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November 2010, Issue 9
pinched nerve Making your first phone call to your physical therapist saves your health and your budget

You're injured or in pain, now what?

How many times have you sustained an injury or developed pain and you didn't know where to turn for relief? During these difficult economic times, it is important for you to consider cost effective care. If you have direct access to your physical therapist, studies show that seeing a physical therapist first for the treatment of pain syndromes can save you significant healthcare dollars and more importantly, prevent a re-occurence.

Most insurance plans DO NOT require a referral for you to see a physical therapist directly. This approach could reduce your use of pain medications, anti-inflammatory drugs and the need for X-rays or expensive MRIs.  Obviously there will be conditions that require evaluation by a physician, but that will be determined after a thorough evaluation.

Don't wait to get help
Don't waste time when problems develop. Get your pain addressed immediately and begin the road to recovery.  Call us directly at 732-747-1262 for an appointment or email David Bertone, PT, OCS dbertone@dborthopt.com

db Hands-On Video Tips
db Hands-On Videos are a series of 2 min. clips that demonstrate tips and tricks that can help you ease common aches and pains. This month Dave demonstrates treatment for tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis
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DB Orthopedic Physical Therapy, PC offers clients a hands-on approach to long term healing. We strive to give you fast and effective relief for most injuries or painful episodes.

See us first for a diagnosis and treatment plan. In many cases, we can help you forego expensive testing and drug therapy. We also offer unique options for long term physical fitness as well as sports conditioning and golf performance enhancement.

A referral is not needed
in most cases

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David Bertone, PT, OCS
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