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Lymphedema eNews

June 2011

Peninsula Medical, Inc



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Noble Heart Fund

Peninsula Medical is proud to put a name on our charitable services.  We have quietly provided compression sleeves to patients for well over a decade who fit a specific criteria. We have done so either free of charge, or at a heavily discounted price.


We wanted to bring more attention to this service in hopes we can reach out to more patients in need. So while the service may not be new to Peninsula Medical, the name is.


The Noble Heart Fund is designed to help those in need with their night-time compression. When we find a patient who fits the criteria for The Noble Heart Fund, they are provided a night-time compression sleeve either free of cost or at a highly discounted price.


Under the spot light this month, this photo is our first Noble Heart Fund recipient since adopting the name. The pink full length ReidSleeve Classic has filled her need for night-time compression, a necessity in her home maintenance that she otherwise would not have been able to afford.


We think the matching dog harness is pretty cute too. :)


Noble Heart Fund Recipient
The Jazz™ - Lower Extremity

As we shared in our last newsletter, our newest product is The Jazz. The Jazz comes is a custom product that is offered in upper and lower extremity versions.

Newest Product - The Jazz!Here we show the lower version with the patented* PowerSleeve® applied. The lower extremity can be manufactured with or without a foot. If the sleeve has a foot included, for customer safety, the PowerSleeve will include anti-skid material. However, with or without this material, walking in the sleeve is not recommended when a foot is included. 


For more information, photos and to view available PowerSleeve colors, follow this link.


* U.S. Patent No. 6,656,141 / 7,584,755) 

New Videos - OptiFlow® RM Foot 


We continue to add to our video line up available online. We have just added two new videos for the OptiFlow® RM foot. These videos demonstrate the application and removal of the product.


 OptiFlow RM FootOptiFlow RM Foot   

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