Pegasus Rising November 2010

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Pegasus Rising Partners with USC &
Veterans Village of San Diego
Kudos and thanks to all of the dozen or so Pegasus volunteers who participated in our August 21, 2010 event with USC's School of Military Social Work as it has resulted in a formal tri-party collaboration with USC and the Veterans Village of San Diego (VVSD).

 USC's School of Military Social Work
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On November 7, 2010 we trained six student interns who are working at the VVSD. These student interns are visiting Pegasus once a week though early December along with their VVSD veterans to work with Pegasus in our equine-assisted therapy sessions. In the first quarter of 2011, we will be expanding this collaboration so that we can train as many of the 30+ student interns who work at the VVSD as possible, and in turn, provide our services to an even greater number of the VVSD veterans!

Equine-Assisted Therapy Program Expanded to Civilians
We just concluded our first civilian equine-assisted therapy sessions with Heidi Lerner, who is a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivor.  Heidi also happens to be one of our very own volunteers!  Heidi runs a mentor program designed for recent TBI survivors and has published a book entitled "Gray Matters".  An interview featuring Heidi will be posted on our website toward the end of the year.  Be sure to check back! 

Pegasus Rising Collaborates with Cal State San Marcos
Cal State San MarcosPegasus is working with Cal State San Marcos Professor Pam Godde and her 30 students (comprised mostly of nursing students). Professor Godde teaches an upper division Medical Anthropology course which focuses on the different cultures around the world and their alternative methods for healing. 

Pegasus is firmly committed to collaborating with San Diego based educational institutions to tap into the next generation of mental health professionals and healers so that equine assisted therapy will no longer be viewed as experimental or an alternative, outside the box method of healing.

Western University Students Return to Pegasus For Dental Care
Shortly after the Pegasus herd's arrival in San Diego in November, 2008, Western University gelded all of our stallions and floated the teeth of our herd members. This month, the vet students are returning to float teeth. Dr. Elizabeth Schilling is primarily responsible for overseeing these veterinary students. In addition, our herd's pro bono veterinarian, Dr. Mark Silverman, and Dr. Margaret Barr (who is a professor at Western University as well as a member of our Board of Directors) are providing their invaluable assistance in this endeavor. We are grateful for the dedicated time and support of these professionals as it is essential for the health of our herd.

Pegasus Rising Awarded Pacific Rim Education Foundation Grant
Pegasus has been awarded a $5,000 grant by the Pacific Rim Education Foundation to help with
the costs associated with running both our equine-assisted therapy sessions and Horse Interaction Program.  We welcome and appreciate any information/leads and/or assistance from anyone who may have awareness of available corporate, academic and/or governmental grants.

August 28, 2010 Fundraiser a Huge Success
Pegasus WineWe raised just under $10,000 via our First Annual Wine & Feed Fundraiser at the Carlsbad Wine
Merchants where 65 plus attendees enjoyed wine and appetizers along with approximately 30
separate great prizes that were given away!

Everyone had such a great time that we plan on

holding the second annual event next year at the same venue in August/September and will keep
you apprised.   
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Closing Thoughts From Our President
The 2010 calendar year has been an exciting and productive one to say the least! Pegasus is proud of the collaborative relationships it has been able to establish with both military and educational institutions throughout Southern California. To name a few, we are now working with USC, the Veterans Village of San Diego, Western University College of Veterinary Medicine and Cal State San Marcos.

While these accomplishments are quite meaningful, the need to raise funds is acute as we rely solely on the generosity of our donors and our all volunteer staff to keep our project on course. Please find it in your hearts to continue to donate to our worthy cause and spread the word to your friends, family and colleagues. With your generous support, our herd will be able to heal approximately five hundred to a thousand returning combat veterans (and their family members) during the 2011 calendar year!

With gratitude,

Gary Adler,
President & CEO
The Pegasus Rising Project

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