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April 25 - 27: 
 Lifesavers Conference in Louisville, KY

June 6:
KYSITE Golf Outing

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April 15 - 18, 2012:
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We hope that you enjoyed the previous edition of our eNewsletter.  We're back to the regular format this time, but we look forward to further events or special occasions for which we can have a little more fun with how we present our information to you.

This will be the shortest eNewsletter to date.  Most of the contributors were out of the office this past week in Lafayette, LA for the 2011 Southern District ITE Annual Meeting.  The meeting was a great success and we want to make sure we take the proper time to bring the highlights to you in the next edition.

As always, contact us at anytime if you have idea for an article or would like us to share something.

- KYSITE Officers
Upcoming Events

There are several KYSITE meetings / events currently in the planning process.  This includes:upcoming_event

June 6, 2011 -- KYSITE Golf Outing -- More information will be provided soon about costs and sponsorships.

Summer 2011 -- Summer Technical Meeting -- Two locations are currently under consideration.  Each involve some type of tour in addition to technical presentations.  We will announce this as soon as possible and we fully expect a high turnout.

Fall 2011 -- Fall Technical Meeting -- We will also have a fall technical meeting.  As with the summer meeting, details are still be working out.

November 2011 -- Annual Meeting -- This is the meeting you won't want to miss.  We potentially have a new venue in the works and look forward to announcing it as soon as we make our site visit and have a contract signed.  One small hint is that it would be a test run for next year's SDITE / GLITE 2012 Annual Meeting.



Did you know that the SASHTO 2011 Conference is being held in Louisville, KY this year?  This is a very importantSASHTO
meeting for the Commonwealth and it should be a great conference.  


The meeting organizers have offered us the opportunity to promote our 2012 SDITE / GLITE Annual Meeting as part of the meeting.  We would like to return the favor by adding this meeting to our calendar and providing links to find out more information.


SDITE: 2011 Elections Results


SDITE logo
Congratulations to the SDITE 2011 Election Winners:

President: Becky White (Alabama)
Vice-President: Martin Bretherton (Georgia)
Secretary / Treasurer: Kirsten Tynch (Virginia)
International Director: Rick Day (South Carolina) 
ITE International VP Campaign


The International ITE Vice-Presidential Candidates are on the campaign trail.  This past week, members of the Kentuckyballot_box Section had the pleasure of meeting both of them.  


The two candidates (in alphabetical order):


Ray Davis, PE, PTOE


Zaki Mustafa, PE


We will be featuring more information on each candidate soon.  In the meantime, please check out the ITE website for more information about the election.




      In the Next Edition... 
Coming Soon 

- Spring Meeting Summary (and a lot of them)

- First Non-Officer Member Profile


Thanks for your continued support of KYSITE!  

2011 KYSITE Board