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Healthy Update                                                  July 2011  

ACL Injuries on the Rise in Female Athletes

ACL femaleThere has been a steady rise in the incidence of ACL knee injuries to the female athlete and recent studies have helped to identify the problem.
The female anatomy, hormonal changes and neuromuscular control are just a few of the contributing factors. The key point is that prevention can help reduce the risk.
Learn more by reading our article published this month in Greater Media Newspapers.
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Dr. Bertone nominated by Governor Chris Christie to the NJ Board of Physical Therapy Examiners.


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Joint mobes to spine
Why is Manual Therapy so important for your recovery?


Read "Manual Therapy..." article below.
Manual therapy: A critical component of any rehabilitation program


The laying of hands has been a vitally important component of medicine for centuries and now research continues to support its benefits. Specifically I'm referring to the science of skilled manual therapy. This classification includes joint mobilization, manipulation and soft tissue mobilization.

Quite often joint restrictions are the main reason why someone has limited range of motion or chronic pain in that area. All of this might manifest itself as lower back pain or neck pain. Maybe it is limited shoulder motion and pain with overhead activities. This can't be corrected by just using palliative modalities like moist heat, ice or massage. It takes skilled hands to asses the joint mechanics and to develop a plan for full recovery.
The key is to receive a comprehensive evaluation to pinpoint the area of concern. Then manual therapy will often become a critical component of the treatment plan for full healing and recovery. Call db Orthopedic Physical Therapy, PC at 732-747-1262 for an appointment to begin your treatment today.
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