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Healthy Update                        Sept. 2012

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Four back to school tips to prevent injury!


It's that time of the year when teachers and students are beginning the new school year. It's also when fall sports are in full swing and the risk of sports related injuries and overuse syndromes begin to increase. Here are some tips to keep everyone healthy:


1. Backpack Safety - I get this question all the time and the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has responded by developing a tips sheet to help parents and students. Overloading is the biggest problem. It is recommended that a backpack weight no more than 15% of the students bodyweight. Therefore a 70lbs. student should not be carrying a backpack weighing more than 10lbs. Click to learn more from the APTA.


2. Extended Computer Use - Proper ergonomics is critical for anyone using a computer for an extended period of time. This involves a supportive chair, lighting and proper desk set-up. Computer positioning is also critically important. The top of the computer should be at eye level and no more than 20 inches away from your eyes. Keep the mouse as close to you as possible and make sure your elbows and not bent more than 90 degrees when typing. The most important recommendation to prevent overuse syndromes and neck pain is to break the postures frequently. Stand up, look up and pull your arms back every 30 minutes!


3. Fall Sports Injuries - Early intervention is critical for a full recovery. Get treated quickly for ankle sprains, knee injuries, shoulder pain, hip sprains, etc. Physical therapy is extremely effective in reducing pain and swelling to get the athlete back on the field as fast as possible and reduce the chance of re-injury. Call us and schedule an appointment to get your athlete evaluated immediately after a musculoskeletal injury.  


4. Concussion Syndromes - Head injury remains a huge problem in youth sports. Get a baseline test for concussion today so that it can be easily determined when it is safe to return to sports after a concussion occurs. Learn more about our Concussion Baseline testing program at www.concussionRXcare.com or click here to register your student/athlete 10 years of age and older. 



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