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Our last window SERIES 4 is now installed -- April 8 to April 22, 2011
who is that body in the window?
coordinated by Laiwan
Temporary exquisite corpse windows at 1965 Main Street, Vancouver. A special project to celebrate grunt gallery's presence at our temporary location at 1965 Main Street, while engaging local artists in our community with busy Main street traffic!
Grunt Gallery is greatly honoured to present our final SERIES 4 of the grunt window's exquisite corpse with the always surprising consequences of our fourth collaboration of players: Charlene Vickers, Baco Ohama and Priscilla Yeung, now viewable from Main Street between third and fourth avenues. Drop by and say hello, and come visit the very exciting new grunt Kitchen Media Center at our 116-350 East 2nd Ave, Vancouver, location!

For more information on the Grunt Gallery exquisite corpse windows please visit our flickr collection.


Charlene Vickers
Title: "It is a wild horse galloping at full momentum."
In a culmination of energy in a fleeting moment its mane becomes a conduit; a connection between the physical and the spiritual. An orchestration of movement, line and colour signifies resistance to societal and political forces that threaten its very being. The wild horse as a force of ephemeral life and connection to land and culture is in a state of flux. In a chaotic moment we are all experiencing this microcosm of becoming, of connecting and of dissipating.

Charlene Vickers is an Anishinabe Kwe (Ojibway Woman) living and working in Vancouver BC since 1990. Her cross-disciplinary work involves painting, drawing and installation and has been exhibited in Toronto, Vancouver, Amsterdam and across the United States. This past year she has been involved in several projects that include the carving of a series of 10' tall cedar spears, the wrapping of grasses in cloth and hair, and the creation of a clan of turtles. Her exploratory works are moving into performance with her collaboration Vestige Vagabond, a improvisational endeavour with Maria Hupfield. Vickers and Hupfield officially debut their work at the upcoming Santa Fe Indian Art Market in August 2011 to be hosted by the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts. The grunt gallery will be exhibiting her work Diviners in September of 2011. Charlene has received numerous grants from the BC Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts and will begin her MFA degree in the fall of 2011.

Priscilla Yeung
Title: Untitled
medium: graphite, eraser, different makes of black marker pens, scissors, glue and papers.
Born in Hong Kong, Priscilla moved to Canada in 1983. Priscilla does art, work and living as one apparatus.

Baco Ohama
Title: Untitled
It felt ironic at times, to be thinking about and working on an 'exquisite corpse' drawing when my body was in so much pain. But the timing of the invitation to participate (coming only a few days after my move back to Vancouver, after being away for more than three years); the fact that the works were described as "drawings/paintings" (neither of which I really do); and that title (which was just too luscious to resist) had me agreeing to come to the page.When I picked up my roll of paper (my page), I found out that the body part I was to work with, or from, was the head. And I decided to approach this drawing through sound. In part because I could still work on it even on days when I couldn't physically "draw", since I could always listen. As the piece started to take shape in my mind, I realized that my drawn lines were my heard/written lines. The lines taking shape upon the page were becoming 'sounds drawn'. While this piece might be seen as mainly text, for me, it is a drawing. I tried to be attentive to the physically drawn quality of the lines, paying attention to things like rhythm and weight, nuance and presence. Sometimes I was so pulled into the act of drawing, that I'd forget for a moment, that what I was drawing was also a written word.
"Whether working on installations, sound and video works, artist page and bookworks, postcard projects, performances, or collaborations, I seem to find myself thinking a lot about the actions of gathering and dispersal, and portable possibilities; about uncanny and odd occurrences, the seemingly insignificant, and the mysterious and sensorial experiences of everyday life; about the shared space of memory, imagination, the found, the day to day, and storytelling."Baco Ohama is an artist, writer, and educator whose integrated practice brings her over and over again to the water's edge; to thinking about the relationships between history, language, and location; and more recently about the relationships between food, art, and healing. She continues to work on her ongoing 'wings walking water' project, as well as on her blog 'simply'. Baco has recently moved from Washington, D.C. back to Vancouver and is on faculty at Goddard College in Vermont where she works with students in the Individualized BA Program.

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