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KYSITE Annual Meeting

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The Changing Face of Transportation


Hot enough out there for you?  We figured so.  Things are starting to heat up around KYSITE -- and that's a good thing for you!  This newsletter features: 
  • Survey Results
  • Annual Meeting Date / Location Announced
  • New Newsletter Assistant!
  • Member Profile #4

Thanks to those who took time to fill out our survey on the new KYSITE eNewsletter!  The results are below.  


As always, contact us at anytime!      


- KYSITE Officers

Survey Results

The survey results are here!  The survey results are here! PhoneBooks


Please see below.  (Note: Not every percentage adds to 100% as multiple answers could be selected).


The survey results are as follows: 


1) We began the new KYSITE eNewsletter at the beginning of 2011.  Do you enjoy reading the KYSITE newsletters in this new format?


Yes: 100%

No: 0%


2) Is the newsletter:


Too Frequent: 14.3%
Not Frequent Enough: 0.0%
Just Right?: 85.7%


3) Do you enjoy the officer / member profiles?


Yes, it helps me learn about KYSITE leadership / members: 70%
Yes, I find them entertaining: 60%
No, I skip them.: 0%
What profiles? 0%


4) What would you add to the newsletter?


More information about meetings: 26.3%
More technical information: 42.1%
More non-technical content: 5.3%
More fun articles about transportation: 73.7%


5) Would you be willing to write one article a month?


Yes: 10%
No: 50%
Depends: 40%


6) If yes to #5, please enter your name and/or email address:


Thanks to those who gave your name.  Many of the rest of you many be coererced into writing one in the future anyway!


7) Did you enjoy the "Blue and White" edition of the newsletter on April 1?


Yes it was awesme (Go Big Blue!): 81.3%
No -- I wasn't amused as I cheer for one of those 'other' teams: 18.8%


We appreciate the positive feedback from all of you.  The results are telling us that you generally like the format which means we will keep the format generally the same but try to add more technical content.  And we will continue to have a little fun along the way.

KYSITE Annual Meeting Announced

The contract is signed and we're ready to share with you some preliminary details of the KYSITE Annual Meeting for 2011.   RedMile


Location: Red Mile (Lexington, KY)


Date: November 10, 2011


Agenda: Silent Auction / Dinner / Officer Installation / Awards / (Maybe some entertainment - planned entertainment that is!)


Note: The Red Mile will be the location of the ABD (vendor party) during the 2012 Southern District / Grealt Lakes District Joing Annual Meeting.  This will give us a chance to test it out and determine what works so we are prepared for that meeting.  Feedback from this meeting will only help in April 2012!

New Newsletter Assistant!

Thanks to Billy Garrison, a recent graduate of UK, for BillyGarrison2 agreeing to help out on regular basis for the newsletter.  Billy will be responsible for seeking technical content for your reading pleasure.   This will supplement the information that others have agreed to share through the rest of this year.  If you have anything to share, please contact Billy


There are still needs for others to help out on other aspects of the newsletter. If you have a few minutes to spare every two weeks, please contact Scott Walker.



Raising Speed Limits: More Crashes?

Statistics show that states across the nation are raising55mph their speed limits, mostly on rural interstates. Kansas, Louisiana, Ohio, and Virginia have recently raised their limits. Texas, with a speed limit of 80 MPH, is considering becoming the first state with an 85 MPH speed limit. Advocates say that raising the speed limit to what most people are already driving will reduce accidents, while opponents say that encouraging higher speeds will cause more violent and fatal accidents. The entire article can be found here. 






Place of Work: GRW Engineers


Title: Highway Engineer (EIT)


Degree(s): BSCE 2011 / University of Kentucky


Place of Birth: Denver, CO


Family: 2 Sisters (Samatha (No "N") and Timberlee, Mom (Laura) and Dad (Mike)


1. What do you do day-to-day?:

Being the new guy, it can range from doing deed research, drawing current conditions, to helping with design


2. What are your technical interests?:

Geometric Design


3. What are your hobbies?:

Hunting, fishing, boating, and watching sports.


4. Favorites:

Color: Blue

Music: Avenged Sevenfold


5. Five Quick Questions:

A. Coke or Pepsi: Coke

B. Dogs or Cats: Dogs

C. Telephone or Email: Text messaging!!!

D. Pen or Pencil: Pencil

E. Cats or Cards: Cats


6. Other Information:

Served as student government representative of the UK Chapter of ITE.



      In the Next Edition... 
Coming Soon 

- More meeting announcements!

- Another Member Profile

Thanks for your continued support of KYSITE!  

2011 KYSITE Board; and

Scott Walker, Editor