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October 30, 2012
HCM Webinar (Lexington and Louisville)


November 8, 2012
KYSITE Annual Meeting
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The Changing Face of Transportation


Happy October!

James Taylor - October Road


October is a great month --changing leaves, Halloween, baseball playoffs, football (college and pro), pumpkin picking, fall festivals...the list can go on and on. 


This newsletter includes: 

  • 2nd Fall HCM Webinar
  • KYSITE Annual Meeting Top 10
  • How to Get Information from KYSITE
  • An Example of What Not to Do
  • Staying Home on Fridays
  • News in Design
  • Quote of the Day
  • Weird Signs
  • Quick Hits 
  • Bicycle Safety

Let us know if you need anything from KYSITE.


- KYSITE Officers

KYSITE Fall Webinar - Part 2

We had a pretty good turnout at this past Tuesday's firstPart2  webinar opportunity.  Thanks to those that came out!   


The second webinar is Tuesday, October 30 (Freeway Facility Method Applications).  The cost is $10 / person.


For more information and to RSVP (which will work this time), please go to this link.

Top 10 List: KYSITE Annual Meeting

By now, you should have Thursday, November 8 on your calendar for the KYSITE Annual Meeting.  Below is a list of the Top Ten reasons why you should attend:


10. Tour of Buffalo Trace Distillery:  Find out why the bourbon trail is gaining in popularity.


9. Installation of New KYSITE Officers: Find out who will be running the show next year!


8. Central Location: Buffalo Trace in Frankfort is a relatively easy drive for most of our membership. 


7. KYSITE Awards: Come see your colleagues recognized for going above and beyond for our organization.


6. SDITE / GLDITE 2012 Re-cap: This will be our last celebration for the success that was the 2012 SDITE / GLDITE Joint Annual Meeting.  This includes a recognition of the Local Arrangements Committee.


5. See Old and New Friends: The technical stuff is great, but hanging out and catching up with your peers is better!


4. Good Food: Lindsay has worked hard to find the best caterer for this event.  You won't be disappointed with the food selections.


3. Good Drinks: We are allowed to bring our own drinks in this year so expect an expanded drink menu.


2. The Music of the Dilemma Zone: You saw them in April in Lexington at the SDITE / GLDITE Officers' Reception, and now, back by popular demand, we present the Dilemma Zone for your entertainment.




1. Silent Auction: There is not a better combination of bidding on great auction items and having those proceeds help fund our scholarship program.  Bring those checkbooks and shop early for the holidays.


For more information, including agenda, menu, etc., click here

Getting Information from KYSITE

This newsletter is a great way to disseminate information tosocial_media_6  our membership.  However, with a set schedule of distribution for every two weeks, new events and announcements may occur between publications.  That's why we have a new website / blogsite that can help fill you in on information that you might want to see.


Please consider:


RSS Feeds: If you aren't familiar with RSS feeds and you RSSuse  MS Outlook, please consider this opton.  You will received a note in a folder in Outlook everytime our website is updated.  To subscribe, go to and click on "RSS-Posts" under RSS Feeds on the right side of our front page.


Facebook: We realize many of you use Facebook forfacebook3  personal matters and we understand that. However, 'liking' our page is a great way to check out an announcement about KYSITE while enjoying your favorite social networking site.  Check us out and like us!


Twitter: Another great social networking option is Twitter.  Follow us @kysite to get information from us.


Everytime our website is updated, a link is sent to each of the features above.


And don't worry -- we will still use our email system ( to communicate important messages to you.


Don't Do This!!!

A crosswalk in South Loop Chicago: 




Thanks to Caroline Duffy for passing this along!

Another Excuse to Stay Home on Friday?

Very few people really want to work on a Friday.  Accordingcrash5  to this article, Fridays are the most dangerous day of the week to commute to work. But if you do have to work on Friday, BE CAREFUL!!  


Thanks to Paul Slone for passing this along!

News In Design
By: Billy Garrison (GRW)



Keith Platte of AASHTO returns for the October edition of News in design. This video will feature a segment on an innovative consultant evaluation program that KYTC is using. To watch, click here.

Quote of the Day



Weird Signs
Quick Hits






Bicycle Safety 
A columnist in New York City wrote an interesting opinionhelmets  piece about not wearing helmets while riding a bike.  Check it out. 
Editor's Note: I debated on whether to include a link to this opinion piece in the newsletter.  However, for the sake of generating some discussion, I decided to include it.  The article in no way reflects my personal or professional opinion, nor does KYSITE / ITE endorse the views in the article.  Want to talk about it more? Leave a comment on our website.
In the Next Edition... 
Coming Soon  

- Final details about the KYSITE Annual Meeting on November 8th


- More transportation fun!


Thanks for your continued support of KYSITE!  

2012 KYSITE Board; and

Scott Walker, Editor