Webinar Invitation - Discover the BloodScan(TM) Difference

Discover The BloodScan™ Difference


An event that will change the way you practice



Lee Reinhart, Managing Director

PikLife Group North America, Enterprises Inc. 

[email protected] 


1 250 818 9118



Wednesday February 16, 2011

7:00 PM EST / 4:00 PM PST


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During this event you will hear first hand from the experts how BloodScan(TM) can make a significant difference to your practice.  




This event is also your opportunity to interact with and ask questions from our expert panel



Next Training Session is Scheduled for

March 30th ~ April 3rd, 2011

Toronto, CA 














BloodScan™ is an Innovation In Metabolic and  Nutritional Profiling


BloodScan™  is a highly sophisticated interactive metabolic and nutritional profiling system.  Designed to give practitioners the most up to date assessment of a patient's wellbeing, thereby enabling the practitioner to target and treat dis-ease more effectively.


Unlike orthodox blood pathology methods and other live blood analysis systems, BloodScan's patented system combines several blood sampling protocols into one unique blood testing system.  Supported by our proprietary reporting software which provides an unequalled visual experience for practitioners and their clients. An experience that ultimately leads to improved patient compliance and greater demand for practitioner service. 


BloodScanis a unique product for Practitioners who want to:


   increase profits

   keep up with the latest advances in diagnostic technology

   gain a market edge over their competitors

   incorporate a proven health benchmarking tool

     improve patient compliance

   easily track patient progress




GaryMeet our Founder and the creator of the BloodScan™ technology. DR GARY JACKSON, PhD. MD(AM). ND. Adv Dip Hyp. will share with you the concepts and thinking behind the development of this amazing technology.   

Dr Jackson will share with you not only the power and benefits of BloodScan™ as a pre-clinical assessment tool but also as a monitoring tool to assess the effectiveness of treatment options.





DR SHELLY WADENHP RAc COM  is the founder and Principle of Island Integrative Health Clinic in Victoria BC.  Dr Wade is dedicated to helping people achieve their wellness objectives by combining education and experience that encompasses traditional Eastern, Alternative, and conventional Western philosophies. 

Dr Wade introduced BloodScan™ into her clinic in July 2008 and will share with you how she has successfully incorporated BloodScan™ to benefit her clients and her business.



AlDR AL GERRETSEN  DDS is the President and Founder of Master Minds Marketing. Dr Gerretsen is a highly respected and sought after mentor, business coach and presenter.

Dr Gerretsen will discuss with you the financial benefits of introducing BloodScaninto your practice as well as guide you through some simple techniques to help you build your business using BloodScan as a value add tool.




Whilst BloodScan™ does not diagnose disease, it does identify subtle changes before they manifest as symptoms.  BloodScan™  offers practitioners an unrivaled look into the status of the current wellbeing of a patient.