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Healthy Update                                      Sept. 2011  

Sports Concussions:
What every parent should know

ConcussionDo you have a child, grandchild or teenager that plays a sport? The occurence of concussions in youth sports are becoming more of an issue. That's because some children return to sports prematurely and the risk of second impact syndrome (multiple concussions) is elevated. This can have devastating ramifications. In the past, before baseline testing, a physician made a subjective judgement based on return-to-play criteria. Today, baseline cognitive and balance testing can be performed before an injury occurs and used for comparison in the event of a head injury.  
Cognitive and balance testing is routinely done at the college and professional sports level.  Most high schools have implemented cognitive testing but few have added the important component of balance testing. This testing should be done before a head injury occurs. If you would like to learn more about this important topic, visit www.dborthopt.com/concussion

To schedule a Cognitive and Balance test for your child, we offer a special rate of $29.99 for our Healthy Update newsletter subscribers.
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What are you waiting for? Now is your chance to begin a fitness program working out in a supervised environment with the assistance of a personal trainer. Gravity group fitness has made a difference in the lives of many people. Try your free class today!


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Joint mobes to spine
Early physical therapy can make a diference in your recovery and reduce your medical costs.


 Why early physical therapy intervention makes a difference


The question we at DB Orthopedic Physical Therapy are asked all the time is, "Do I need to see a doctor first beforing coming in?" The answer is quite simple - NO!  There are a few insurance plans that require a referral but that would be the same if you saw any specialist. A couple of exceptions are Medicare, which requires a physician to sign off on our plan so it is prudent to make them aware of your problem. In addition, if you have a motor vehicle accident, NJ PIP regulations require you to see a physician before starting physical therapy.


What are some examples of problems that can be immediately evaluated and treated with physical therapy?  Pain in the lower back, neck, shoulder, knee, ankle, foot, etc.  We also treat ankle sprain, muscle strain, tendinitis, limited joint mobility and more.

Here's a real life example of how we effectively treat pain early and effectively. A current patient, a high school athlete with chronic anterior knee pain didn't know where to turn for treatment. Her parents chose to initiate physical therapy instead of a visit to the pediatrician or orthopedic specialist which would have been very costly and would have sent her to physical therapy as a course of action anyway. By visiting us for a consultation first, we were able to identify her problem quickly and establish a successful plan of care. She immediately began to feel better and went on to score the first goal of the season for her team!

The key to successful healing is to receive a comprehensive evaluation to pinpoint the area of concern. Then a treatment plan can be established.  At any time, when the findings are beyond our level of expertise, a referral to the proper specialist will be made. Not sure about whether you need treatment? Call db Orthopedic Physical Therapy, PC at 732-747-1262 anytime for a consultation.
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