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Feb 23: MUTCD Webinar @ LFUCG Division of Traffic Engineering
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The Changing Face of Transportation


The goal of this newsletter is to keep you current on the happenings with the Kentucky Section of ITE.  We also want to keep you up-to-date on transportation / traffic issues within the Commonwealth.  

Contact us at anytime if you have idea for an article or would like us to share something.

- KYSITE Officers
KYSITE Spring Meeting Reminder

We announced the KYSITE Spring Meeting two weeks ago. Unfortunately, we had a bad link in the newsletter. Therefore, if you are interested, the KYSITE Spring 2011 Meeting will be held at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet in Frankfort, Kentucky on March 18, 2011 from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

Presentations will be given by members of:
  • KYTC Division of Traffic Engineering
  • KYTC Division of Planning
  • KYTC Division of Maintenance
  • LFUCG Division of Traffic Engineering
A full agenda as well as more detailed information can be found on the KYSITE website.  

MUTCD Webinar


The Lexington Fayette Urban County Government Division of Traffic Engineering invites you to attend another continuing education opportunity.  


A webinar on the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) will be held on February 23, 2011 at 3 p.m. in the Phoenix Conference Room located on the third floor of the Phoenix Building (101 East Vine Street) in Lexington.  There is no charge to participants and it is not necessary to call ahead for reservations.  1.0 PDH can be earned. 


Flashing Yellow Arrows in Kentucky

Flashing Yellow

Flashing Yellow Arrows (FYAs) can be seen throughout the Bluegrass as a result of the hard work of traffic engineers throughout the state that have jumped

on the opportunity to further improve the safety of our roadways.  The 2009 release of the MUTCD allowed for the implementation of such signals.  As a result, agencies such as the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Division of Traffic Operations, Louisville Metro Traffic Engineering Section, and the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG) Division of Traffic Engineering have initiated implementation starting in early 2009.


The problem:  For years, some engineers have had concerns that drivers turning left on a permissive circular green signal indication might inadvertently mistake that indication as implying the left turn has the right of way over opposing traffic, especially under some geometric conditions.

The solution
:  Replace the old "doghouse" or 5-signal head signals with the 4-head flashing yellow arrow signal.


The operations:  The new signal display has four intervals:


  A steady red arrow means STOP. Drivers turning left must stop.

  A steady yellow arrow means the signal is getting ready to turn to red. Drivers turning left should stop if it is safe to do so.

  A flashing yellow arrow means left-turns are permitted. Drivers may turn left but must first yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians and then proceed with caution.

  A steady green arrow means left-turns are protected. Drivers may turn left. Conflicting traffic must stop.


Public Information:


The public was made aware of the FYAs through sources such as the KYTC website and LFUCG Division of Traffic Engineering website.  In addition, local news agencies published articles on the signals as another method of disseminating information to the public.




To date, flashing yellow arrows have been approved at approximately 100 traffic signals on the state highway system within Kentucky.   Within Lexington, there are over 70 intersections that have FYAs installed to date.  The LFUCG Division of Traffic Engineering began replacing all 5-section signal heads in May 2009. 



Since the FYAs are new, complete conclusions are not known.  However, early indications in Lexington have shown a reduction in left turn collisions along the main arterials in which the signals have been installed as compared to prior months before the FYA installation. 

Comments from Agencies:


"We are excited about the program and can not upgrade to the FYAs fast enough.  The FYA provides us both a safety enhancement, as well as an efficiency improvement at each location they are installed," said Steve Cummins, LFUCG Traffic Signal Manager.  He further added that, "Driver's find that the upgrade is beyond intuitive when approaching a FYA at an intersection."


In a statement from Dan O'Dea with Louisville Metro Traffic Engineering Section: "The new 'flashing yellow' arrow is still an experimental display which essentially replaces the standard 5-section signal and is currently being evaluated at various locations statewide. Because the display is more unintuitive, motorists have also adapted quickly.  The new 'flashing yellow' arrow is an option in some locations where the traffic volumes and site distance may have been appropriate to allow a permissive left-turn movement, but the intersection's geometry precluded the installation of the standard 5-section display. State and City agencies continue to study the effectiveness of the display particularly as it relates to safety, and initial results are promising."


Jeff Wolfe from the KTYC Division of Traffic Engineering added: "We are pleased with the initial performance of our flashing yellow arrow installations.  As suggested by research, drivers appear to have a high-level of comprehension of the new display.  While we have not had enough time to conduct a formal before/after study, we feel confident that such studies will ultimately show that the new display improves safety.  In addition, the flashing yellow arrow display gives the traffic engineering practitioner more versatile operational features, such as lead-lag protected-permitted phasing, variable left-turn phasing, and a solution to left-turn trap issues."   


For more information: Check out more information on KYTC site:

Get to Know Your Officers (Part 4)
The fourth profile of your 2011 Officers is another one of your Directors.


Name: Tony LewisTony Lewis


Place of Work: ENTRAN, PLC

Title: Transportation Engineer

Degree(s): BSCE @ U of L; MENG @ U of L

Certification: PE (IN,OH,KY); PTOE

Place of Birth: Louisville, KY

Family: Wife Laura, Sons Nick and Adam


1. Why did you want to be an officer of KYSITE?:



2. What are your technical interests?:

Anything new and challenging


3. What are your hobbies?:

Boy Scout Leader, Hiking, Camping, Woodworking


4. Favorites:

Color: Black


5. Five Quick Questions:

A. Coke or Pepsi: Coke

B. Dogs or Cats: Dogs

C. Telephone or Email: Depends on who it is

D. Pen or Pencil: Pencil

E. Cats or Cards: Cards 

F. Beer or Bourbon: Yes

HCM 2010
Pre-Order HCM 2010

It's almost here!  The fifth edition of the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM 2010) will be released at the end of February. 


You have two options for pre-orders as ITE and TRB are both taking pre-orders for the publication. 


International ITE members should have received a discount code to receive free shipping if you order through ITE -- be sure to take advantage of it!

Have you paid yet?
Dues are an important part of our ability to provide opportunitities to our membership.  Paying your Section dues of only $15 gives you:
  • Discounts to meetings / webinar
  • Contribution of $5 to Scholarship Program

International Members: If you have already paid your 2011 ITE dues, your Section Dues are included in that payment.

Everyone Else: If you wish to be a member of KYSITE, your payment will be due by the Spring Meeting.  Most individuals will receive an invoice via email in the near future.  If you wish to pay, you can do so electronically or by snail mail by printing this form.

      In the Next Edition... 
Coming Soon 

- Spring Meeting Updates (if any)

- Review of recent webinars

- Another Officer Profile


Thanks for your continued support of KYSITE!  

2011 KYSITE Board