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Tip of the Month
10 Secrets of a Well Trained Service Professional
12 Guiding Principles to Inspire
tip of the month
10 Tips for Creating Positive Momentum
  1. Take some time to clarify your desired future outcome. Success is seeing what you want and moving toward what you see.
  2. Visualize.  Use visual reminders of your intention.
  3. Set clear goals with clear timelines.
  4. Be action-oriented. Ask yourself, "How much and what kind of fun will I have with this project?"
  5. Fill your mind with inspiration.
  6. Go to seminars and attend conventions related to your goal.
  7. Take a Risk a Day.  Get out of your comfort zone.
  8. Create a Customer Focused  Environment.
  9. Consistently review your top three intentions.  (Via Customer Surveys & KPI's)
  10. Reward and Celebrate. Have Fun! 


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Ten Secrets of a Well Trained Service Professional
By Sherry Redden Evans

Customer Service Week
October 3-7, 2011
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Customer service today is so much more than just a smile. In today's market the Service Department is a complex environment and requires a service professional with multiple skill sets. So, take a moment (or the week) to Celebrate Customer Service Week with your Service Representatives! Let them know how much your organization appreciates their efforts.


  1. A Well Trained Service Representative ENJOYS working with people and solving problems. (Their secret, they like people.)
  2. Is comfortable dealing with the customers emotions and understands that the angry, upset, and emotional customer is angered by their situation, and not at them. (Their secret, they don't take it personally!)  
  3. A well trained service representative acknowledges that every customer has the right to their feelings... and understands the power of projecting EMPATHY. (Their secret, they truly care about how people feel.)
  4. They project a "can do" attitude with a smile!  (Their secret, they project a positive attitude" VS. "I can't help you - negative attitude.")
  5. The well trained service professional knows that every situation is unique to that specific customer. (Their secret, they may have heard it 100 times that day, but they always project interest and they don't interrupt the customer.)  
  6. A well trained service representative takes OWNERSHIP. (Their secret, they own the problem they do not try to "pass" the customer off to another person or department.)
  7. A well trained service representative is aware how to actively listen to solve problems. (Their secret, they know how to stay focused, listen, ask the right questions and not jump to conclusions.)
  8. A well trained service representative uses their communication skills (written, verbal, questioning techniques, listening skills and problem solving skills) to interact with customers over the telephone, face to face, email, and all social media interaction. (Their secret, they truly understand the power of excellent communication, people and listening skills.)
  9. A well trained service representative communicates and interacts well with their co-workers, other departments and management. (Their secret, they understand that we all are in this together. They partner with their managers and doesn't involve themselves with gossip or negative vibes.)
  10. They understand that customer service has a major impact on the organization. (Their secret, understand the importance of a professional, friendly, knowledgeable, confident and empowered front line.)

Bonus Tip for Management: It's a simple FACT - a well  trained service representative is as equally IMPORTANT and has the same IMPACT on the organization as a great marketing campaign can have on the bottom line.  


12 Guiding Principles to Inspire Your Staff
By Sherry Redden Evans


If you sense people are uninspired and off balance they probably are. Our jobs as leaders is to inspire the very best from our teams.  In my job, I visit with organizations
around the country.  I've seen the good, the bad and the down right depressing.  When I come across a team who is so full of positive energy and open to growing and true team players, I stop and asked them and their managers what they are doing right.   I've prepare a list of twelve guiding principles that I heard over and over from managers.  If you are already doing these things, congratulations!  If there are some items on the list that you are not doing, don't look backward, start from this day forward and try adding them to your management arsenal.  
  1. Provide and encourage training and self development opportunities. 
  2. Reward behaviors NOT just numbers!
  3. Understand coaching is NOT counseling
  4. We are responsible for our OWN development. (Meaning you set expectations, but the employee must own the responsibility for their actions.)
  5. Make sure your management style focuses on what went right, NOT just what went wrong.   
  6. Provide opportunity:
    • Cross training
    • Off site training workshops
    • Opportunity to sit on committee (to provide opportunity to show their talents
    • Attend conferences, visit customers.
  7. Make your rewards program simple and easy to understand.
  8. Get employees involved in designing and running the program.
  9. Make it fun! 
  10. Learn to partner with your employees!  
  11. You truly are in it together!  Stay focused on team building.
  12. And remember, "none of us is as good as all of us!"