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Results of the KYSITE Elections were announced at the Annual Meeting in November.  The 2011 Officers can be found here.
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To better serve our members and followers, we are trying a new way to communicate with you. Our goal is to combine email and newsletters to you in this new eNewsletter format. This eNewsletter will be distributed every two weeks and we'll continue to keep content as current as possible.  There will be a few hiccups as we transition to this new system and we appreciate your patience as we work through those kinks.  As always, we look forward to your feedback. Feel free to use anytime to let us know what you think.

Message from the President
Lindsay Walker

I am very happy to be the President of KYSITE for the upcoming year.  My focus will be on providing the services that our members need along with increasing our outreach beyond the section.  By finding out our needs and working together to achieve them, this can be a great year!  So I challenge everyone to join me in my enthusiasm and take on a role with KYSITE or come to our meetings / events to participate in the fun!  Go KYSITE!


Attenion all members and interested members:

International dues must be paid by the end of the year and your Section dues are included in that payment.  For everyone else, your Section dues (only $15) must be paid by the first meeting in Spring 2011.  Dues notices will be sent out in early January.  Please remember that $5 of your Section dues go toward our scholarship program.

We hope that you like the new newsletter.  We hope to have meeting dates announced with the next newsletter in early Jnauary!

Thanks for your continued support of KYSITE!

2010 KYSITE Board