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2012 Officers Announced
Annual Meeting Re-Cap
Member Profile #12
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UK Energy Club Invite
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December 1, 2011:
Kentucky Energy Club Meeting
April 15 - 18, 2012:
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The Changing Face of Transportation


Happy Thanksgiving!


We all have so much to be thankful for.  The KYSITE officers are thankful to be part of such a great organization. Funny_Turkey_1 Thanks for your continued support.


We putting this out a day early since tomorrow is a holiday.  This newsletter features the following:


- 2012 KYSITE Officers Announced!

- 2011 KYSITE Annual Meeting Re-cap

- Member Profile #12 -- Andy Terwilleger

- Announcement of an offereing from the UK Energy Club


Have a fun, yet safe, holiday and we'll talk to you in a couple of weeks.


As always, contact us at anytime!      


- KYSITE Officers


2012 Officers Announced


The 2012 KYSITE Officers were sworn in at the Annual Meeting two weeks ago.  If you weren't there, here's a recap of your 2012 Officers:


President: Brad Johnson (CDM / WSA)

Vice-President: Ashley Sells (Louisville Metro)

Treasurer: Vanessa Fritsch (URS) 

Secretary: Stuart Sparks (GS&P)

Director: Steve Cummins (LFUCG)

Director: Eric Green (KTC)

Director: Tony Lewis (Stantec)

Section Rep: Scott Walker (PB)


The election was a close one and we appreciate your voting.    Please note that the former "VP/Treasurer" position has been split into two positions which repeals a decision made a few years ago to combine it.  As a result, we gave the
candidate receiving a higher number of votes in the Secretary race (Vanessa) the option of Treasurer or Secretary for 2012 -- she chose Treasurer.


A special thank you to Lonnie Yates for administering the KYSITE Oath of Office. 


Let's wish all of our 2012 Officers good luck heading into next year.


2012 Officers


Annual Meeting Re-cap

If you weren't at the KYSITE Annual Meeting two weeks ago, you missed a chance at awesome food, great socialAnnual Meeting atmosphere, early holiday shopping, and a band that rocked the clubhouse.  Regret sitting on your couch watching The Office now?  Of course you do.


Just shy of 50 joined us at the Red Mile in Lexington. The Big River Band entertained everyone with a blend of country (old and new) and southern rock. We plan to return to the Red Mile for the Southern District Meeting, so this was a great dry run.


To benefit the student scholarship fund, $730 was raised through the silent auction, an increase over last year. Thank you to Anne Warnick (PB) and Allison Westcote (HDR) for working behind the scenes to prepare for the auction -- it's a lot more work than you might first realize.   

Additional photos of the meeting can be found on the home page of the KYSITE website.



Member Profile #12 
Prepared by: Rebecca Franke (UK)


Our twelfth member profile is Andy Terwilleger, a retired engineer who is still leading a very busy life! Andy is aAndy Terwilleger distinguished KYSITE Past-President and we appreciate his continued support today.



Place of Work: Currently retired from engineering.


Title: Traffic Engineering Manager (Retired)


Degree(s): BSCE (1962), Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Master of Divinity (1970), Hartford Seminary


Certifications: PE (Civil), and an Ordained Deacon in the United Methodist Church since 1970


Place of Birth: Worcester, MA


Family: Priscilla, my wife of 41 wonderful years, is a retired teacher and reading consultant. Our daughter, Rev. Michelle Terwilleger, is an Anglican priest currently serving Hospice as a chaplain.


ITE/ Engineering History: I spent five years with the New York State Traffic Commission. Then, while a part-time City of Hartford (CT) traffic engineer working my way through Hartford Seminary, I joined ITE (then the Institute of Traffic Engineers) in 1969. While in the New England Section of ITE, I was an Area Reporter for the ITE New England Chronicle and unofficial chaplain.


In 1976, having answered an ITE ad, I started a 28-year career at the LFUCG and helped develop our first computerized signal system, reversible lanes on Nicholasville Road and our Snow Plan. Highlights included being KYSITE president in 1989 and receiving the 2001 Lonnie Yates Distinguished Service Award. Thank you, KYSITE!


Beyond Engineering: More than 50 years ago, I was asked to commit to some form of Christian ministry. Since then, my response to that request has led me to service in inner city ministries, a seminary degree, ordination, several part-time pastorates and, for the past 29 years, the leadership of a weekly prayer breakfast group that invites homeless persons and sheltered people to share our food and the Bread of Life. I also have leadership responsibilities at Nathaniel Mission, in Kiwanis and with Habitat for Humanity. A busy retirement is a happy retirement!


Some previous profiled members noted that faith is a major element in their lives. These members and others have a privileged responsibility as we share the influence of the Word in our relationships with the people we serve. Life is good, especially when we share it.


[Editor's Note: Thanks to Andy for being a continued supporter of KYSITE initiatives / activities.  He's always prepared with a positive thought or to share a quick laugh -- all which are very much appreciated.]

Handling More Vehicles on the Road
Provided by: Billy Garrison (GRW)


Currently there are approximately one bNYC Cabsillion cars on the road. That number could balloon to 2.5 billion by 2020. This obviously means that traffic congestion will continue to get worse. There are many cities that are implementing new technology to ease congestion. To read about what four cities are doing follow the link.



UK Energy Club


Our friends at Bluegrass Chapter of KSPE asked us to pass this along:


The UK Energy Club is hosting "THE ENERGY ROAST: How the Energy Race Affects us All" a discussion panel open to all students, faculty, staff, and the general public on Thursday, December 1st at 7:00pm in Memorial Hall (located on Limestone St. across from  the seminary), with a paKY_ENERGY_CLUBnel of five experts in their fields:

Greg Luhan--College of Design----Sustainable/Green Design
Tim Taylor--College of Engineering---Nuclear energy and policy
Jack Groppo--PEIK/CAER---Coal energy and technology
Jeff Fugate--Greenthumb/MACED---Environmental policy and management
Stacy Closson--Patterson School---U.S. military and energy security

Each panelist will make a 5 minute presentation on how energy affects their profession or area of expertise. Afterward, we will open the floor to questions.


The goal of the event is neither to support nor challenge the ideas of the speakers, but rather to educate the community on energy issues with the help of professionals in the energy field.


Doors will open at 6pm with T-shirt vouchers given to the first 150 people. The vouchers can be redeemed after the event.

The Energy Club is a student run, non-profit organization sponsored by the Department of Energy aimed to educate the student body and public on the energy issues of today. By hosting events, seminars, lectures and industry tours, students promote energy awareness which leads to collaboration for servicing the community. All university students, faculty and staff are invited to get involved.


If you have any questions, please contact the program coordinator:; 859-257-0219

      In the Next Edition... 
Coming Soon 

- Remarks from 2012 President Brad Johnson

- 2012 SDITE / GLDITE Abstract Re-cap

- Another Member Profile??

Thanks for your continued support of KYSITE!  

2011 KYSITE Board; and

Scott Walker, Editor