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Green Man is Now Green Figure
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The Changing Face of Transportation




We hope everyone is safe and sound after the severe weather earlier this week.  And hopefully staying warm too!


We have big news for you! Registration is now open for the  2012 Southern District ITE / Great Lakes District ITE Joint Annual Meeting.  This is very exciting for us -- and hopefully you as well.

Winter is here!


This newsletter features the following:


- 2012 Meeting Registration (of course)
- Editor's Oops

- Need for Traffic Bowl Questions 

- Transportation Haiku #2 (and one from a member)

- Transportation Articles

- Member Profile #14 - Tony Fields


The KYSITE Board is meeting early next week to fully set the direction of the Section.  Stay tuned for more.


As always, contact us at anytime!      


And don't forget to register for the meeting in April...


- KYSITE Officers



Registration is Now Open! 2012 Banner


A lot can happen in two weeks related to our April Meeting.  Since our last newsletter, the following has happened:

  • Registration is open and active
  • The Draft Technical Program is posted
  • The tenative Spouse Program is unveiled
  • Information for the Golf Outing is posted 

Please note that local government registration page will be available by the end of January.


For this and more, go to and share with your friends!!!



Notes from the Editor
By: Scott Walker 


Oops:  As most of you know, I'm far from perfect.  My Homer_Dohwife will testify to that.  There was a mistake made in the last newsletter about the dates of the last SDITE meeting in Lexington (it was 1989 -- not 1983).  I honestly knew that but completely messed it up.


For reference, previous meetings in Kentucky include:


- 1954 - Louisville, KY (Southern "Section")

- 1968 - Louisville, KY (Southern "Section")

- 1976 - Louisville, KY

- 1983 - Lexington, KY

- 1989 - Lexington, KY

- 1997 - Louisville, KY

- 2004 - Covington, KY (Joint Mtg with Great Lakes District)


Amish Buggy Article: Related to the Amish article in the last newsletter, it was noted that:


- The intersection shown in the newsletter last week was featured in the movie Witness with Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis from the opposite approach (before all of the development)

- Also this road (Route 30) was the first paved transcontinental highway in the US.


Thanks to Stephanie Privette (North Carolina Section) for being a loyal reader and providing this trivia to us.


Readership: Our statistics are showing that this newsletter is being read more and more.  We set a new high for 'opens' last week.  Keep it up!!


Sponsors: We have a new Sponsor!  Welcome to FLIR Commercial Systems.  I'll try to get more information about FLIR posted in two weeks.


Thanks for reading.  Always feel free to contact me with ideas for the newsletter. 


Traffic Bowl Questions Needed 


For those that have been to a Section or District Traffic Bowl, you know how important this competition is to the students.  After several years of doing this competition, we're starting to run low on questions.  Here's where you come in -- YOU CAN HELP! 


We need you to help write a few questions. It doesn't take much time.   International ITE is currently taking on a similar effort so guidelines can be found here.


Once you read through that, send your questions to Tony Fields.


Once we compile a list, we can forward them to International ITE for their use as well.  And if you're counting, that's two birds with one stone (aka a win-win).



Reminder: Pay Your Dues!

Not an international ITE member, but want to pay your 2012 KYSITE Dues?  Click here.


Your KYSITE-Only membership will get you:Dues


- Discounts at KYSITE Meetings, webinars, and outings

- Voting privaleges which help set the direction of the Section

- Includes $5 toward KYSITE scholarship fund


It only costs $15 for one year.  Help support our organization with your dues.  (It helps pay for this awesome newsletter as well!)


Please have your dues paid by the KYSITE Spring Meeting (anticipated to be in March 2012).


Note 1: If you are an international ITE member, your Section dues are already included in your renewal.


Note 2: As previously noted, in order to qualify for the "Member" registration price for the District Meeting in April, you must be an International ITE member.   Kentucky Section-only members will be required to pay "Non-Member" pricing ($25 more).  We apologize for this but that is a rule to be fair to the other Sections.



Reminder: SDITE Award Nominations


The Southern District ITE (SDITE) Awards Committee requests nominations (Nominations Submission form) for the following five prestigious awards:
- Herman J. Hoose Distinguished Service AwardAward2
- Marble J. Hensley Outstanding Individual Activity Award
- Joseph M. Thomas Young Member Award
- John F. Exnicios Public Employee Service Award
- Excellence in Transportation Engineering Education Award

More information about these awards including past winners can be found here.

The Awards Committee is responsible for choosing recipients for the above awards from a pool of nominees.  Nominations received by February 13, 2012  will be considered for this year's awards. Any nominations received after that date will not be considered.
The recipients for the awards listed above will be announced at the SDITE Annual Meeting.

If you have any questions about these awards or the nomination procedure, please contact Ms. Karen Mohammadi, P.E., AICP, PTOE, Award Committee Chair.


Transportation Haiku 


This week's haiku from the New York City Department of Transportation:




As a bonus, a "reader-submitted haiku" from Rob Bostrom (CDM Smith):


We like to drive cars

Use gas, fast food and cell phones

Maybe we bike more?


If you have one you would like to share, please send it to us!

Green Man Changing to the Green Figure
Provided by: Billy Garrison (GRW)


In Great Britain, people have been told to only cross the street when the green man is lit. The signs have started to transition to a green "figure" instead of a green "man". Some citizens are concerned about the money spent to change the sign and believe that political correctness has gone too far. To read more, click here.


Run Red Lights Legally?


Motorcycles and bicycles can have a hard time making it through stop lights because they are too light for sensors to detect. A new law in Illinois has passed that lets motorcycles and bicycles legally run a red light if they have been waiting for a reasonable amount of time. To learn more about this new law, click here 


Member Profile #14  

Prepared by: Rebecca Franke (UK)


We're rolling again with member profiles! Our first member profile of the new year is Tony Fields, a Guinness World Record holder for participating in the most Traffic Bowl Competitions (pending approval) and relentlessly dedicated ITE member.

  Tony Fields

Name: Tony Fields 


Place of Work: Kentucky Transportation Center


Title: Researcher


Degree(s): BS in Geography (2011), BSCE (coming soon!), University of Kentucky


Other Certifications: GIS Certification


Place of Birth: Frankfort, KY


Family: Wife (Amy), Daughter (Katy), Son-coming in March (Tayshaun ChuckHayes Fields... the name may change)


1. What do you do day-to-day?

GIS, Database Management, Crash Records, etc 


2. What are your technical interests?

Highway Safety


3. What are your hobbies?

Playing guitar, golf, gardening, hiking, fishing, anything outside


4. Favorites:

a. Favorite Color? Blue

b. Favorite Music?  Stevie Ray Vaughan

c. Favorite Movie? It varies, but I like comedies


5. In what capacity how you served KYSITE in the past (Officer, Meeting Organizer, etc). 

I served as Student Chapter Secretary, Vice-President, and President; currently the Chair of Traffic Bowl Committee for the 2012 Southern District Meeting LAC


6. Five Questions:

a. Coke or Pepsi?  Pepsi

b. Dogs or Cats?     Dogs

c. Telephone or Email?     Phone, if it can't be in person

d. Pen or Pencil?   Pen

e. Cats or Cards?   CATS


7. Other Information?

This organization and its members have been very good to me and I look forward to serving ITE in any way I can in the future. Thank you.

      In the Next Edition... 
Coming Soon 

- More on the April Meeting

- Spring Meeting Annoucement

- Another Member Profile

Thanks for your continued support of KYSITE!  

2012 KYSITE Board; and

Scott Walker, Editor