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June 2012 Issue


Our Mission Statement:
TP provides superior quality assurance programs and services to the forest products industry. This is accomplished by providing timely, cost effective services, thorough and accurate inspections, and exemplary customer service.
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 IPPC Mark





    Stamp Legibility




A recent issue occurred overseas where a pallet and the product on it were quarantined. The reason was that one of the two IPPC marks that were stamped on the pallet was not completely readable. A good rule of thumb when determining legibility of marks on any WPM is that if you can't read it, assume the customs officials overseas won't be able to read it, and remark the WPM. ALSC WPM Enforcement Regulations (5.6.6 - require all IPPC marks on WPM to have the full stamp information on it. This includes:

  • The IPPC wheat symbol.
  • The two letter ISO country abbreviation.
  • The wood packing facility number.
  • The treatment type (HT or MB).
  • The agency trademark or logo.

Following this will help to prevent having to deal with upset customers and the difficult and expensive prospect of getting WPM and product out of quarantine at an overseas port.

HT Chamber 
    Keeping HT Records





If you are heat treating WPM, it is very important to maintain accurate and up-to-date records that verify conformance to ALSC regulations for heat treated material. According to ALSC WPM Enforcement Regulations (8.b.iii), non-conforming records will be cause for the costly retreatment of any related WPM before they can be marked and will also cause increased agency inspections. It is in the best interest of every facility with a heat chamber to make sure the person maintaining these records fully understands how to properly operate their heat chamber and how to record for review all charges going into it. The requirements related to heat chambers is in Section 8 of the ALSC WPM Enforcement Regulations. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this matter.

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