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TRAINING SCHEDULE                                              Jan/Feb 2011
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January 19th ~ 23rd, 2011 TORONTO, ON CANADA 

February 2nd ~ 6th, 2011 VANCOUVER, BC CANADA

February 16th ~ 20th, 2011 LOS training 2ANGELES, CA USA

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Training Programs also available in AUSTRALIA, SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, & SOUTH AFRICA 
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Financing Options are available for all Healthcare Practitioners, OAC with 10% down payment.
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The BloodScan™ Certification Program is the ONLY Accredited Training Program of its kind available worldwide, and the ONLY product on the market that carries its (OAMPS) MALPRACTICE INSURANCE CODE.

BloodScan™ offers several levels of professional training to suitably qualified indviduals.

Our unique and comprehensive training programs incorporate practical and Computer Based Training (CBT) theoretical training in all aspects of the BloodScan™ systems.  Our training courses have been developed to meet the strict criteria as set out for competency based outcome education. And, in conjunction with an Australian Registered Training Organization (RTO), our training is Nationally accredited.

On completion of the CBT theory training program students are required to sit theory assesments to ensure that they fulfill our competency criteria prior to undertaking our intensive practical sessions.


The BloodScan™ Certified Practitioner training program incorporates more than 50 hours of training in all aspects of the BloodScan Orthomolecular assesment systems including:  how to use and care for your microscope, how to correctly take a blood sample, live blood assessment, dark field, bright field, phase contrast (optional), stained blood, assessment of white blood cells, layered dried Blood, assessment for levels of oxidative stress and congestion, how to use the microscope image capture software, how to use the BloodScan™ on-line analysis and reporting system, and how to upload data to the BloodScan™ servers.  

Training consists of comprehensive on-line theory components combined with a 5 day intensive practical workshop. 


Complete 'Professional Training Package' includes

 training kit

Certified BloodScan™Practitioner Training

BloodScan™ Professional Microscope (1 year warranty)

BloodScan™ Microscope Case

2.0 Digital Camera

BloodScan™Configured Laptop Computer (15" monitor)

Laptop Computer Carrying Case

22" External LCD Monitor

BloodScan™ Consumables Storage Case

BloodScan™ Consumables Package

Set of Seven (7) Color Printed Manuals (also available online)

BloodScan™ Patented Reporting Software

Six (6) Months Access to BloodScan™ Reporting System

Two (2) BloodScan™ Labcoats

BloodScan™ Graphics & Marketing Package

Lifetime Practitioner Support

Morning Tea, Healthy Lunch, and Afternoon Tea Daily 


BloodScan™ also offers its training as Independent Modules.

Due to increased competition in the market place practitioners are losing market share and ultimately profits.


Practitioners are looking for products and services that will

       add value

       provide a unique market advantage for their business

       increase profitability

       are ethically and scientifically valid

       cost effective to implement 


As a result,

-  patients are more informed and want to have more input about their treatment options

-  patients look at convenience (the one stop shop approach to health care)



BloodScan™ is a product that is positioned to add value to your business. BloodScan™  successfully satisfies growing demand by health practices to add exciting additional services to their product offerings.


Our experience has shown that BloodScan™is an exciting and profitable additional service opportunity for a businesses currently positioned in the health care sector, such as


Health and Fitness Centers

Naturopathic, Homoeopathic, Chiropractic Practices

Medical Practices

Wellness Resorts and Medi-Spas

Colleges of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine

Corporate Wellness Providers



"We added BloodScan™ to our practice in 2005. We saw immediate results with our patients and to our bottom line simply by offering a BloodScan to our existing patients.  We increased our net profit by 40% in the 1st year.


(Naturopathic Health and Education Centre Perth Australia)



Unlike other Live Blood analysis systems, the  patented system uses live, stained and dried blood sampling combined with our proprietary reporting software to provide a comprehensive and unequalled visual experience for practitioners and their clients.  An experience that ultimately leads to improved patient compliance and greater demand for practitioner services.  BloodScan™ is a diagnostic test, NOT a treatment.


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The BloodScan™ report offer a comprehensive set of nutritional recommendations that are fully referenced and supported by medical, scientific and clinical research.






"Aging is now understood to be a culmination of oxidative damage which causes the cell to fail.

Managing the aging process is a matter of reducing the oxidative damage, through lifestyle and diet..."


Professor Denham Harman 


For more information on BloodScan™ Training or to request an Enrolment Kit,
please email us at [email protected] or call us direct at 1 877 253 7226.
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