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Three out of the four Final Four Schools sent teams on
CC International projects.VCU and Butler each sent a team to help with Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration and UConn sent two teams, and they're our national champions!


Coincidence? You tell us!

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What happens when 756 volunteers representing 37 colleges and universities show up to work on the restoration of 
Florida's Gulf Coast?
  • 32 Miles of hiking trail restored
  • 15 Parks restored or refurbished
  • 1736 New trees planted
  • 18 Acres of dunes preserved
  • 3426 Native plants planted
  • 122 Elementary students tutored
  • 6 Homes painted or renovated
  • 2 Acres of landscaping completed
  • 22070 Pounds of invasive vegetation removed
  • 16 Acres of land cleared of unwanted brushor exotic vegetation
  • 926 Feet of boardwalks built or repaired
  • 28627 Feet of coastal shoreline restored or protected
  • 27 Acres of wildlife habitats restored or protected
  • 11 Wildlife species protected or assisted
  • 3766 Feet of stream beds/riverbeds or riverbanks/stream banks restored
  • 68 Informative signs built, painted, or installed
  • 724 Feet of protective fencing built or repaired
  • 3 Buildings, structures, or facilities demolished

The Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Project was a great success and we are now accepting volunteer teams for Winter 2011 and Spring of 2012 .

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Volunteers in New Orleans enjoy the kids and the community


Over 100 volunteers participated in the Katrina's Kids project in New Orleans. They worked with Head Start programs and other projects focused on early childhood education. 


We are proud to report that in our participant survey volunteers rated the Quality of Service Projects 3.57 out of a possible 4. 

( I wish my GPA was that good !)kat


"I really enjoyed the whole experience, there wasn't anything big I would change. The coordinators were very welcoming and the children were awesome."


"I learned about the culture in the south and the importance of community service in an area like New Orleans."


The Katrina's Kids Project was a great success and we are now accepting volunteer teams for Winter 2011 and Spring of 2012. 


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CC International has won awards and been recognized for disaster relief work in New Orleans, Mississippi, Galveston, Florida and Atlanta. Experience has taught us that volunteers can do the most good where they are needed most. For this reason, CC International chooses its Primary Disaster Relief project site at the end of US hurricane season. 


We do a thorough assessment of communities recently impacted by disaster to determine where volunteers can do the most good. We then work with the American Red Cross and other partners to organize and support incoming volunteer teams from schools around the country, providing food, lodging, and project coordination. 


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International Projects

Volunteers in Latin America clean up after a volcano, help sea turtles, and support Fair Trade farming communities

This past winter and spring two teams helped the community of San Miguel Escobar in Guatemala recovering from the Pacaya volcano eruption followed by Tropical Storm Agatha's heavy rains .  The rains loosened a massive amount of soil, rocks, and trees near the volcano's crater that slid downhill. 



"This organization is so innovative and caring - inspiration is just an understatement on how we feel about them. They've actually inspired us to work on an ongoing project to donate Spanish books to their schools right now. Their impact on our views on the world, on community service and humanitarianism, is so great that we really think about their views and attitudes all the time whenever we volunteer. The city (San Miguel Escobar) that we worked in was so friendly and welcoming, it made us miss Guatemala so much. 

Steve has been so helpful in organizing this trip for us. He really listened to all of our concerns, answered and our questions quickly."

-- Brian Nuyen 
(Guatemala trip leader UC San Diego March 2010)


Volunteer teams built homes and worked on a new school. Teams also worked with sea turtles in Costa Rica and worked with Fair Trade farming communities.

CC International will continue to send volunteer teams to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico completing a variety of human service and environmental projects this coming winter and spring.  



CC International's goal is to serve and support your volunteer team so you can focus on serving the community. Let us know what you want accomplish during your winter or spring break and we can work together to make it happen. 


Visit our website to learn more about our domestic and international project opportunities.

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