farm - Blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. Sharon, MA | 781-784-3600       
  • Gianetti's U-Pick Blueberries - Franklin | 508-528-9430 
  • Story Time 
    STORY TIME at Show Case Cinema De Lux (Patriots Place)
    September 6- Meet Shrek! 11AM
    September 13- Meet Big Bird! 11AM
    September 20- Meet Barney! 11AM
    September 27- Meet Scooby Doo! 11AM
    New England Sports

    Boston Red Sox
    9/1 Red Sox VS. New York Yankees 7:10PM
    9/2 & 9/3 Red Sox VS. Texas Rangers 7:10PM
    9/4 Red Sox VS. Texas Rangers 1:35PM
    9/13 Red Sox VS. Toronto Blue Jays 7:10PM
    9/14 Red Sox VS. Toronto Blue Jays 1:35PM
    9/15- 917 Red Sox VS. Tampa Bay Rays 7:10PM
    9/18 Red Sox VS. Tampa Bay Rays 1:35PM
    9/19- 9/21 Red Sox VS. Baltimore Orioles 7:10PM 


    New England Revolution
    9/10 New England Revolution VS FC Dallas 7:30PM
    New England Patriots
    9/18 Patriots VS. San Diego Chargers 4:15 PM 


    Boston Bruins
    9/23 Boston Bruins VS New York Islanders 7PM (Pre-Season)
    9/29 Boston Bruins VS Ottawa Senators 7PM (Pre-Season)t

    August 27: Kiss 108 FM

    Birthdays & Anniversaries
    Birthday Celebrations
    Bill Heffernon 9/2, Joan Holland 9/3, Ed Leary 9/3, Ron Piazza 9/3, Tim O'Leary 9/4, Bobby Harrison 9/10, Joanne Caffrey 9/11, DeArndra Galvin 9/12, Kathy Morrow 9/16, Dolly Gilbertson 9/17, Lisa Hall 9/21, Eddie
    Doolan 9/21, Hill Shurdut 9/23, Dave Bertoldi 9/26, Jean Lincoln 9/29, Mike Fuller 9/30, Annie Kristenson 9/30

    Anniversary Celebrations

    Harold & Lillian Carpenter 9/2, Helen & Ron Piazza 9/5, Mike & Jamie Iacobacci 9/6, Shaun & Jillian Daniels 9/9, Diane & Ken Bryant 9/11, Karen & John Webster 9/14, Bill & Judy O'Connor 9/19, Jeanne & Craig Force 9/20, Wendy & Pepi Pimental 9/29

    Winter Wonderland   

    Don't miss out on our last Winter Wonderland!
    Nov 1 - Mar 31Sledding Family
    You'll change your mind about winter when you experience our seasonal package. It gives everyone a chance to do just what they want, minus the crowds. Snuggle by our cozy fire place, strap on your ice skates to enjoy our pond, or take a flying belly flop on your tube and laugh your head off down our sledding hill!


    Package Includes:

    • Enjoy a winter day nestled among the pines
    • Sledding, skating and weekend activities
    • Special holiday festivities


    $845 for UNLIMITED camping on weekends, holidays, and school vacations!  (Visits during the week are an option, just let us know so we can update your gate access card.) Price per site (electric extra) includes on site storage
    Deposit due March 1 for the following season - 5% discount if paid in full by May 1. Final payment is due by October 1st.  One months notice is required for cancellation.

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    Normandy Farms placed 3rd for the month of January.
    We look forward to providing you and your family with the finest services and amenities for a truly memorable camping experience.




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