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April 15 - 18: 2012 SDITE / GLDITE Joint Annual Meeting


June 6: KYSITE Golf Outing

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The Changing Face of Transportation


The 2012 SDITE / GLDITE Joint Annual Meeting is almost here.  This newsletter is a little light as most of our "staff" are busy with meeting-related activities.


In this edition:


- Final Reminder for SDITE / GLDITE

- Transportation Haiku

- Weird Signs

- UK Traffic Bowl Team Preview


Contact us at with any questions or comments!  


- KYSITE Officers  

Final Reminder: SDITE / GLDITE


The is the final time you will see a reminder to non_rect_logoregister for the 2012 Joint District Meeting that starts on Sunday. 


Be prepared for some followup in the next few editions, including photos of the festivities.


We hope to see you there! 


Transportation Haiku


This week's haiku (from the New York City Department of Transportation):  



 If you have a haiku you would like to share, please send it to us!



New Feature: Weird Signs

KSP Use Social Media To Promote Safety
Provided by: Billy Garrison (GRW)



The Kentucky State Police are reaching out to motorcycle drivers after a spike in crashes. In 2012, crashes are up 69% for the same period of 2011. The KSP is using social media to reach out to these drivers and promote safe riding. To read more, click here.

Member Profile #19: Traffic Bowl Team


Prepared by: Rebecca Franke (UK)


This week's profile is a special edition of Meet Your Fellow Traffic Bowl Team!  This year's team is a group of students ranging from undergrad to PhD, and we've had a great time meeting with them the last few months.


Names: Alex Wang, Xu Zhang, Audrey Knaub, Andrea Cull 

Place of Study: University of Kentucky


Degree(s)? Place of Birth? Interests?

This is Alex's first year at UK, having gotten his BSCE and MSCE at the University of Iowa. He is continuing his work toward his PhD studying planning, safety, data, and GIS. Originally from midwest China, he enjoys driving his BMW around on days after school.

Xu is a first year graduate student at UK studying transportation system performance and monitoring from central China. He got his undergraduate degree from Southwest Jiaotong University. One of his hobbies includes nunchucking!

Our youngest member on the team is in her third year of study at UK. Audrey Knaub, coming to us from Naperville, IL, has narrowed her focus down to transportation and construction. Her favorite color is blue and she was in New Orleans to witness the Final Four game firsthand! 

Andrea is also a graduate student at UK. Born in Louisville, KY she says that she was "raised right" and is getting both her BSCE and MSCE at UK. Her research includes transition zones and traffic calming. She is looking forward to graduating in December, and is an avid jaywalker.


Other interesting information? 

The team has their final practice last night and looks forward to seeing everyone at the conference! The competition is on Monday at 3:30 in the Grand Kentucky Ballrooms C & D.  

Quick Hits


Here are links to a few articles that we ran across that you might find interesting:




      In the Next Edition... 
Coming Soon 

- More on the April Meeting

- More on KYSITE Golf Outing

- Another Member Profile

Thanks for your continued support of KYSITE!  

2012 KYSITE Board; and

Scott Walker, Editor