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April 25 - 27: 
 Lifesavers Conference in Louisville, KY

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The Changing Face of Transportation


The weather is getting warmer and things are heating up with KYSITE!  This week's newsletter will catch you up on what's coming up (in addition to what we've already done).  

Contact us at anytime if you have idea for an article or would like us to share something.

- KYSITE Officers
Webinar Summaries

There have been three webinars to date that you have been invited to attend through these eNewsletters.  Webinar


February 4, 2011: Designing Bicycle Facilities


On February 4, the LFUCG Division of Planning provided a webinar on the design of bicycle facilities, which focused on paths, lanes, routes, boulevards, bridges, intersections, detours and facilities specifically designed to accommodate cyclists. The presentation dealt with design speeds, dimensions, hazards and parking facilities, along with traffic signs, signals and pavement markings. About 50 people attended this session; 47 signed the attendance sheets. Because the webinar started at Noon, local branches of KYSITE, KSPE and APWA assisted with providing lunch for those who attended.


February 16, 2011: Social Media


The Lexington Division of Planning also hosted a webinar on February 16. It dealt with social media in government, with primary emphasis on utilization of Facebook and Twitter as tools to strengthen relationships with clients and the public. Attention to design and to prompt responses, along with security, controls and connections with other medias, were stressed. There were 52 signatures on the attendance sheets. The Divisions of Planning and Traffic Engineering provided refreshments. Due to a lapse in the video, Max Conyers should have access to a DVD for those who need to see it.

February 23, 2011: MUTCD


Lexington's Division of Traffic Engineering provided the February 23 webinar on changes in the 2009 MUTCD - specifically on changes involving traffic signs and pavement markings. New standard signs, amended sign standards, compliance dates and revised standards for pavement markings reveal a need to become familiar with the 2009 Manual and its updates. 21 participants signed the attendance sheets. The local APWA branch provided refreshments.


Thanks to Andy Terwilleger for summarizing these for us!


KYSITE Spring Meeting Reminder

The KYSITE Spring 2011 Meeting will be held at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet in Frankfort, Kentucky on March 18, 2011 from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

Presentations will be given by members of:
  • KYTC Division of Traffic Engineering
  • KYTC Division of Planning
  • KYTC Division of Maintenance
  • LFUCG Division of Traffic Engineering
A full agenda as well as more detailed information can be found on the KYSITE website.  

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From the Sensys Networks' website: Founded in 2003, Sensys Networks is the world's leading provider of wireless traffic detection and integrated traffic data systems. Enabling accurate data acquisition for transportation agencies on an unparalleled scale, Sensys Networks' cost-effective wireless solutions provide a flexible, highly scalable unified platform-with an unprecedented ease of implementation, deployment, and use. Deployed in more than 45 US states and 10 countries, Sensys Networks VDS240 is the technology standard for the world's largest traffic data systems.


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Get to Know Your Officers (Part 5)

The fifth profile of your 2011 Officers is Lindsay Walker your 2011 President.


Name: Lindsay Walker


Place of Work: Parsons Brinckerhoff

Title: Transportation Engineer

Degree(s): BSCE @ UK in 2001; MSCE @ UK in 2002.

Certification: PE (KY / TN); PTOE

Place of Birth: Valparaiso, IN

Family: Husband (Scott Walker -- sounds familiar, huh?); Children - Ben (3.5 years old) and Nate (17 months old)


1. Why did you want to be an officer of KYSITE?:

I felt like I could help the organization through my planning skills and attention to detail.  I think the Section is made up of a great group of people and I want to see that continue.


2. What do you do day-to-day?:

Planning work and traffic and safety analysis


3. What are your hobbies?:

Sports (Reds, Bengals, UK Football and UK Basketball -- losing teams except for basketball) and cooking (making cookies and cakes)


4. Favorites:

Color: Blue


5. Five Quick Questions:

A. Coke or Pepsi: Diet Pepsi

B. Dogs or Cats: Neither -- I don't like animals shedding in the house

C. Telephone or Email: Email

D. Pen or Pencil: Pen

E. Cats or Cards: Cats 



Need an Incentive to Pay Dues?
Dues are an important part of our ability to provide opportunitities to our membership.  Paying your Section dues of only $15 gives you:
  • Discounts to meetings / webinar
  • Contribution of $5 to Scholarship Program

If you pay the non-member rate at the Spring Meeting, you will automatically be a member of KYSITE for 2011!

International Members: If you have already paid your 2011 ITE dues, your Section Dues are included in that payment.

Everyone Else: If you wish to be a member of KYSITE, your payment will be due by the Spring Meeting.  Most individuals will receive an invoice via email in the near future.  If you wish to pay, you can do so electronically or by snail mail by printing this form.

High Speed Rail Update

High Speed RailAccording to AASHTO, "States are delivering their first steps toward achieving the vision for high-speed rail in America as the one-year anniversary approaches of the announcement of $8 billion in grants for intercity and high-speed passenger rail."  To see the latest on high speed rail, check out this article.


Help!!!! (on the eNewsletter)
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We hope you are enjoying the still relatively new KYSITE eNewsletter.  We are still excited about the format and 

have received some very positive feedback about it.


Putting an edition together isn't necessarily a difficult task; however, it does take a little bit of time.  To keep the quality of the newsletter where it is (and to improve it), we are looking for some help.  Roles could include: 

  • Reporters: Provide a summary of KYSITE Events or other events that we may want to summarize.
  • Technical Writer: Provide a technical article every couple of months.
  • Random Articles: Have something that may interest others -- please share it.

If you want to help, email us:

      In the Next Edition... 
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- Spring Meeting Updates (if any)

- Meet International ITE Officer Candidates

- Another Officer Profile


Thanks for your continued support of KYSITE!  

2011 KYSITE Board