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The Changing Face of Transportation


Happy Summer!  


Contrary to the movie title, summer only has around 90 days.500 Days  If I recall correctly, the movie is pretty good.  Watch at your own risk -- it's a PG-13 movie.


It's hard to believe the kid from 3rd Rock from The Sun and 10 Things I Hate About You has grown up.  It's also interesting that many of his movies have numbers in the title.


This newsletter features: 

  • Update on Website Update
  • Quiz Results
  • Big River Band @ Red Mile
  • Weird Signs
  • Motorcycle Safety
  • Quick Hits

Let us know if you need anything from KYSITE -- we're here to help! 


- KYSITE Officers

Update on the Update


As noted in the last newsletter, is undergoing awebsite update major overhaul.  The new site will be much more modern and will focus on increasing communication with our membership. The site will be based on a blog template and will interface with social media almost seemlessly.  Therefore, if you're on Facebook or Twitter, you should find this beneficial.  If you simply like to view the site without all that social media nonsense, we've got you covered on that as well.


Keep your eyes open -- we hope to make it 'live' by late July (or maybe sooner??).

Quiz Follow-up: Can You Name these Signs?


Based on the reports from our newsletter service, the signaverage joes quiz was very popular.  Therefore, we know that serveral of you tooks the quiz.  However, only four of you had the courage to post your score.  The average was 7.75 out of twelve, which is roughly 75%.  According to the site, if you got eight right, "you can work at the BMV" (assuming that's the Ohio Bureau of Motorized Vehicles).


Since the rest of you didn't let us know, we can assume you had five or less right.  In that case, "you need to return to drivers ed".

SDITE / GLDITE 2012: Big River Band

Did you go to the 2012 SDITE / GLDITE ABD Event at the Red Mile?  If so, you probably enjoyed the Big River Band's performance.  If not, you missed out on some good music, good food, and some good races (oddly enough -- there weren't any horses running that night). 


The band featured a special guest, "Slick" Joe Fick, also known as the "energizer bunny' of slap bass.  His solo at the end of the night was amazing. 


Here are a few videos of the Big River Band's perfomance.


Big River - cover by Big River Band w/Joe Fick
Big River - cover by Big River Band w/Joe Fick



Keep Your Hands To Yourself - cover by Big River Band w/Joe Fick
Keep Your Hands To Yourself - cover by Big River Band w/Joe Fick



Working Man Blues - cover by Big River Band w/Joe Fick
Working Man Blues - cover by Big River Band w/Joe Fick
Motorcycle Safety In The Summer
By: Billy Garrison (GRW)

As the temperature rises, more people will be riding their motorcycles. The motorcycle is the most dangerous vehicle on the road so, it brings up many concerns for drivers of cars and riders. This article gives safety advice for both riders and drivers. Click here.


[Editor's Note: The picture itself (with snow) is contrary to the article title, but the bike was too cool not to keep in!]

Weird Signs
Quick Hits





And, finally, speaking of weird signs:
      In the Next Edition... 
Coming Soon 

- More announcements!

- New Website Preview??

Thanks for your continued support of KYSITE!  

2012 KYSITE Board; and

Scott Walker, Editor