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February 2011, Issue 12
4 tips to prevent your star player from injury this baseball season 
Baseball pitcher

The baseball season is fast approaching! Time to get your children ready for the rigors of throwing a baseball.
These tips will help prevent injury on the field:

1. Begin a preseason thrower's strengthening program now (see video below). In addition, conditioning, core and leg strengthening will adequately prepare the body.

2. Limit pitch counts according to guidelines. Travel players must add pitches to little league games when examining the total number of pitchers thrown.

3. Perform a warm-up and cool down program: see videos below.

4. Tell your players to report pain at first sign to get it properly assessed by a sports medicine professional.  Early recognition is crucial to prevent serious injury.
   Strengthening         Warm-up            Recovery 
baseball throwing video  Baseball warm-up video  Baseball recovery

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Don't waste time when problems develop. If pain is persistent and doesn't resolve within a few days, contact us immediately at 732-747-1262 for an appointment or email Dr. Bertone at dbertone@dborthopt.com and begin the road to recovery.  

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DB Orthopedic Physical Therapy, PC offers our clients a hands-on approach to long term healing. We strive to give you fast and effective relief for most injuries or painful episodes.   


See us first for a diagnosis and treatment plan. In many cases, we can help you forego expensive testing and drug therapy. We also offer unique options for long term physical fitness as well as sports conditioning and golf performance enhancement. 

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