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SmartScaping and Water Conservation 


SAVE THE DATE: Designing DFW with Jocelyn White 


Benefits of a Good Irrigation System


March To-Do List


 Water Conservation & Management Resources


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MarchLet Us Check Off
Your March Landscape
To-Do List:




* Clean out beds completely of weeds, leaves and debris.


* Have irrigation systems installed or serviced to save money by watering efficiently; adjust watering schedule to allow for spring rainfall.


* Get control of the weeds now! Keep up with your weeding and fertilizing to minimize future summer weeds and grasses; replenish mulch to control weeds and keep soil moist.


* Plant new trees, shrubs and perennials at this time; explore spring color options.


* Trim and treat summer blooming trees and bushes to optimize growth; do not trim spring blooming trees as it is too late in the season.


* Place annuals and new colors in beds.





Design Services:
Landscape design plan with the construction of an outdoor living project of $15k or more


Illumination Services: 
Buy 10 lights and get 1 light free


Irrigation Services:
$99 Irrigation Checks


Seasonal Services:
Free Seasonal Color with $5000 Landscape Installation Scheduled (Up to 20 Flats)  


Water Conservation:
Free UgMO Sensor with New UgMO Installation of $999+ 
Please contact Complete Landsculpture for complete details of monthly specials and offers.
Valid for contracts signed March 1, 2012 through March 31, 2012.  Only 1 promotional offer allowed per residence per month.  offer nor valid on previous services, solutions, proposals or agreements.



Homeowner's Guide to Water-Efficient Landscapes 


Mulching Tips To Keep Plants Green And Save Water




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ReadyforSpringComplete Landsculpture is Ready for Spring!  Are You?


It's beginning to feel like spring! The trees, lawns and flowers in our area are coming back to life.  For some, spring means cleaning out the house and getting a fresh start.  For Complete Landsculpture and our clients, spring means that it is time to start taking stock of what has been going on with our properties over the winter and clearing out what the cold has left behind.  


It's time to rediscover the wonderful landscapes and gardens that we all love so much and make our outdoor areas an oasis to enjoy during this wonderful time.  Spring is Mother Nature's way of saying get outside and begin discovering what beauties are blooming!


I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden.  - Ruth Stout


Let Complete Landsculpture help make your landscape and outdoor areas a paradise this spring.  We are here and ready to help you with all of your landscape and outdoor living needs- from garden and lawn maintenance to irrigation systems, pools and outdoor living construction.  We can ensure that your home looks its best throughout the spring.  Contact us today for a free consultation to get your landscape ready for spring.



-The Complete Landsculpture Team


SmartScapeSpringSmartScaping and Water Conservation 



SmartScaping creates a lush and colorful oasis while reducing water usage and harsh chemicals in your landscape.  It uses native vegetation and plants that have been adapted to this climate to create a landscape that needs less water, pesticides and fertilizer.  March is SmartScape month and Complete Landsculpture can show you the ways to design, install and maintain your landscape this spring to help reduce water usage and help your plants and trees survive and even thrive throughout some of the harsh conditions in our area. 


As we all know, droughts occur throughout this region.  Trying to maintain a traditional, non-drought tolerant landscapunder harsh conditions requires large amounts of water and can get very expensive for homeowners.  But we don't have to give up the lush landscapes we love.  By choosing to use plants and trees that have adapted to this region, we can enjoy beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees this spring and all year 'round.


Another key element to great SmartScapes and water conservation efforts is having an efficient irrigation system.  With regional water restrictions in place, water conservation efforts are more critical to our area than ever before.  Professionals like Complete Landsculpture's certified irrigation team can monitor irrigation systems for leaks, clogs and breakdowns and adjust the programming on your system.  You may also look into the use of automatic moisture sensor systems.  These systems will trigger sprinkler operations only when soil moisture falls below a certain level.


While you are preparing for your spring landscape, consider a SmartScape or adding some of the elements of SmartScaping and Water Conservation into your landscaping plan.  


Designing DFW with Jocelyn White featuring 

Complete Landsculpture & Gene Freeman



Gene Freeman, co-owner of Complete Landsculpture, will once again be featured on the Sunday, March 11 airing of Designing DFW with Jocelyn White.  The segment will focus on SmartScaping and Water Conservation and how to create a unique and beautiful landscape and outdoor area for your home through the use of SmartScaping elements.  Learn how simple features such as native and adapted plant material and efficient watering methods can make your landscape an easier and more environmentally friendly space to enjoy.


Designing DFW with Jocelyn White airs on WFAA Channel 8 (ABC) in Dallas.  If you watch the upcoming show on Sunday, March 11 at 11:00 a.m., let us know what you think on our Facebook or Twitter page.  We love to hear from our family and friends!


BenefitBenefits of a Good Irrigation System



One of the best ways to provide your plants and grass with the care they need is through watering. Unfortunately, hand watering is the most time consuming and labor intensive method of watering. For that reason, a well installed and maintained irrigation system is efficient and can give your garden and lawn many years of life and beauty.


Although there are many types of irrigation systems, the best and preferred system is called an overhead irrigation system, which applies the water over an area of landscape.  Water is not directly applied to the root  of the plant material, but rather, falls on the plants similar to rain.


Some of the benefits of a good, professional irrigation system include:

  • Improved aesthetics of your landscape
  • Healthier plants
  • Reduced water use and costs (efficient irrigation results in less water use)
  • Reduced use of chemicals (disease and pest problem arise with improper watering)
  • Reduced run-off (water does not stay with the landscape and runs-off)

Contact Complete Landsculpture's Irrigation Team today at 214-358-5296  for a free consultation or  visit us online and fill out a 'Contact Us' form and we will set a time to meet and discuss all of your irrigation and landscape maintenance needs.


Complete Landsculpture is an award-winning, full-service landscape architecture firm offering comprehensive, innovative and creative solutions for residential and commercial outdoor needs since 1985. Complete Landsculpture serves the Dallas/ Fort Worth and Oklahoma City metro areas and prides itself on the professional, dependable and exceptional services and expertise. Complete Landsculpture has a unique insight into creating and preserving resources essential to appreciating the luxuries of nature- Creating a Complete Outdoor Experience.




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