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July 2012  


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Our Product, Your Comfort 

This month, we would like to focus our enews on one of our most popular garment lines, the Comfort™. Recently, we have been receiving a lot of questions regarding our Comfort line, so we figured we would take this opportunity to give all of our eNews readers some further information regarding the Comfort and its history.


Developed and introduced by Dr. Tony Reid, the Comfort was introduced in the late 1990's. Peninsula BioMedical was the first garment manufacturer to develop a compression sleeve that featured an inner foam liner which incorporated an outer sleeve to provide compression, called the PowerSleeve. The Comfort foam liner utilizes our patented Tissue Gradient Technology™, developed for the original ReidSleeve� Classic, but made with a lighter-weight foam and no straps. This made for a lighter, cooler compression sleeve with an additional ease of application, while still maintaining the effectiveness of the Tissue Gradient Technology. In fact, Penrose Hospital released an independent clinical study of the Comfort in 2002 with fantastic results. Read the study results here, please take note at the time the Comfort was named the Contour, the name has changed but product remains the same.


The Comfort sleeve has long been praised for its design features, but many therapists are surprised to learn how cost-effective the line is as well. The Comfort is a hand-made, custom fit garment with exceptional durability, that is offered at up to half the price of its comparable garments in the market!


Clinical studies have proven its effectiveness, time has proven its durability and Peninsula BioMedical is proud to offer the Comfort at a very affordable cost. Simply put, the Comfort is the best in its class.

NHF Logo 
This month's Noble Heart Fund recipient is shown below wearing an upper Opera�.


The Noble Heart Fund is designed to help those in need with their night-time compression. When we find a patient who fits the criteria for the Noble Heart Fund, they are provided a night-time compression sleeve either free of cost or at a highly discounted price.

Ask Kelly

Hi Kelly,

I am guessing by the name that your OptiFlow RM is a Ready-Made garment and not custom. Can you confirm that this is an off-the-shelf garment and advise on sizing?  I am not sure I would fit into the OTS, how large a circumference for the calf would it accommodate?  I have a large calf and fear I may need a custom garment.  I have a hard time finding stockings.  My calf is 46cm.

Thanks in advance!

Dear Jane,

You are correct, the RM in the name stands for Ready-Made and it is an off-the-shelf compression garment.  The calf area goes up to 50.8 cm so you likely would fit in the standard sizing.  Please call me toll free 1-800-293-3362 or email me via this link and I can get you the measuring chart.  Take the chart to your therapist or health care provider to make sure that all areas fit.  The OptiFlow� RM is an inexpensive option and it ships the same day it's ordered as it's a stock item!

Thanks for your question and I look forward to assisting you further!


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