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Finally--help for chronic tendinitis 

Research offers new therapy method 

tennis elbow 

Are you suffering with chronic tendinitis?


Research on tendinitis, or inflammation of a tendon, has confirmed that it is not always an inflammatory process causing your pain. This means that cortisone injections and anti-inflammatory medications are not effective for conditions like chronic tennis elbow.  The cause may be thickening of the tendon commonly referred to as tendinosis.   

Studies now prove that eccentric exercise combined with manual therapy is the most effective way to address the problem. Eccentric training occurs when a muscle is made to contract while it is being elongated. This must be done under proper supervision to avoid injury and to ensure your condition is not an acute inflammatory process.

Injured? You don't have to wait for treatment.

Get immediate care for your pain/injury

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What do you normally do when pain develops or you sustain a non-traumatic injury? The path is common - ER or primary care doctor, medication, expensive tests and a referral to Orthopedist. Often weeks go by and your treatment still hasn't begun. The solution is to utilize the skills of your physical therapist immediately.


Most people do not realize that a referral from a physican is NOT required to come in for immediate evaluation and treatment for your problem. The benefit of being a current or former patient of db Ortho PT is that you can call us and be treated immediately when a problem develops. This includes neck pain that develops overnight, an ankle sprain during a softball game or back spasms following a day of gardening.


Call us at 732-747-1262 to make an appointment and we'll get you in for treatment ASAP.  We'll do our best to see you or someone you refer the same day!

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In our last issue we focused on preventing golf injuries with a proper warm-up program. We also demonstrated the sample golf swing analysis used to identify swing problems impacting your performance or causing recurrent pain.


Submit your video for a FREE analysis so that you can learn about your swing. Simply email us a video from your cellphone or camcorder showing your swing from the rear (down the line) and from the side. You can do it with wiffle balls in your backyard or on the tee bx during your next round. Email to dbertone@dborthopt.com and we will provide you comments and recommendations similar to the attached sample.  

This offer is valid until 6/15/11, so ACT NOW.


View sample swing analysis and recommendations


Learn more about our full golf performance program at:



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